Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dark Enlightenment

The dark surface pool was shallow ..
The bright mind reflected in the pool was deep!

Zen Qi [Location Earth - 2033]

This post began with a dream .. one short dream and two days later followed by a second dream. I knew the title: Dark Enlightenment .. after the first dream .. and the second dream revealed to me how humans and other dimensions can be "lost in the dark". I dedicate this post to those people groups and dimensions who cannot see that darkness and light are ONE FORCE = Yin yang .. undivided.

Into Depths of Darkness
Tonight I looked up into clear cloudless night sky and saw deep deep darkness and the stars. I saw the Pleiades and Orion .. shining bright in deep dark night skies. And as I looked .. the darkness seemed undivided from those bright stars!

Why are humans afraid of darkness .. and imagine only light is purity?

When I look at Nature I see perfect balance between darkness and light. When I look into my own eyes in a mirror I see deep darkness within the center of my eyes [similar to the night skies] .. looking back at me capturing light !!

Within balance of darkness and light .. I see myself.

Into Depths of Light
As a child I fell asleep to waken in a vast expanse of darkness. It was the deep space around us .. in which I saw the Sun .. the Earth .. Jupiter and Saturn. I was experiencing deep dark space filled with the light and life of PLANETS.

Darkness supports the light...

Light shines brightest of all within the deepest darkness.

Yin and yang is balance between darkness and the light .. between male and female .. between positive and negative. When you look into a cloudless sky during the day the Earth is filled with light and when you look into a cloudless sky during the night .. the Earth is filled with darkness.

Deep within dark Universe - points of light [stars] shine brightly into our eyes!

Before the first dream I was having awareness of the eyes and intent of the eyes. Then later .. I was having strange dreams where I was teaching people about the deeper meaning of the eyes. The strange thing was that they were all woman .. and these woman were all wearing long white robes similar to ancient Greece.

In the dream I was wondering: How is it they do not understand the eyes?

A few days later I dream a similar dream where the woman were wearing white robes .. but these women were trying to condition my mind to serve them and their cause [power]. I have to admit I cannot be conditioned by male/female out-of-balance ??? .. and in the dream I see through the whole power-illusion.

It is popular in our world today to say that we have to return to the "feminine" ...

Since I have this dream I discover that both excessive male and excessive female are equally out of balance .. and that humans on Earth have to find yin/yang balance that is like the Universe that surrounds us = male and female .. darkness and light .. positive and negative in balance together.

The funny part of this dream is that I could not be conditioned by this society of women. Because I SAW them and their corruption .. hahaha .. I became a threat to them and they changed from trying to condition my mind to "serve them" .. to trying to kill me !! Don't worry! It was only a dream ...

The woman .. and the men who served the woman on that dimension .. were REALLY UGLY !! POWER MAD ... OBSESSED with POWER! Sound familiar ?? Excessive yin out of balance or excessive yang out of balance is the same thing.

When a Planetary Society is out of balance .. it does not matter if yin is out of balance or yang is out of balance .. it is all the same. This is the beauty of the natural balance of the Universe. The whole Universe is not out of balance .. otherwise life could not exist!

One last note... What I discovered from the dreams is that both out of balance societies seek to take control of and use neutral (balanced) human beings. In the dream it was clear that this excessive female society was seeking to control me [my mind / psyche] because I was "neutral" .. I was a balance between male and female .. yin and yang.

THAT already tells you that BALANCE has POWER *-)

Dark Enlightenment
Now we come to the most important aspect of this post: Dark Enlightenment... Many times I have this vision [totally unrelated to these disturbing dreams] where there is this EYE into the Universe. I call this eye "dark enlightenment" .. a deep part of the mind!

To understand this you have to observe and understand nature of the eyes.

Inside the eye is the deep deep darkness .. dark matter .. and from this phenomenon you see light! Within the deepest darkness you see the light. Simply look at all the things you can see with your eyes: The Sun .. water .. the clouds .. the sky .. a blade of grass .. colour .. texture .. trees .. the night sky [you can see darkness with your eyes] .. stars in the night sky !!

Next .. I saw a large round observatory called "The Eye" .. or maybe it is also called the Eye of RA ?? Inside this giant eye is Dark Matter. Observers can go inside the eye and through interactions can look into .. understand and observe the Universe. All I know is that dark matter and water are ONE.

I am not sure that this deep-space eye is situated on Earth .. because of the Earth's atmosphere. There is probably one on the Moon and maybe on Mars or maybe orbiting the Earth or in deep space [orbiting other Planets].

People in the future who use these dark-matter deep-space eyes call them:
Dark Space Enlightenment.

The key point where all this meets is that excessively out of balance male society is weak and and excessively out of balance female society is weak and both will seek "balance through excessive power". The reason they do this is because they are both inherently out-of-balance and they seek MORE POWER in order to impose their inherent imbalance on the whole Planetary Society!

Both male and female imbalance seek to use neutral yin/yang balance to control.

When I saw the Universe through the dark enlightenment technology of the EYE of RA .. this was beyond all male female struggle to control out of balance situations. In the natural world you do not have this human problem of imbalance and in the Universe you do not have this male/female problem of imbalance.

If you seek personal power through imbalance it will destroy you!

If you look into and observe shallow pools of rainwater lying thin upon land or on an area of asphalt .. everything above is reflected in that thin layer of water. Even at night one can see dark skies and stars deeply reflected in those silent shallow pools of dark water.

Then look at water!

Water reflects sunlight and water reflects the deepest darkest night!

When you take time to observe and be aware of the nature of water .. you can learn a lot about yourself observing the nature of water and its many reflections! Water is the ultimate neutral life-form. Not only on this Planet .. but across the entire Universe.