Monday, May 19, 2014

Black Holes Are Dark Mass

White rabbit fell down a black hole!
What did the white rabbit see?
An alternative Universe *- )

I begin with the proposal that black-holes are dark mass .. and black-holes do not actually exist. Modern science sort of pretends to be exact and precise .. but they tend to use a lot of inaccurate descriptive words that have multiple meanings. Alice sits at the Mad Hatters Tea Party and actually tries to make sense of the nonsense spoken there.

First .. what is a hole?
Word origin: Hole O.E. hol "orifice, hollow place" from O.N. holr, Ger. hohl "hollow" - M.E. Old English "hole or cave". Technically the origins of the word HOLE is cave or entrance to a cave.

Black holes are generally portrayed as flat black rotating disks gravitationally pulling or sucking matter into its rotational field. The first point is that this phenomenon is not a flat disk, but is more like a black Sun. The next point is that this phenomenone exists all over the Universe in the form of mini or micro dark field points of dark mass.

Some would say micro black holes .. but these are not "holes" in space time.

The entire Universe exists in the form of light [matter / energy] and dark mass. The problem is the human eye is configured to see a limited spectrum of light = that is why we see dark fields as "dark" .. because of the configuration (spectrum) of the human eye. We are born to see and interact with our Universe on a basic level .. and for that to take place we have a restricted spectrum of seeing light.

When the scientists try to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole all they see is dark energy or dark mass. The human body [human eye] is not designed to see spectrums outside of its limited configuration. The technology we create in an attempt to see spectrums beyond our limitations are still dependant on feeding information back to us that uses light !!

Let's say that dark matter exists .. or dark mass exists! How are you going to see it using light? The human eye does not see below the light spectrum. We measure all frequencies and spectrums in terms of VISUAL light. Otherwise you are not going to see it.

Science is based on ourselves and how WE PERCEIVE the mysterious Universe.

At this stage in human development we are simply playing with ourselves. At the same time there are intelligent life forms in the Universe who can see the non-light frequencies above and below our restricted light spectrum. There are animals on Earth who can perceive non-light frequencies.

Black Holes Are Dark Mass
The idea that the mass of an object is a measure of its energy content .. is a highly restricted perception that more accurately describes the limitations of human perception. We rely on visual perceptions of light .. but light cannot perceive dark mass! We are currently playing a guessing game with ourselves.

Mass can be defined as a body of coherent matter, usually of indefinite shape and of considerable size / a large coherent body of matter without a definite shape. The issue is: How can a "black-hole" express gravity and rotation if it does not contain mass? Therefore .. this phenomenon is part of the Universe and is part of matter. If rotational dark mass (black-holes) were not part of matter then we would not be able to see their effects!

It is possible that black-holes are the perceivable dark mass of black Suns.

We humans are not seeing its true form .. we are seeing how light behaves around dark matter and in relation to dark mass. It is only dark .. because we cannot see the true form .. as our eyes are configured to limited spectrums of physical light.

Dark Pools
Deep down in the deepest parts of the ocean we humans believe that fish large and small require our spectrum of physical light to see. Therefore .. we assume that they cannot see too well. Down in the deepest depths of the oceans we humans cannot see anything with our naked eyes. Because we depend on Sunlight .. we assume that all living creatures on Earth depend on sunlight!

If my own theory is correct .. that Suns are vast electromagnetic gravity pools of water. Then "black-holes" or dark mass pools are simply the dark cousins of Suns = giant pools of water without the light spectrum we humans depend on to see. It is not that they are without "light" .. it is simply that our eyes cannot see those higher levels of "light".

Have you ever tried wearing sunglasses at night?

In a way you could say that the physical human eye is restricted to a universal light sunglasses effect. If you try wearing sunglasses at night or you wear sunglasses during a dark cloudy thunderstorm then you will understand what I mean! One time I drove on the motorway straight into a really heavy dark thunderstorm and I forgot I had my sunglasses on .. and I thought: Boy is it dark here !!

If you observe water then there are clues to the nature of dark mass and micro dark matter particles. Water can be very bright and shining when the Sun is shining .. and water can be very dark and impenetrable at night or on a dark cloudy day. I call this dark-water.

The reason micro "black-holes" or micro dark mass exists throughout the Universe and on Earth and all the Planets .. is because 1. This is a form of water .. 2. It is energy transferred into a state of mass we currently do not understand.

The reason for this is that energy is continually moving between its light state and its dark state of mass. Energy can be light or it can be heavy. Energy can be visible or it can be invisible. Energy can be detected or it can be undetected. If you want to understand black-holes wear sunglasses!