Monday, April 21, 2014

One man Changed My Life

I do not care if only one person reads this .. that is Zen.
- ZenSu

One man changed my life forever...
The man who changed my life was not a terrestrial in the way we understand our human world today. Until I was 17 years old I lived in my own created natural world inside Nature. My whole mind and my mindset was undivided part of the natural world. Plants .. trees .. mountains .. rivers .. the sea .. birds and animals. My mind was inside Nature.

I viewed school as collective insanity .. where I was able to balance my psyche.

By age 17 .. I discovered the outer world was more dangerous .. and no one teaches you this is the fact. Everyone teaches you to "trust" the outside world .. as you become a feature of that world .. where you have no control.

Fortunately .. I had my own in-built GUIDANCE and AWARENESS .. to which I am eternally grateful. But .. still .. I find my mind swamped by the ocean of entanglements of my mankind. I discover at age 17 .. that my fellow humans are OBSESSIVE .. egotistic .. fearful .. suffering personal traumas .. self-centered .. seeking endless pleasure of the ego-self!

You may find this NORMAL .. but to me it was a shock !!

Until I discovered this unnatural out of balance world of humans my life had been Nature .. cats .. trees .. mountains .. the teachings of natural world .. dreams .. listening to Nature .. and the Invisible Worlds.

One man saved my life
I want to share with you that even though you have to live in human body in the human world .. there are variations in vibrations within the human form and within the human psyche. I am going to try to share with you this deep inner contact phenomenon.

In our society people talk and talk all their emotions and problems.

Those who listen soak up all those negative problems and emotions .. and this is what happened to me at 17 years old. I listened and I soaked up the endless projected problems and negative emotions of people who repeat over and over again all these problems [never to be solved].

One day my mind is filled with dark heavy clouds .. with the endless problems of people who dump their negativity into anyone who will listen and soak it up. Where empathic .. sympathetic .. sensitive .. caring people absorb negativity of people who indulge in negative emotions.

I was working in my first job in a bookshop .. and I knew nothing of this self-obsessive world of negative emotions. I would call it: Love in the negative. People have experience and they turn love into negative experience. If you imagine how powerful love is then love in the negative can be equally devastating!

For many weeks and months I innocently deal with a world that makes no sense to me .. the WORLD of MAN. This is not the natural world I am used to. People have strange behaviours contrary to the natural world.

Unknown to myself I am soaking psychic negative emotional energies into my being. I have no idea that people are dumping their psychic emotional trash into my psychic energy center. Eventually .. I become the trash people dump into my energy center.

One day the situation becomes so bad I return home with so much accumulated emotional and psychic negativity .. I no longer know who I am .. and I am walking under a dark grey cloud of other people's experiences. These are negative entanglements that humans hold onto and will not let go of.

Even in the negative .. people are addicted and will not let go.

It got so bad I was walking home under a dark heavy negative cloud .. imagine people dumping their negativity into a gentle empathic sensitive soul. Eventually .. the innocent mind has a sick reaction to all this ego self-created negativity.

I am walking home .. at age 17 .. under this dark oppressive cloud of negativity .. and ahead of me a man appears. This one man changed my life forever... He appears from nowhere on a long empty narrow town street. He walks past me so close that I feel his entire aura / presence.

The mysterious man sucks up all the dark negativity dumped into my psyche .. and the dark external psychic oppressive cloud is gone. Suddenly .. I see myself under an external heavy burden and then I see the negativity dissolved in an instant.

This man .. who was 6 feet tall walks past me and a profound feeling of love passes from his energy field into my psyche. After this supernatural event I never had to worry about being sucked into emotional and psychic problems of human beings.

All negative human psychic emotional garbage was removed from my energy field.

I walk ahead .. and I think to myself .. what just happened?

I turned around to look back into an empty street of tall buildings .. and the man had instantly disappeared. In the time it had taken me to turn around .. he was gone. Then I turned back in amazement and I walked back to the next side street. No one was there.

I am describing a wide main pedestrian only street with long narrow side streets.

Even if there was the potential to disappear into a side street the instant of disappearance was not enough and the long narrow side streets left no opportunity to simply disappear in an instant. This implies that humans on Earth have a supernatural support base.

In the moment the man approached and passed me he was real physical .. but his presence was much more than human physical. His presence was energy .. compassion .. love .. transformation .. caring .. neutral. His core emanated light. He dispelled the heavy darkness.

This one encounter .. this one man changed my life forever!

I am a very natural intuitive sensitive human being .. but after this supernatural healing encounter I never again was drowned .. overwhelmed .. by the negative emotions of other human beings. No one could dump their negative trash into my psyche after this encounter.

This man saved my life! Changed my life! Transformed my life!