Sunday, May 18, 2014

That Was My First Earthquake!

Giant sleeping Earth Water Dragon ..
The Deep Upper Rhine Graben ...

The geothermal energy potential of the Central European Upper Rhine Graben .. Geopotentials of the deep Upper Rhine Graben .. utilising deep geothermal energy .. hot water is pumped to the surface .. cooled water is re-injected back to the subsurface.

Deep subsurface strata can potentially be used for storage of CO2 or for compressed air [STORAGE ???] .. future oil and natural gas utilization .. oil and gas have been extracted from the Upper Rhine Graben for more than a Century [at what quantities ???].

Oh! Sorry about that little geothermal detour .. I lost my focus for a minute or two! It must be the psychic effects of the Earthquake! Not that I was scared .. meeting my first earthquake .. because it was not really the first quake .. it was just the first "big one".

I have been studying details of the Upper Rhein Graben for years .. I wrote in March 2011: "There will be an increase in intraplate earthquakes, similar to the Basel earthquake of 1356. There will be earth-tremors whose shaking can damage or break water pipes, destroy electricity lines and can damage back-up generators, especially in nuclear power stations not designed to withstand earthquakes (as in Europe)."

The Basel earthquake of 18 October 1356 is the most significant seismological event to have occurred in Central Europe in recorded history. The earthquake destroyed the town of Basel, Switzerland, sited near the southern end of the Upper Rhine Graben, and caused much destruction in a vast region extending into France and Germany. Though major earthquakes are common at the seismically active edges of tectonic plates in Turkey, Greece and Italy, intraplate earthquakes are rare events in Central Europe: according to the Swiss Seismological Service, of more than 10,000 earthquakes in Switzerland over the past 800 years, only half a dozen of them have registered more than 6.0 on the Richter scale.

The Upper Rhine Graben
Since 2011 I have been quietly researching and trying to understand the Upper Rhine Graben Aquifer [also known as the Upper Rhine Plain].

The 1356 Basel earthquake [6.0Mag to 7.1Mag] was an active tectonic event of the Upper Rhine Graben: The earthquake zone Basel is located on the Upper Rhine Graben .. one of the most active seismic regions in Germany.

This area is repeatedly shaken by mild and strong tremors. The strongest tremor experienced is the 1356 Basel earthquake, is also the strongest known earthquake north of the Alps in current recorded history.

Sorry! I got lost again!

I always admire animals and birds and what the instinctively seem to know. Apparently we humans are different that animals in that we appear not to know .. just basic stuff. For the past three days I had been constantly thinking that I have to put the crystals I have in glass vases onto the floor in case there is an earthquake.

On the day of the earthquake I constantly thought I have to arrange all the vases of crystals and breakables onto the floor so they are safe if there is an earthquake. My rational mind was telling me: You don't have significant earthquakes in this area .. not EVER !! The vases are not going to shake and break in an EARTHQUAKE !!!

This Was My First Earthquake!
The three days before the experienced earthquake were REALLY CREEPY .. especially at night or in the dark early hours there was such a bad feeling in the air. I am not making this up. There are no words to describe the impending darkness and the heaviness in the air .. almost dark paranormal energy .. something one would rather run away from.

I don't know if this could be described as a crushing gravity? It was almost like a dense dark blackness .. almost like a crushing black-hole [I am not sure black-hole is the accurate way to describe what exists out in deep space]. Before the earthquake I was thinking about a new theory I have for mini back-holes .. but I do not like that black-hole description. I have to deal with that in a later post.

This is the first major earthquake I have experienced in this life where you feel the physical jolt and you hear the sound of the jolt hitting at the same moment. It is totally weird .. out of nowhere .. with no warning .. a force hits the building square on and you feel it and hear it.

People say it is like a truck hits the house or it is like an explosion .. but the physical feeling and experience is nothing like that. There is the hard force and hidden in the hard force is the soft. The strange thing is you know the direction it comes from and hits from. I felt the force hit from the South-East.

Usually, one would imagine a rolling torus energy spreading out like ripples in a pond when you throw a stone into the water. It is nothing like that .. the force hits like a flat square. This may be why certain earthquakes are more destructive. Whatever that energetic force is .. it hit the building flat on .. within a soft and hard pushing force that could potentially flatten anything in its way.

I can explain the perfectly aligned soft force within the square flat hard force .. and this may help engineers better understand how to energetically construct buildings in the future. Add to that the structural [Feng Shui] energetic alignments of the buildings.

The hard square flat force punched (jolted the building) but it was the gentler soft force travelling together with the sharp (sword like) sharp force that is more interesting. The soft force is almost invisible in every way .. but the fragile and responsive orchid flower responded to the soft force within the hard energy.

The earthquake jolt hit the building like a hard flat punch together with a loud sound. The soft force travelling within the hard made no sound and the soft energy or the soft force lasted much longer. The orchid did not vibrate due to physical shaking of the building .. because nothing else shook or moved inside the appartment. The orchid was revealing the soft (invisible) force travelling inside the hard force .. the long tail of the dragon wind.

It is my impression that birds and animals pick up and sense the soft force ahead of the hard striking force and that animals continue to react after an earthquake because they are feeling the invisible soft force that lasts much longer.

If I am correct the hard force of an earthquake is preceded by and is enveloped within a soft force that preceded the strike and that follows after the strike. In geometrical terms one has the square within the circle. The circle [perhaps the torus] has within it the hard square energy .. the circle rolls .. the square hits .. the circle rolls.

Again you have the three forces .. the triangle .. and it may be that within the hard square force are triangles. The three forces within an earthquake are soft-hard-soft .. circle-square-circle .. the soft-round and the flat hard edge that applies force. The flat hard jolt rides within a softer restraining almost imperceptible energy-vibration.

It may be that the Planet is designed this way or everything physical would totally fall apart and physical matter would break apart at sharp angles of hard force. The softer yin force contained the harder sharper yang force .. but within the yin is yang and within the yang in yin.

How else can the yin soften and restrain the yang force?

How can yin and yang relate .. unless they have associated inner and outer frequencies - magnetism? For the softer yin to effect the harder yang .. there has to be associated yin and yang and yang within yin. The Earth and physical matter needs STRUCTURE to exist .. but also requires the soft and yielding force.

Research bamboo .. if you want to understand the balanced yin and yang of matter as one. I almost forgot to add perhaps the most important factor!

As soon as the flat hard jolt hit the house with a loud sound that is impossible to describe .. in that same moment I knew this was an earthquake! There was no question about it .. I knew the feeling .. I knew the force! How did I know this ??

I am not going to explain how I know this ...