Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PHI-RA (mid) - Dark Field Eye

Ideas .. Imagination .. born out of darkness into light!

Dark Light Pyramids
Everything we know is born in darkness [unknown] .. and it comes into the light (of realisation) as an idea .. thoughts and imagination. Before these ideas come to us there is darkness .. nothing .. No-thing. So .. born out of darkness things come into being and take root in our world altering our lives.

The human eye functions on the same principles as the pyramid. The eye is in the pyramid and the pyramid is in the eye. Pi [phi] RA [the god RA] and mid? The space between Phi and RA or put another way The space of PHI and RA .. it is an equation in words and letters.

Inside the human eye is a focused (concise) dark field. The eyes do something incredible that we humans are not aware of. The human eyes confine and contain dark-space. So that the same deep space you look into where the stars exist .. is equal to the deep space within your eyes!

The reason you can see the darkness of deep space is because the dark field is looking at itself. Human beings are walking living forms of dark-field technology. Human beings are their own dark-field technology. We do not really have to build anything in order to see!

Dark-light pyramids are within the eyes.

Therefore .. the ALL-SEEING EYE is WITHIN.

Somewhere along the line all this knowledge was corrupted. By corrupted I mean that the seeing ended and the knowing became KNOWLEDGE .. a FIXED state of intention that does not see and does not move. Knowledge is not expansive .. knowledge is restrictive. Knowing is a fluid state of seeing and knowledge is a fixed state of knowing.

Knowledge is also closely associated with belief.

For example, I see a plane flying or taking off and I can believe that the plane comes from Mars. I can then convince other people that the planes taking off are really flying to Mars. I take reality and I form some kind of personal belief. Knowing is fluid like water in a river. One simply knows what is without forming personal beliefs.

To better understand this go for a walk into town and think thoughts .. and as you are thinking become aware that you are not SEEING. When we think our eyes stop seeing what is taking place around us. Thought seems to disconnect the function of the eyes from mind and brain.

Then .. as you are walking switch between thinking and seeing with the eyes. When you observe the world around you and are using your eyes to see then you are not thinking .. and when you are thinking you are not seeing.

Maybe you are a creative person and you get an idea! The light goes on!

Go back and try to understand or see where that idea came from... Behind the idea is an unknown area of darkness. Ideas come to us out of this unknown field or dark-field [of which we are a part]. We humans are living in world of light but we are also mysteriously part of the dark-field.

Thought will seek to FIX the idea into a rational state called "knowledge". I know THIS .. I believe THIS. However, knowing is a higher state of mind that has no need to fix knowing into dimensions measured by thought.

You can have a thousand year old tree growing in the wild mountains and one person (a scientist) will measure the height of the tree and measure all the known dimensions... Humans can fit the tree to their limited knowledge and yet never see or understand the actual tree.

Within Zen Mind trees are .. like human beings .. part of the mysterious dark-field where human and trees can share and communicate. Ideas and imagination come into the human mind observing Nature and observing the tree .. or observing oneself!

Ideas are like little seeds that fall out of the mysterious dark-field and take root or germinate within the psyche of the human mind. Once an idea grows within Zen Mind it is like a tree. The roots and branches of the ideas grow naturally and they nourish and feed us.

Dark Field Eye
We always think that the eyes can only see OUT .. and see what is OUTSIDE. We do not imagine that the eyes can also see within the eye. Even when the eyes are closed .. even when the eyes are open they can see from within. It is a form of inner middle-distance seeing.

One could say that this is a Spiritual Technology.

You just look inside dark-field of the eye and out of the blue on its own suddenly you see a golden pyramid and this inner pyramid seems a lot bigger that the eye. So .. you have small eye big pyramid but the pyramid is within the eye(s).

Thought fixed all this knowing into KNOWLEDGE and so today we have all the confusion and theory of the All-Seeing Eye [external to ourselves]. When you do not allow the mind to be conditioned by knowledge .. it frees the mind to discover the true mystery of life.

The two physical eyes when mind is looking within become one inner eye - one pyramid. Then you can go inside the pyramid and the one eye appears inside the pyramid with you! It's pretty cool!