Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Two Principles of Balance

The Central Sun holds the Galaxy together.
Allowing the Sun to maintain order in the Solar System!

I just got back from a meeting three hundred years in the Earth's future. Before returning to our current time I had asked permission to write about this and they told me: It makes no difference as no one is going to believe you .. especially as you are a woman.

That may sound rather harsh .. but it is true. The future knows our time really well. They have studied us in depth. We are currently in the Roman era cycle .. and that whole era was mostly played out against women in a vicious power struggle to gain control of the Planet's resources.

We are currently leaving the influence of the Roman era cycle .. and so three hundred years in the future men have realised that they have more in common with women than they realise today. The end of the Roman era cycle is not a case of the feminine regaining control of the wheel .. but it is a case of balance.

In Humans The Default Sex Is Female
During the first few weeks of fetus development, a baby's internal and external genital structures are the same, regardless of whether you are ultimately going to have a boy or a girl. They have two sets of organs: one that can develop into the female sex organs (Mullerian duct) and one that can develop into the male sex organs (Wolffian ducts). Human Embryo Gender Development
The key issue for the future is related to balance. We currently live in a bipolar world where control plays a bigger role than is necessary. Societies can have control without balance. In the current time zone societies swing from happy elation and positive moods to severe fits of anger .. despair and fear. This is largely because there is no sense of inner balance.

Two Principles of Balance: Yin and Yang
What is [the current time zone] is leveraged between the future and the past. From what I learned .. the past and the future are a complete circle: yin and yang. Sort of like male and female. Duality creates and sustains life - where duality in Nature is balanced .. it is not bipolar .. like split personality disorder.

In this meeting three hundred years in the future they brought together elements of the past and elements of their own future. Their future is not yet our future .. as we are currently still within the gravitational pull of the Roman era cycle. Our behaviour still shows signs of bipolar aggression and related fear patterns.

The Roman model was always to bring slaves into the central system in order that their system could function. Today they are called migrant workers. The Shangri La principle is that all paths lead to Rome where life is better .. opportunities exist and that this central society is enlightened and free.

If this is true then why not simply reproduce the superior Shangri La society all over the world .. even in the most impoverished places? The Romans never were able or willing to do this .. they were good at destroying cultures different than their own .. but they were not so good at creating balance or sharing their enlightened world.

That is the bipolar part of this two thousand year old story. Death and destruction everywhere outside of the central Empire. Within the central Empire people were to live in peace. A very psychotic social model .. if you think about it.

This may be difficult to believe .. but the ancient world before Rome took over could communicate with the past and with the future. All that was closed down once the Empire took control of all the temples and sacred spaces .. destroying most of them.

The other thing the Romans did is they started to build their own temples inside the time related areas they had just destroyed. The reason for this is they believed they would take over those communication zones and put their footprint on time and on the future.

What then happened is that these areas were shut down and all communications and cross field synchronizations came to an end. No one told the Romans that this was going to happen. They thought they could just take over and they had no idea that the door would be closed in their face.

The last two thousands years of religion where contact is lost is exactly the core message hidden in plain sight. The loss of spiritual contact the loss of balance. They spent the last two thousand years running around the world searching for portals that were still open. In reality they should have been searching for inner balance .. inner state of peace.

The current world is still based on this Roman model of time. An archaic model that has spread bipolar state of mind across the entire Planet.

The European Federation
In the future the out-of-balance states of a failed union were able to resolve these issues based on the balanced principle of yin and yang. Rather than attempt to control all resources through the centralized Roman model .. the people of the future created The Eastern Federation and The Western Federation.

One only has to think of the nature of the yin yang symbol to understand this principle. The Sun is ruler of the Solar System .. but is not ruler of associated Solar Systems. The Galaxy rotates around a Central Sun but the Central Sun does not control activities of the related Suns and their Solar Systems.

The Eastern Federation (of States) is in harmony with the Western Federation (of States). They exist together as one unified principle of yin and yang. Be aware that yin and yang is a natural principle of duality where their balanced state is balanced orbit within the cycle. I hope you are still with me !!

Of course .. the Romans interpreted this as their ideology being the centralized control of all external societies. The world was to orbit the control of Rome. If this ideology was true then there would be no wars on this Planet. You don't see the Solar Systems fighting each other within the rotational field of the Galaxy.

Natural laws are not about CONTROL .. they are about BALANCE.

Some may question: Why can we not have all societies orbit a single central world control. That was and is the Roman model .. and yet colonial powers were not able to maintain their external control over India and China .. and now Africa! This is a no-brainer!

They used the old Roman model to colonize Africa .. India and China .. but it did not work. They were thrown out. Partly because the model does not work. It probably does not work .. because the model is unnatural .. against the laws of nature and against the natural laws of balance.

Within the future Eastern Federation are the smaller Eastern Federation of States .. and within the Western Federation are the smaller Western Federation of States. If you can imagine .. you have smaller yin yang orbits (co-operation) within larger yin yang balance on a world scale within a planetary yin yang balanced orbit.

The reason for this is: Co-operation is good for the soul.

Rather than have millions of Africans running to .. migrating to Europe to get themselves a life .. highly skilled experts go to these countries and teach them how to created the technologies and the balance within their own home. The people in Africa can build what they need themselves and can create for themselves a life worth living.

If you just think the energy it takes to come to Europe just to try and create a life worth living. That same energy and passion can be better used to create a life worth living for all people in the local communities. We are talking about HUMAN ENERGY as a RESOURCE. People are dying as a result .. this centralized model is a total waste of THE FUTURE.

Try to imagine a yin yang symbol where the yin wants to migrate to the yang because the yang apparently has more power. In a similar light .. imagine all the female embryos want to be male .. because men apparently have more power than females. All the female embryos migrate to become male embryos. That is a pictogram of the out-of-balanced world we live in today.

Planet Earth shares resources with all living creatures.

The Earth sustains all life on this Planet .. the Sun sustains the Earth .. the Galaxy Sustains the Sun .. the Central Sun sustains the Galaxy. Everything in balance is a co-operative self-sustaining system that shares on all levels from the microscopic to the infinite.

The reason why the Roman model does not work is because it actively creates inequality and poverty. If people have to travel to Rome to get a life worth living .. how are you going to get the entire world's populations into one small centralized area called "Rome"? This is totally insane! Two thousand years of insanity.

What I have just written may seem idealistic .. because we currently live in a world where Macht [power/strength] is king. You can crush a bug .. but you cannot crush all the bugs in the world. You can step on a flower .. but you cannot step on all the flowers of the world. You can use Nuclear weapons .. but you are going to kill yourself in the process.

My assessment is that the Roman model is self-destructive in nature.

In the Martial Arts there is a force known as "soft power" .. where one does not smash one's opponent .. but one diverts the opponents inner force .. essentially creating space within that directed force and neutralizing it. That is what I am trying to describe when I talk about the Eastern Federation and the Western Federation. Yin yang balance neutralizes linear direction force. In that the direction of the sword can be deflected through the application of soft energy.

Let's say you create a soft round (feminine) orbit of dynamic Eastern and Western States where the rotational circle (orbit) is the co-operation called the Federation. This is not centralized control of external society. Soft power creates inner and outer balance. Yin and yang!