Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit

"Overcome it!!" ...
"Overcome material state of mind!" Shouted the Master.
"I'm trying .. I'm trying! Master!" said the disciple.

"Where are you trying?" asked the Master.
"In my mind!!!" answered the disciple.

"Try inside your bones..." said the Master.
In that moment Zen Qi was enlightened.

- ZenSu [One Bone Zen Qi]

You can search for One Bone Zen Qi .. but it has not been born yet [in this time zone] .. because I am still trying to understand it myself. I love writing! But practical application takes a lot longer than to sit at the computer and write ...

One Bone Zen Qi
I am so excited! How many humans on this Earth can get really excited about a piece of bamboo?

There are people on this Planet who feel the same way I do. I feel part of a time travel lineage. Wherever we go in the Universe we take bamboo with us. This is just so exciting...

I was able to capture images of my work with the earlier short cut bamboo style I created. I INVENTED THIS !! By that I mean I have no idea this short form exists .. BUT .. I know it existed in the past. I just know it. This is like coming home. I am so proud of this discovery. To me this is a work of art!

You have to love yourself and appreciate your own inner intelligence. The ego-self arrogance is not love. I am not talking about that. If you REALLY LOVE then the first step begins inside. That love and compassion you have for yourself naturally flows out. I forgot to write in my introductory story that the Master hit the disciple on the top of the head with a large piece of bamboo .. hahaha. Now and then love can hurt a little bit!

The most exciting thing is that this small piece of bamboo really works! It is just totally amazing .. and I know that our ancestors worked like this with different bamboo [Qi] training forms.

The reason we find no evidence of these forms in the past .. is because a lot of the written evidence was destroyed [burned] with changes in control / authority. Most of the bamboo evidence was lost through natural decay of physical time .. and through natural disasters over tens of thousands of years.

The bamboo has to be well sanded .. using very fine sand paper to get that smooth soft silky skin-like finish .. also because the skin loves the gentle soft texture of bamboo! The bones love bamboo. Here you have the perfect yin-yang manifestation of male and female in one form. That is why I love bamboo.

You have the hard male form represented in bamboo and the soft feminine = the core / the hollow center. When you work with bamboo you begin to understand the relationship between the physical / material and the open hollow Qi-Energy space. Talk about enlightenment!

Supernatural Orbit of Zen Qi
What you see in this last photograph is EXACTLY what I tried to capture through INTENT .. and I was testing things out .. looking for "signs". This is my first general attempt to capture the ideas on video: One Bone Qi - Bamboo Form

I was testing everything out - so the video is a bit rough .. the video is not as refined as I would like it to be. But it is an art form.

The other thing is that my mind is not calibrated to linear form of learning/teaching. In the past the Zen Master just hit you on the head with a large piece of bamboo .. and either you got it or ?? So .. as a result .. I always teach myself and encourage others to always teach themselves.

I has this idea that I wanted to find out if the video camera could capture the invisible "supernatural" quality of Qi [the unseen flow of energy]. I used my Panasonic HC V-500 Full HD 50x Zoom. I love this video camera. I still have flight videos I have to upload. This is a nice little camera.

I disabled comments because only Google+ users can comment on YouTube videos!

I was working with the Zen Qi short form bamboo with the camera and I began to experiment with the possibility to show the mysterious [almost supernatural] Qi to be captured on SD Card video. The reason I love this camera is because the camera does what I want it to do.

Some of you may think: EVERY camera is capable to pick up these feelings!

No! Not every camera!

This is not rational .. this is intuitive female with real world hands-on experience. Not all cameras and not all video cameras are created equal. My friends generously also gave me the beautiful .. Infrared [night vision] Digital Video Camera: Panasonic DVC30 [mini-DV]. I love that camera .. it is a UFO paranormal camera of the best quality !!

If you look at all three photographs [video stills] .. you can see that in the last image where you cannot see the physical bamboo you can SEE THE FORM. That is exactly what I intended to capture. The bamboo is hidden and the form is revealed. In the first two images the bamboo casts an energy shadow of the Qi Form. I hope you are still with me ...

Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit
Why Zen Qi - Bone Air Spirit? For the same reason as the outer hard bamboo represents unification of yin and yang / male and female forms within Earth space reality! In the last image I captured this form where the physical bamboo is hidden .. but the Qi [energy] space-orbit energy is perfectly visible between the hands.

Look at the nature of the bones: You have energy .. you have matter .. you have space .. you have air. The bones breathe .. your bones suck! Try a very simple exercise. Hold one palm of one hand towards you [relaxed] and look at your hand.

Relax and from the bones in your hand "suck". A more advanced exercise is look at the palm of your hand and breath directly from the bone marrow within the hollow core of your bones.

In this exercise you gently and in a relaxed way go inside the bones .. inside the bone marrow .. inside the hollow space and you BREATHE through your bones. Then you look .. you look .. you look and who is breathing? The next awareness is spirit. There you have the essence of Zen Qi = Bone Air Spirit.

Inside the male is both feminine and masculine .. in various degrees of composition. Inside the female is both masculine and feminine .. in various degrees of composition. For example .. you can have bamboo thin outer skin and a thick [large / open] soft core center. You can have bamboo with a really thick outer core skin and a thick [wide] or a thin [narrow] soft core center.

Combinations of form and space varieties are endless.
You would have to study bamboo to understand all the combinations *-)

Everyone is conditioned to imagine that people in the Earth's future are so technologically advanced that they are no longer in touch with Nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. People in the future are more in touch with Nature than we are today! These people are not stupid!

The reason I call the video presentation: One Bone Qi - Bamboo Form .. is because one bone is connected to all bones in the body. One Qi is connected to all Qi in the body. You effect one bone and you effect the whole body. You effect one bone and you effect the whole mind.

We think soft brain hard skull .. right ??
How about that the brain is the bone marrow of the skull...

In bamboo form we have hard male physical-material and soft feminine space-creation. Without matter you do not have space and without space you do not have matter. Then the skin of the body is both soft and hard [firm]. You then see expanding variations of same principles .. only here the soft and the hard merge into one unit through the skin.

This is why I am so excited! Because .. the bamboo manifests deepest Universal Principles of matter and space .. breath and spirit.

As an example: Take a hollow piece of bamboo and look through the center. Where does the material end and the space begin? In a way this is the highest form of Nirvana in plant form !!

Bamboo also teaches me how human brain learns! Assimilates! Adapts! ... *-)