Saturday, April 05, 2014

Masters of AIKIDO Mind

Merging With The Opponent
" ... The person who embraced all things with love and affection, who let ki govern the flow of events, could open a space of becoming one with an opponent, in ki, in mind and in the movements of the body."

- Morihei Ueshiba
To Imagine One Is Opposing You ...
... Is to imagine FACING YOURSELF !!

Within my own observation of life .. different levels of awareness are equal to different Planets or different Galaxies .. where continents are like dimensions or variations in frequency and vibration. So .. in my experience .. travelling to Scotland .. Sweden .. California .. Austria .. Catalonia .. North and South Germany .. Switzerland .. are equal to variations in Earth Dimensions / Frequency and Vibrations.

I hope you are still with me !!

Even more complex .. on spiritual technological levels there are extreme frequency and dimensional variations within the countries listed [you can add to this list all countries on Earth]. I wont go into the oceans yet !!

I am sharing with you the simplistic version ...

You can add to this list mysterious life of Nature: Cats .. birds .. plants .. fish!

In my own understanding physical human form is result of combination of all physical elements... sea creatures .. microbial(s) .. yeast .. sub-atomic particles .. birds .. animal .. plants .. energy .. air .. psyche .. crystals .. silver .. gold .. minerals .. bacteria(s) .. fungi.

If you read my posts you understand the way my mind works *- )


You are energy .. matter .. sound .. vibration .. light .. dark matter!

Masters of AIKIDO Mind
In the FUTURE .. we are the future .. people are not like use today. I do not know how to express this or explain this in linear terms. Recently .. I had a dream meeting Jiddu Krishnamurti. In his physical life he could take apart and repair real world mechanical technologies .. on his own with no TRAINING. He could just do it .. since he was a kid !!

I am trying to share with you AIKIDO MIND ...

Since I was a kid I could take apart and repair physical "human technologies" with no training .. I could just do it! I am not saying that you should be able to interact with tech-repair or tech-knowledge *- ) .. I am saying .. we humans inhabit different dimensions and psychic zones within a vast expanse of probabilities within an infinite space-time Universe.

Animals .. trees .. grass .. birds .. sea creatures .. Islands .. Continents.

We humans inhabit our OWN LEARNING SPACE...
In essence we humans are our own AIKIDO MIND at any point in space-time where speed of AIKIDO MIND is RELATIVE ...

When I say the speed of mind is relative .. I do not mean S-P-E-E-D !!
I do not mean speed in terms of SUPER FAST!

The next thing I am about to share with you is part of the "SECRET" of AIKIDO MIND. Breathe deeply .. are your ready ?? Fast is slow .. and slow is fast. In AIKIDO you can be fast and slow .. where slow is infinitely fast and where fast is infinitely slow.

In Zen Qi the slow absorbs the fast and the fast absorbs the slow .. universal yin / yang balance. The same principles can be applied to ones own life.

Taking this to another level ...

YIN and YANG Zen Qi balance can be applied over LIFETIMES ...
Enlightenment is Inner Connection of LIFETIMES across timeless SPACE.