Friday, June 06, 2014

Dark Field Psyche Within Man

Did you see that? ... See what ???
It was like a dark mirror !! Almost like a black hole just ahead ...
No! But .. I saw a white rabbit suddenly disappear!

During the First World war a German called Karl Schwarzschild apparently formed a theory: Schwarzschild was describing a singularity, a region of infinite spacetime curvature that is postulated to lie within what has more recently been termed a black hole. [Schwarzschild means BLACK SHIELD] *-)

Einstein never accepted this black hole theory .. for some reason!

I am sorry .. of course BLACK HOLES do not exist .. never have existed and never will exist. This is probably a secret code for the Black Sun .. which does exist. I am not talking about a religious philosophical concept dug out of the depths of primitive human mind.

There is yin and there is yang .. there is dark and there is light. Yin supports yang and yang supports yin .. light supports dark and dark supports light. This is a natural phenomenon of Nature. There is no need to fear the darkness and there is no need to fear the light.

As above so below!

The human eye is designed to relate to visible light .. and the darkness is not visible to the human eye. Humans rely on a light source to perceive and understand physical and psychological reality. When the human is deprived of a light source the mind can deteriorate into severe depression. It appears that visible light is a major source of physical and mental nutrition for humans on Earth.

Dark Field Psyche In Man
Why do humans have stories about a white rabbit disappearing down a black hole? Here is a funny explanation from .. I like it .. it is kind of fun! It is almost like darkness is the sleeping world and light is the physical waking world. How do the two worlds connect as yin and yang ??

When I say "dark field psyche" .. I do not mean negative = dark or that dark = negative. The dark field is a psychic mirror. The Third-Eye sees what is within the dark field.

People imagine darkness is negative and oppressive .. and light is positive and empowering. The problem with that theory is that humans live mostly in THE LIGHT and depend on light to function .. and yet .. humans are currently the most destructive species on Earth ...

When I was a young child I entered a situation where I experienced Universal deep space darkness .. like that the dark Universe was the protective womb of Stars and Planets. I saw inside this Universal dark deep space an even darker MIRROR .. it looked like a DARK SHIELD.

My psyche looked into this dark mirror without light and I saw myself as I am.

I did not see some beautiful angel of light .. I saw myself as I am.

For some strange reason I somehow had the inner strength to face MYSELF as I am and not be distracted .. and look directly at myself without being afraid or running away. I was prepared to face myself. There was no fear. I would say all the chaos in the world is created from incarnate spirit beings who cannot bear to face who they are NOW.

The dark field psyche in man is not an oppressive force .. it is a force to enlighten the psyche of Planet bound humans. Out of the darkness comes the light and out of the light comes the darkness. Yin and yang .. they are one and part of the same Universal life force.

Why is the human iris apparently a dark hole? A dark field?

Why is the human iris blacker than black? Into that dark field the light enters and you can see the world around you. How can the human eye see light within darkness? But .. if you look at your eyes in the mirror you see a dark circle or a dark shield at the center of your eyes.

Your iris is as dark as the Universe and yet you observe light though this portal entering your mind. I don't want to psych anyone out .. but how much LIGHT is inside your brain ?? The human brain is inside a skull [a cave] and there is no light within the skull... Does that make sense?

I assess that the human brain is using dark field technology to observe life !!

When we take this to the next level .. micro dark fields exist within the planetary environment and within the physical human form. I assess that we are made equally of light and dark particles. The only problem is that humans can detect the light particles and they have lost the ability to detect the dark particles.

Micro dark fields are part of the psyche of man.
This is where I get to the MIRROR.

Not only do humans not SEE themselves as they are .. but humans do not WANT to see themselves reflected in the DARK MIRROR of the PSYCHE. We want to focus on the superficial thought-ego reflected through visual light and we want to hide the deeper psyche in some dark pool.

The yin and the yang - light and dark - positive and negative are ONE ...