Saturday, May 17, 2014

Volatile Dimensions of The Psychic Kind

So many dreams in the last few weeks...
How can a quiet mind see so many futures at once?

I rarely dream at night or in the early hours of the morning. Even as a child I would rarely dream. I would experience out-of-the-body experiences .. but those are totally different than psychic dreams. The difference between OBEs and psychic non-psychological dreams is that .. OBEs are more like using a computer hands on / direct .. and psychic dreams (experiences) are like receiving electronic information from the computer into your mind.

Some of the things I write and try to convey are so "out there" that you have to be psychic to understand or grasp the information for yourself. At an early age I discovered that there is a vast mind-of-man outside of petty ego illusion of "my-thoughts". The problem for humans is that mechanical linear thought (ego) cannot deal with .. connect with .. nor comprehend the unknown.

When ego-self (linear thought) attempts to connect to the mysterious unknown distortions occur. Then one asks: How do I move beyond thought? That is a wrong question !! The older part of the human brain/mind is never in thought .. it exists outside of thought and quietly functions as though linear thought does not exist. Humans are in that natural state but do not know it .. because all the life-force energy goes into thinking knowledge accumulating personal experience and recording emotions = attachment.

As an experiment one can simply move the life-force (Chi energy) awareness around the brain to see what happens. Auto-pilot setting in this current space-time is THOUGHT. The energy of the mind [the psyche] automatically falls into the square "thought" .. and that is where we build up our experiences and personality on a linear level of being. Move the Chi-awareness to any other part of the brain other than small area of the frontal lobe and something takes place...

Volatile Dimensions of The Psychic Kind
To be honest .. I am tired of all these dreams! At the same time I understand why they are happening. I understand why they are coming to me at this time. A quiet mind is not attracted to turmoil .. but sometimes turmoil can be attracted to a quiet mind. Why? Because turmoil also seeks an answer .. a solution [balance] to its unbalanced state.

In a sense .. psychic disturbance is the garbage dump of society.

In order to function .. the human psyche dumps its psychological garbage into a collective black-hole. As physical-material life is based on action reaction .. human psyche also gives birth to psychic instability and psychic disturbance. Freud and Jung called the collective black-hole the collective unconsciousness .. the unconscious mind.

What is the unconscious mind? Something we do not want to face.

What are volatile dimensions of the psychic kind? It depends on the space-time connection at any point in time and space. For example .. highly advanced planetary cultures would experience this volatility in a different way than we do on Earth in this current time period. Advanced planetary mind would be more Buddha like in its approach and awareness.

Planetary humans on Earth today are more warlike in their reaction and approach.

It will probably take 300 to 500 years of our current time-line to move from a warlike approach / reaction to a more balanced inner yin yang approach. Everything we experience happens inside and not outside. If people could waken up .. that would make a BIG DIFFERENCE... Our psyche currently uses hard power (yang) with little or no reference to soft power (yin).

At the same time these dreams signal convergence of spirit and matter. I see people who have died living a life on other levels and dimensions .. at the same time these other Invisible Worlds are converging into our three-dimensional material world psyche. At the same time the world of spirit seems as real as this world when you visit that world.

There is no death!

When you experience those other worlds (dimensions) they are as real .. if not more real .. that this physical 3D experience. The most powerful message is that we are ALL CONNECTED AS ONE. All realities are one reality .. born from the same source. Why are humans on Earth today fighting each other? Peaceful co-operation is much more PRODUCTIVE!

When dreaming the other dimensional experiences I also see really strange phenomenon. I see energy in the sky .. I see intelligent advanced UFOs .. I see mysterious lights crossing a star filled sky .. with humans on the ground watching and interacting with this phenomenon. This is not my own IMAGINATION.

The most powerful interactions reveal that death is an illusion. Of course .. physical death occurs .. but when I see these other dimensions I meet with so many people I have known across the depths of time and space. I talk with people I do not recognise in my life today .. but I know them and I understand them.

The human psyche also has mysterious volatility .. similar to Solar Flares / similar to planetary changing cosmic events. In a way .. physical 3D planetary changing events are directly related to volatile changes in the human psyche. The human psyche is the PAST .. the PRESENT and the FUTURE as ONE. We don't understand that yet!

I am seeing all these volatile crossings night after night and I try to wait it out = leave me alone .. life takes care of itself !! It does not stop .. the intensity increases .. and parallel to this our 3D existence takes on more and more yang aggressive forms.

Let me share with you why this is the case...

1. There is primordial energy (chi) / life force. 2. There is collective psyche = tendons ligaments connecting energy to physical structures. 3. There is 3D material reality connected to energy and psyche.

You have a triangle or pyramid .. one of the most basic and oldest representations of the entire ancient world .. Ireland [Celtic] is the three principles .. Tibet .. Egypt .. China .. Maya .. so many cultures. Four triangular sides of the pyramid makes the square [base]. The same principles apply to the psyche.

Imagine a solid pyramid structure in chaotic free-fall within space time. Imagine the pyramid structure tumbles and tumbles in chaotic free-fall over and over again = it never loses it balance .. even when falling in deep space. The same principles apply to the psyche as well as energy experience.

Psychic Dimensions
There are not only physical dimensions [crossings] .. there are more powerful psychic dimensions. In a way we humans experience psychic existence within physical 3D material existence where the psyche is SUPERIOR. How does a human being tame the volatile "Dragon of The Psyche" in their lifetime?

What is the psychic dragon? We are set to the first level at birth = auto pilot .. otherwise there would be extraordinary planetary chaos. Then we 3D physical humans have to navigate a series of INITIATIONS after birth. If we do not navigate then we do not make it...

The material physical body may die .. but on psychic levels this is like going from one room to another room or travelling from one country and flying to another country. When we fly to another country we can connect with our loved ones using phones [relying on energy to connect] .. the same principle across all dimensions.

When you have the inner energy [the connection] you can receive and understand psychic information across the dimensions. Beings on other energy dimensions can exchange wisdom and information across time and space with no restrictions. We support each other across space and time .. where separation is an illusion!

Local Earthquake Happens As I Write .. Wow!
As I was writing a 4.4 earthquake [energy] just rolled under the ground at 10km depth .. shaking the whole building .. my first experience of an earthquake. So that is how a 4.4 feels? Glad it was not stronger as I doubt these buildings are structurally built to withstand a serious earthquake.

My orchid flower growing at the window vibrated for a long long time after the initial earthquake could be felt .. showing the invisible energy-field flow. I instinctively looked at the orchid plant as a guide .. because I could feel the low vibration energy earthquake pressure !! Now I have a strange head-pressure blood pressure feeling ... very powerful .. earthquake energy field runs directly through bones .. tendons and ligaments of the physical body.

This EU location is apparently earthquake stable! We do not experience significant earthquakes. They first reported 4.7 quake that was downgraded to 4.4 and later downgraded to 3.6 earthquake .. M 4.4 - GERMANY .. but from the heavy hit and shaking plus longer vibrations I observed in the plants I grow indoors .. I would say the quake was +4.4 magnitude.

Volatile dimensions of The First Kind .. One has to have sense of humor!

The Crows...
Three days ago I woke up in early hours of the morning .. before 4:00 AM .. and unusually the local crows were endlessly calling out [agitated] long before sunrise. The crows were so agitated and did not stop calling .. for hours they signaled unseen volatility and I have to admit there was a very bad sickening background energy feeling in the air. I felt unusually sick.

May 17, 2014 earthquake was not 3.6 Magnitude .. It was +4.4 Magnitude

The central Germany quake has been officially downgraded from 4.7 to 4.4 and now downgraded to a 3.6 magnitude quake !! [is currently upgraded to 4.2 magnitude] they keep changing the magnitude of the earthquake !! But .. I know what I felt...

I trust Nature most of all !! An earlier local (light) 3.6 earthquake reported to have taken place on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 18:01 .. I did not feel that earthquake. Also .. the crows did not react to the March 30, 2014 earthquake .. days before !! The same website have later upgraded the downgraded 3.6 magnitude to a 4.2 magnitude earthquake...

Magnitude ML 4.2 Region GERMANY
Date time 2014-05-17 18:46:27.3 / Location 49.85 N ; 8.66 E - Depth 10 km

33 km SE of Mainz, Germany / local time: 18:46:27.3 2014-05-17
2 km S of Darmstadt, Germany / local time: 18:46:27.3 2014-05-17
6 km NE of Pfungstadt, Germany / local time: 18:46:27.3 2014-05-17