Thursday, March 13, 2014

Secret Mysterious Path of Life

As a child a white horse followed me everywhere...
But only I could see him *-)

As a child people were always telling me it is bad to have "secrets". Parents and family .. then schools and society say .. "be honest" .. right? As if having ones own "secrets" is not being honest! Hahaha!

I had lots of secrets as a child [which means stuff I kept to myself] .. I told no one that I had a white horse and I could see this horse. Of course .. now I know this horse was a psychic spirit phenomenon. A presence that protected me throughout my childhood. I knew no one else could see the horse and so I kept this interaction to myself.

As a child this was my "secret" .. or you could say my secret life.

I had other secrets! I knew things about the past. I knew wisdom that I should not know. I had abilities that I should not have had [if I was an ordinary human]. From 14 years old I began to teach myself karate Do and invisible Masters would correct me and teach me. My body and my movements were expressions of inner knowing. I kept that a secret too.

I could see patterns forming in the future from actions we make today.

From an early age I could advise people on issues or entanglements in emotions [attachments] because I saw the energy and where it was going. I kept that a secret too! Even as a child I knew not to start explaining to people .. this energy is entangled in strange and complex ways associated with your past lives and things you are attached to .. hahaha .. just imagine the reactions [colourful].

The point I am trying to make is that mystery is not BAD and secrets are not BAD.

As long as we do not hurt someone or try to use power to our own advantage and cause disadvantage to others .. then mystery is pure and secrets are pure. In fact .. secrets are a deep and integral part of life. We humans will never come to the end of mystery and secrets. It is like a rainbow .. the moment you reach the end of the rainbow it disappears.

I have another mystery for you associated with rainbows. I was camping in the valley of Glencoe in Scotland and the rain had stopped for a moment. Two rainbows appeared over the whole giant range of mountains. Beautiful bright crystal clear vibrant rainbows.

I am walking down through the valley watching the double rainbow and suddenly [I am serious] the end of the rainbow literally appears right in front of me so close I can touch it. I suddenly stop in front of this strange phenomenon and the rainbow enters my heart and then disappears.

In this first part of the Post I have shown you the dynamics of mystery and secrets. Guess what? Secrets are healthy... In fact the mystery [energy foundations] of secrets is built into humans and into all living things. Including rocks .. crystals .. oceans .. mountains .. rivers .. plants and trees! Science will never uncover the mystery or the encoded secrets of life. All science can do is explain its own limited understanding back to itself.

You know why the things humans build work? They work because they work .. because life works .. and science is the added measurement to explain that this and that works. Science is not original .. it is only an explanation. We never uncover life's secrets .. we only receive the seeds [germination of ideas].

Secret Mysterious Path of Life
One of the things the mysterious masters teach me since I was a kid is: When you are doing something .. learning .. searching .. discovering .. understanding .. don't talk about it. Sometimes I would learn something for many years and I just learn and I don't say a word. Then later I understand and maybe I say something.

Whenever a mystery happens on Earth the humans inhabiting this Planet have a major psychological trauma. I am going to break it all down for you so that you can understand that mystery and secrets are natural function of the Universe. In fact .. this is life's way of challenging us and making us strong.

The whole human race is in self-denial. Maybe rational linear thought feels threatened by the appearance of mysteries and those right in front of you that you can touch secrets. I will talk about this in a later post .. but I have seen time speed up and I have seen time slow down. I have also seen time frozen .. space and time frozen [stopped] and then started again without a glitch.

Mystery gives us energy .. mystery keeps us alive .. mystery challenges us. Our lives are a mystery. The only issue we humans do not explore is the mystery of secrets. If you have a secret then you feel bad. I don't think that is the right attitude. If you have a secret then EXPLORE IT.

In geometrical form and in quantum space form most of what a human being is about is a BIG SECRET. We are so mysterious we cannot even figure ourselves out. That is the beauty of life. In fact .. the mystery and the elusive secrets keep life interesting and there is never a dull moment.

In today's world people also believe that "The Master" is the one who realises TRUTH. In reality the master is simply one [in harmony] with his or her path. The seeker .. the path and the journey become one. My whole life since I was a kid I wanted to understand the mystery of my ancestors who said: You find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Maybe the mystery is different for each person? At the end of the rainbow I found my heart.

The other aspect of mystery and secrets is that every human being must find the same answer to the same question. Now you all have to go out and find your heart at the end of a rainbow! Absolutely not! Mystery and secrets are like the Universe or deep space. Mystery allows each living form to discover its own unique relationship with life through the timeless reflection of the unknown.

I have met so many animals in my life who have found their own inner wisdom. I have met cats .. crows .. mice .. butterflies .. dogs .. fish .. birds .. dolphins. We look at each other and their wisdom meets my own wisdom. We do not have the same experience .. but we understand each other.

Masters are beings who perfect their own inner form.

The secret mysterious path of life guides us .. interacts with us .. teaches us .. challenges us .. tests us .. and supports us. But guess what? The secrets and the mystery are also inside us. We are secretive and we are mysterious. Take cats as an example... Cats are highly manipulative = they have their secrets. Cats know how to manipulate humans .. but they don't signal to us how they do it.

In general we humans talk about "privacy" .. we all have a right to privacy. In reality we are talking about secrets. Things that are personal to ourselves that is no one's business. Governments and institutions have their secrets .. but in return they want to see into the secret lives of all humans living on this Earth.

The reason for Governments to look into the lives of people living on this Planet is: You might be doing something wrong or planning a bad action. Well .. that is not a "secret" that is criminal activity. People have to understand that one's own private [secret] life is ONE THING not to be associated with criminal activity.

If people want to do harm .. that is not a secret .. that is criminal intent or criminal activity. We have to draw a line between mystery of life .. living our lives .. the right to have "secrets" that have nothing to do with anyone else and that has NOTHING to do with intention to do harm.

The Planet we live on is very mysterious. The Earth has her secrets.

The next issue I want to tackle is: Having secrets is unhealthy. How about the opposite view that having secrets is extremely healthy. I have perfected my own art of drawing over my entire life and I do not explain to anyone how I do it or where it comes from. The art speaks for itself .. but the internal process is my "secret".

Perhaps it is extremely healthy and self-empowering for humans to have their own inner lives as long as they do no harm to others and do not intrude on the sovereignty of others. When the relationship is the inner relationship with oneself then you would never harm another human being.

The moment disturbance is projected outward then it is visible and easily detected.

Mystery and secrets are never visible and easily detected. They exist as internal energy or internal Qi force that guides and forms the life path of an incarnate being. In fact .. they create internal harmony and strength / power. The moment you release that power it is no longer hidden. It changes form and becomes visible and depleted as it moves out into the world.

Mystery has power when it cannot be solved.

Have any of you noticed when an answer can be found we move onto the next mystery? The human being seems wired to pursue and explore mystery. The human being also seems to be wired to the mystery of secrets. We pursue mysteries like a puzzle. Not necessarily to fit the puzzle pieces together.

The moment you solve the puzzle .. you go look for another puzzle to solve.

Life seems to be curious about life. Animals .. insects .. birds .. fish .. are all curious about life and curious about their surroundings. This curiosity appears to be related to inner navigation through the outer physical world. In reality we all navigate into and through ourselves.

Perhaps it is time that we are honest with ourselves and also that we respect others as we follow our own internal secret path through life. Humans are highly secretive animals like cats. So .. why not live and let live?

It is hypocracy for you to have your secrets and deny others their secrets *-)

By secrets I do not mean anything bad or mean or evil. I am talking about a fundamental energy [energy flow] encoded into life. Planets have their secrets .. Suns have their secrets .. Galaxies have their secrets .. the Universe has its secrets. As above so below! Humans are designed on these same principles.

We are all living secret lives pretending not to live secret lives ...

The moment you merge with your inner mysterious vision then the greater outer mysteries are not a threat to you. The greater mystery becomes part of you and you respect that. Not only do we humans respect each other .. but we learn to respect the greater mystery [and its secrets] of which we are a part.

The fact is .. we humans seek to understand the unknown and in that respect are almost magnetically drawn to the unknown .. where each of us interacts with a mysterious force that we call "life". Understanding is not without respect. The mystery or the unknown does not offload all its force onto us when we encounter its presence through realisations. We have to respect that...