Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Supernatural World

Big number .. big effect! Small number small effect!
Is illusion of science.

People today think that that the bigger the number [of people] the BIGGER the EFFECT and the smaller the number [of people] the smaller the effect. This is just not true! It may be true to the current mindset of man .. but it is not true to the virtual alignment of REALITY.

I recently noticed on my blog that if you use the word "supernatural" a percentage of readers kind of "supernaturally" disappear. I have a funny sense of humor .. I am happy for them to disappear and so I currently use the word SUPERNATURAL in my posts more often [sorry .. if it sounds repetitive].

I learned from age 15 .. from Jiddu Krishnamurti .. the nature of thought and how THOUGHT conditions the BRAIN .. the mind of man. I do not use these words carelessly or mindlessly. I use words to try to convey a world I see and inhabit .. that my fellow human beings inhabit .. but do not realise.

I use the "supernatural" world to remain among FRIENDS *-)

In a sense everything is supernatural. We humans are also supernatural. Let me show it to you. The sperm connects with the egg [lets avoid the sex part] .. and out of this mysterious connection physical 3D physical material life forms are born.

If the fish is not born from this process then you humans have nothing to eat... If the animal is not born from this process people who eat meat have nothing to eat... If you are not born from this process then you will not exist in physical material reality. Science tries to explain this process .. but science is not REALITY.

Our Supernatural World
We live in a male dominated physical material scientific world that uses the vast unified-field of Nature to present nano-theories about how life works [without knowing how life works] .. fed into to the base physical reality mindset of humans living on this Planet. However .. what I call the supernatural is the seemingly eternal .. durable and intelligent force within which all physical [material] 3D life forms live .. exist and survive.

What do we all experience? Including animals - plants - birds - fish and trees?

We all share and experience emotions: Love .. happiness ... euphoria .. sorrow .. fear .. sex [reproduction] that in itself is pretty supernatural. Material life forms experience together the desire to survive .. to eat .. nourish ourselves and remain healthy .. to give birth and to die. EVERYTHING we experience is encoded within us [that is pretty supernatural].

Humans inherited a particular secular mind that explains reality in base physical terms = 3D material non-supernatural existence. I am not talking about the "paranormal" world. In the paranormal world your life may be in danger and something physically lifts you out of danger and dumps your body [safe] back into the physical-material world reality. This is not what I mean by supernatural world.

In many ways .. love is supernatural!

Physical science tells you how you were born .. but neither science nor religion knows how you were born. That is what I mean by supernatural. Why is it such a problem for humans not to know EVERYTHING? Why is mystery such a problem to human beings on this Planet? Why do human beings feel threatened by the unknown .. When we are part of the unknown?

I know a few of you out there know what I am talking about.

The Supernatural World Is Not the Paranormal
From my own understanding the supernatural is everything around us and inside us that makes things happen. Essentially it is the operating system of life. The supernatural is like the Cosmic Internet (connectivity) of 3D life [on a simplistic level] .. but in terms of Quantum Science it is much much more.

The supernatural world is more refined than the so-called paranormal world .. and let me explain why! The paranormal world is slightly chaotic in nature. The paranormal world is not fundamental base reality. The supernatural world is much more gentle that the semi-psychotic paranormal world .. and in my view the supernatural world holds the volatile paranormal world in place.

We inhabit the supernatural world .. and in my view we do not inhabit the 3D base physical material world in terms of unified physics of Nature. How can base 3D physical form grow .. live .. experience .. exist .. move and die? Only through the supernatural world.

I am talking about Chi .. Qi .. Ki .. Prana .. Energy .. Sexual Life Force!

Science tells us this is all a base physical cellular physical life process .. and the fact they can semi-manipulate this process means there is nothing supernatural or mysterious about life. This base 3D interpretation means there is nothing supernatural or mysterious about YOU.

When I look out of my window on any evening I perceive a reality that cannot be explained away by base physical material science. The Sun setting in the West is reflected in the clouds to the East. The birds singing as the Sun sets .. the vibrant colours and the nature of the light is NEVER the same. No sunset is the same as the sunset before or after .

When I waken in the early morning .. 4:00 in the morning .. and the birds are singing .. no birdsong is the same from day to day / from year to year. The birds position themselves differently .. each birdsong is different .. the nature of the light changes and I CHANGE .. or .. we all change together as one.

In ancient Egypt .. ancient China .. early Maya .. Celtic .. Phoenician .. in Japan .. Native America .. this supernatural signature is written for all to see in the art and in the natural creativity.

In that sense ART is the signature of supernatural cultures. Perhaps "culture" is the wrong word .. because .. culture attempts to set-in-stone the mindset paradigm of the times.

If humans are to progress psychologically and emotionally to a higher psychic and physical paradigm .. then humans have to respect the natural surrounding and supernatural world of which they are a part. Basically matter interacting with ENERGY.

Nature is a highly advanced supernatural technology.

Imagine a computer .. notebook .. tablet .. mobile phone without energy and connection! When your computer .. notebook .. tablet .. mobile phone does not have POWER / ENERGY = connection!

If there is no infrastructure .. no satellite connection .. no energy .. what is a satellite connectiion? When your devices have no connection to the energy towers = ENERGY !! Your device is DEAD!

It is the same for you...