Friday, March 28, 2014

Left Hand Gravity Field

The Zen Masters were extreme energy misers...
They gave NOTHING away!
- Zen Su

I am still learning [teaching myself] about time distortion and gravity fields .. and I am learning through OBSERVATION. Which means I am observing myself. This is really quite exciting! Everyone thinks .. we all think .. that GRAVITY is outside of us and is exerting INFLUENCE on us. We all think that TIME only exists outside of us and exerts influence upon us [from outside].

Nothing could be further from the truth !!

Let's take something pretty obvious... Where do we age? We age from inside. Something people overlook is that a big part of aging is cellular dehydration .. and by that I don't mean water. Cellular dehydration is the loss of the foundation elements that holds water inside the cells *- )

I figure that out and I am not even a SCIENTIST!

Imagine there are scientists who work 24/24 to understand physical structure and maybe some of these scientists overwork and wear themselves out trying to develop new substances that will reverse degeneration within the human body and mind [the brain].

Well .. this takes us back to the Zen Masters who gave away NOTHING!

I don't work my brain to exhaustion .. I simply observe and there is never a day [even when I am sleeping] where I am not OBSERVING what is. That is the Art of Zen Mind. What does this have to do with .. Left Hand Gravity Field? It's all related!

A few days go by and I am not writing my Blog .. because first I am observing .. testing and finding things out. Then suddenly with no effort on my part apparently unrelated fields come together as one. For example .. the inner gravity field and time distortion are also related to cellular aging and cellular dehydration.

This is difficult to describe... Time is not some complex mysterious force. Time is movement. The Earth moves around the Sun .. the Sun moves around the center Galaxy .. the Galaxy and the Sun move through space. Humans live on the Earth in physical form and the cells within the human body are orbiting inside the human with the same resonance as movement of the Galaxy.

What I am trying to say is that time as movement is inside us .. and gravity density and variations in gravity density are inside us. It is the inner gravity that effects us .. not the outer gravity. The human body is its own world within a world .. just as the Sun is its own world within a Galaxy.

We humans have our own inner timing and it is the inner timing that effects us .. not the outer timing. For example .. human physical body does not live as long as the Sun. That is related to energy .. a totally other area of time as movement within gravity fields...

People think that lots of water = hydration and lack of water = dehydration. To some extent that is true. However .. we miss the most obvious facts in cellular cohesion. What holds the water within the cells? Probiotics!

Too complex for one post and so let's go back to the inner gravity field(s).

When I was editing my Subway Surfers video I noticed that I was mainly right-hand dominant .. where the left hand supports the actions of the right hand. To you this might be obvious .. but I am so focused on playing the game that I feel my left and right hands working together to achieve the best possible score.

But .. it is not the hands .. it is the BRAIN !!

When I am playing Subway Surfers I feel both hands are one. But .. once I become aware that my left hand brain is not as fast as the right hand outside of the left hand supporting right hand movements .. it was at this point the Invisible Masters tell me to: Go WORK ON the LEFT HAND!

I can tell you that really sucks when you achieve a high level of smoothness in action [even if the right hand is DOMINANT] .. but the Masters were right [haha] .. because of what I was about to find out in relation to time as movement within the brain / mind.

The MIND is beyond time .. but the BRAIN is subject to time.

Left Hand Gravity Field
It took four days .. maybe five .. to get the right hand to support the left hand. It is not the hands .. it's the brain !! I decided to play Subway Surfers creating left hand dominance and developing left hand skills and speed. What happened next is so funny!

We all THINK we are in charge of our brains! Right ??

Wrong! We are not in charge of our brain .. our brain is in charge of us.

To some extent I was able to begin left hand training! But a few strange things began to happen. I I was getting [became aware of] a split time and movement distortion / perception where using my left hand gave me two speeds of awareness [that initially caused lots of Surfer crashes].

I became aware that different parts of the brain perceive time in different ways !! Sounds esoteric .. but it is not .. this is a vital part of brain function. The brain appears to perceive space and time at the same level and the same speed .. where perception appears as a constant. In reality .. this is not the case.

The next factor mixing into this was that my right hand began to play the game faster than the left hand [that I was training] .. and the right hand would just move on its own [really that was the brain]. For maybe four days I had to hold the right hand still and only use the left hand .. just to get the right hand to support the left hand when I began to play Subway Surfers again using both hands.

That worked! Not only did the left hand become much faster and the cognitive distortion [conflict] vanished .. but the brain [acting on its own] stopped taking over the game. Then I was able to better train the right and left hands to work together in balanced ways.

Now I understand why I loved Karate-Do as a kid .. which I taught myself. Because you train both sides of the body [brain] equally .. and not just train one side [the right side] and the left side trails behind in support!

No one understands this .. as we all assume that time as movement and gravity are experienced within the human body as a constant. Why I call this post: Left Hand Gravity Field .. is because there are variations in gravity field within the physical body that are also related to the mind and perception as movement.

The Zen Masters were aware that perception and movement are one.

We live in a society that trains only one side of the body. This can make us very efficient and very fast .. single minded and running out-of-control .. because we are out-of-balance. The physical brain is on auto-pilot and we accept this. The incarnate spirit has desires and the brain is programmed to meet those desires.

What I am trying to say is that when one side is dominant [the right hand] and the other side drags along supporting that .. we end up with gravity field variations within the human energy field.

Have you ever noticed with a cat? That the cat can hit equally fast with the right paw as it can with the left paw !! Well .. I discovered after two weeks left hand training that such a simple thing was having a powerful effect on my whole body. It was even effecting how I feel. So simple and yet so powerful.

It is my theory that humans think that inner gravity field and time as movement is a constant .. because we use only one side of the body brain. Because we perceive reality through only one dominant side .. we therefore miss all the other subtle changes that go unnoticed within the inner gravity field of the body.

Key fluctuations in perception are essential for survival.

Awareness of variations in the gravity field = to time as movement brings the mind onto higher levels. I don't know how else to explain this. When you work on both sides of the body and you train both sides with the same intensity .. the fields merge.

We humans are actually living out our lives as split fields.

Take ART .. in Tibetan paintings of Buddha EVERYTHING has to be exact and precise. Where the left and right side of Buddhas face have to be perfectly mirrored .. and when painting Mandalas revealing the mystery of balance in all things.

The Zen Masters never really tried to give anyone anything .. because they knew it can only come from within. One cannot give another human being balance .. but the human being can find balance within.

Then you have deeper concepts of: The Drunken Master .. to convey the upside down world of .. even when out of balance there is balance. Even when you are thrown your body still finds a way to maintain balance. There you have yin and yang .. the circle balance and form.

This is not just an intellectual concept! It is an actual real inner gravity. The inner gravity field shifts .. but it never loses its own sense of balance. Where each level has its own form and its own sense of balance.

For example .. when my left hand supports my right hand they find [create] balance on that level. When you apply the teachings of Left Hand Gravity Field .. everything in the body shifts into balance according to where we stand at any moment in space time. Or we can go into the center of gravity rather than orbit the center. I hope that makes sense !!