Saturday, March 01, 2014

AIKIDO: The Loving Protection of All Things

I was walking into town today .. March 1st .. and this is a very small town with low buildings and visible skies .. and I look up because I can see a large raptor flying way high up. These large birds rarely circle the town .. they like Nature and fields and space and lots of green. This bird was playing and diving and just effortlessly swimming in a sea of air above the town.

I see this bird and it touches my heart... I cannot take my eyes off this bird circling overhead .. but at the same time I am aware of all the people around me and no-one is looking up. So .. I am watching the bird and I am watching the humans and I am watching myself watching the bird and the humans. I see myself between these two worlds: Nature and mankind [who appear to be largely unaware of Nature].

Duh!! I mean .. how can you miss NATURE .. it is all around you *-)

Some of you may like the AIKIDO video(s) below by Corky Quakenbush .. who developed his own understanding of AIKIDO - which is in the same spirit as the founder of AIKIDO: Morihei Ueshiba. You don't hit someone .. you don't THROW THEM .. you don't defeat them .. you just "give them what they want".

Just like the large bird playfully circling in the skies above .. that most humans do not see .. are not even aware of .. the bird could just as well be a UFO !! So it is with this video = a state of being that very few people on this Planet currently understand.

I have been watching these videos for a long time .. and to understand what he is teaching you have to go back and watch earlier videos. YouTube have AGAIN changed the video navigation system. Go to the upper left drop down menu: All Videos .. Uploads .. Liked Videos etc .. and I set the above link to "Uploads". NAVIGATION is EVERYTHING .. Ha! Hahaha!

You do not have to know AIKIDO to apply these principles of inner balance.