Sunday, May 04, 2014

I Never Attack ...

People tried to put blocks in my way .. their own entanglements.
I ignore them .. maintaining my own center of gravity!

The supernatural world always taught me never to fight .. which also means to oppose. When we fight (attack) and when we oppose (defend) we become part of an external mass of entanglements that organise and affect our core energies. Therefore .. we are off balance .. caught in a dance of destiny controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

Both men and women as well as children can be psychologically aggressive. The aggression is an internal spin of energy that simply manifests itself externally forming psychic and psychological entanglements. Aggression [internal entanglements] becomes attack [external entanglements].

I tried dealing with these attacks in the real world using real world defense .. to no effect. Then I developed my own inner balance no matter what took place outside in the external world .. and that worked for me!

In ancient times .. when the Samurai was under attack .. people imagine that his skill was to counter the attack [defend] and successfully end the attack [injury or death]. Of course there is currently no literature about the third supernatural solution: Neither defend nor attack.

The supernatural solution is more: Encounters of the Third Kind.

Neither Defend nor attack
Usually .. in an attack you have victim and aggressor. The aggressor (dominant force) attacks the victim (weaker force). The supernatural fact is that there is no dominant force in attack and there is no weaker force in defense. There are simply ENTANGLEMENTS.

In this sense a single blade of grass can split and overcome a mass of concrete.

The blade of grass is applying space within linear time to achieve the impossible. Aggressor dominance versus defending sub-dominance is linear time with entanglements reaching into the past and into the future. We create the future through extending and creating conflicts now.

Life gave me no alternative .. neither defend nor attack .. over a two year period .. to observe what is. You might find that pretty hard statement! How can a non-aggressive person survive an aggressive "public" situation for two years? Because I wanted to see if my approach worked!

There are times where we can resolve a situation immediately without problems. There are times when the situation is out of control and all parties involved are fixed in their mind set and do not seek any kind of resolution.

I discovered through applying space within time .. that is is better to leave those parties to entangle themselves .. and observe what is. How we use energy creates its own outcome and that outcome usually affects the individuals applying the force and pressure of entanglements.

For example .. Dolphins can become entangled in fishing line that kills them.

It may seem surprising .. but psychic and energetic entanglements are just as .. if not more dangerous to humans. The dolphin knows that its body is entangled in a fishing line .. but humans generally do not know that their psyche and energies become entangled.

I discovered that people around me were caught in self-destructive aggressive entangled webs in which they lived and into which they poured all their psychic and physical energy. Then people projected out into the external world their inner states of mind.

I found out that the more you peacefully defended your own space using AIKIDO type states of mind .. the more the aggressive humans push. These humans do not want to be gently deflected by gentle art of AIKIDO! They are on a mad trip and the only thing that will satisfy them is a "fight to the death".

The Invisible beings patiently taught me the art of applying space within time.

I was not the brightest student they had ever taught .. but I was persistent and I had a passion to learn. Personally .. I feel that more than two years to understand this principle is somewhat slow in the uptake. I later discovered and understood that the application and solutions took place almost immediately .. but I was very slow to see it and understand it.

Sometimes it is better to step back and allow aggression to mess with itself .. rather than become entangled in the situation seeking a solution. Our balanced center of gravity is the solution. Difficult to explain other than that external entanglements are off-balance.

It is difficult to step back and leave the creators of chaos with their chaos .. to which they then have to find the solutions. The act of creating external aggression entanglements is a big energy drain that cannot be sustained over long periods of time. The longer it has to be maintained the weaker they become.

Blinded by Aggression
There are certain energy rules applied to different states of mind. This is why I recommend that people find a way to master their own inner aggression .. which are simply psychic and energy entanglements of aggression.

You attack someone else and it effects you!

As an artist I want to use my creative chi to create beautiful art. I do not want to use my creative chi to create problems and to be aggressive. I have no desire to attack others or defend myself [another form of attack]. How do we deflect the incoming force when it applies?

When creating space within linear time the incoming force is delayed.

That delay can be seconds .. minutes .. hours .. days .. months or years!

When you defeat your enemy there is no feeling of honour .. but when your enemy defeats themselves there is no blame. I was mysteriously and supernaturally able to create space within linear time without really understanding what I was doing nor understanding the outcome. The only guide [navigation] I had was my own inner center of gravity [balance].

People saw me as a soft target because of my gentleness and non-aggressive behaviour. When aggression hits a force that does not respond in kind .. they think that they are in command and in control. They do not see nor realise that they are hitting themselves. I watched them hitting themselves multiple times and I observed the consequences over time. I can tell you that this is not a place you want to go in your life. This is not a direction you want to take in your life. There is a price to pay .. and the price is high!