Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Supernatural Planet

The supernatural exists ..
.. but cannot be understood by the rational brain.

- ZenSu

Events We Cannot Explain
We view the world around us as a STABLE linear non-offensive rational progression of time .. space and events .. that is how we currently choose to perceive the world we live in. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In general the supernatural is associated with the occult: "That which is hidden". The experience I had one night as a two year old child seeing and hearing what the Irish call the little people .. would also be defined as supernatural event. Because it is outside the scope and understanding of everyday life.

I was alone in a dark room asleep and I woke up .. I was woken up .. by music. The small room was totally lit up with an ambient light the colour of the Sun and magical beings (lots of them) were dancing around the bed playing Celtic music. I could see the beings .. I could hear the music .. and they said: Never forget that we exist!

I assume that small kids see this mysterious world up to a certain age .. and then we forget .. we become rational humans and lose touch with the supernatural world. At the same time the supernatural world is all around us. Simply because science fragments biology to explain material existence .. this does not mean the explanations are even close to the source reality of what life is about.

Rational minds claim the supernatural does not exist .. it is simply something we do not understand. Who says "understanding" something makes the event normal and rational? The event may be totally supernatural and the understanding after-the-event is simply a rational explanation of something that cannot be explained.

Events that could not be explained were associated with the gods (plural) and later with god (singular). There you have a simplistic non-scientific explanation for unusual .. mystical .. supernatural events. The scientific explanations of these events are equally simplistic. The fact is that there are things we humans cannot know .. see nor understand using rational mind.

The supernatural is unknowable through the rational logical mind.

I wrote about the mysterious man who changed my life. This was not the only strange encounter I had in my life with situations that defied science or conditions we assume are reality. The mysterious event had the same FEELING as all the other mysterious events. Already .. without KNOWING .. we have a key. When the light filled my mind and my heart and I turned around in an empty street .. the man who changed my life was gone. He walked past me and he simply disappeared.

You may say .. the man was not real .. he did not physically exist. He was real .. he was a physical man .. he looked like us humans .. he was really there in our time space. The only difference was his mind and his energy field. As he walked past me and as his energy field connected with my energy field the "power" was totally different than present day Earth humans.

You may then ask... Who are they? I would ask... Who are we?

Our Supernatural Planet
I could tell you so many stories you would not believe. Events that simply happened to me without me seeking them out or trying to enter that world. I did not mess with that world. My Celtic instinct was to show respect and I knew that world was dangerous. They can contact us .. but we cannot contact them.

By that I mean .. and this was understood in very ancient times .. we Earth humans are not in control. Humans on Earth are like children .. we are not powerful and we do not control physical realms .. never mind mysterious realms. Earth humans are at stage one .. or stage zero of their potential development. All we currently do is play with ourselves!

I once found a narrow cave entrance in the mountains on the Northwest coast of Scotland. I was maybe 13 / 14 years old and I seemed always to have an instinct to discover hidden places. I started to crawl into the narrow opening in the rock at the edge of a dried river bed on the slope of a mountain. An adult could never get in there .. the entrance into the rock was the size of a child .. so no one would have been able to rescue me *- )

I was not afraid of adventure .. I was not afraid of the pitch black darkness that surrounded me as I belly crawled deep into the structure of the Earth. As I crawled .. determined to know what lay beyond this opening .. a powerful presence surrounded me and told me to crawl back. I did not want to crawl back .. I had no fear .. I wanted to find out where this narrow entrance would lead me.

Even the rock entrance itself was saying to me: No child! Do not go any further!

I am trying to convey that our Planet is largely a supernatural awareness field that teaches us and communicates with us and even warns us .. takes care of us. A lot of the difficulties we humans face are self-created because we do not listen to Nature. Humans have become so self-isolated from the Earth that they do not listen to anything other than their own THOUGHTS and their own EGO.

I am saying that the supernatural challenges the EGO of mankind.

I had to back crawl out of the low narrow cave entrance largely because of my RESPECT for that mysterious supernatural force. I was not too happy crawling out .. because I wanted to find something. At the same time .. whenever this powerful mysterious force would communicate with me .. I would listen.

You may think as a child I did not know the danger of crawling into a narrow cave entrance. I knew the danger and I was not afraid. You could feel the danger all around you in the impenetrable darkness and in the surrounding rock. That feeling was part of the attraction. Even the feeling of danger acted like a magnet. Seeking the source of the mystery was all part of the danger. It was a price I was prepared to pay to find out .. what is this energy inside this narrow cave?

My desire to explore and find out was stronger than any potential fear.

The Supernatural Field of Earth
I always saw .. was aware of .. the supernatural field of the Earth. One can see it in trees .. weeds .. grass .. birds .. in clouds .. in water. The problem is we just do not pay attention because we are mostly thinking our self-isolated thoughts. The supernatural is not an overpowering force .. it is a gentle backup system.

Just base physical material existence on its own is not enough to allow the smooth functioning of a planetary system. Base physical material existence cannot function without surrounding energy .. electromagnetic fields .. the transmission of those fields. In the same way that your computer cannot function without power .. electrical energy input.

The supernatural is a gentle force.

Like crawling into a small dark narrow space in the mountains .. people are afraid of strange phenomenon .. are afraid of the supernatural .. are afraid of the unknown. Very few realise this is a gentle energy .. a gentle and compassionate source that protects us even from ourselves.

The reason the supernatural is so dangerous is because it is not a fixed reality following the physical laws of Nature. The supernatural is a morphing reality that also acts like a mirror .. like attracts like.

Someone seeking supernatural powers will encounter forces similar to their own natures .. but those morphing forces will always have the upper hand. Humans on the physical ego levels can never control those forces. The power they give you is actually intended to destroy you. Those seeking deceptive power will be deceived in similar nature to a reverse mirror.

The only reason people believe they have this power is their own self-deception.

This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a gentler supernatural field that co-exists with man within and surrounding the Planet. When we follow the rules this natural force works with us. The key words to describe this relationship is: Love .. compassion and goodness.

The other key word is: Beyond self.

Inhabiting physical Earth reality .. it appears we can do what we want on this world and get away with it. Once entering the supernatural realms one is immediately faced with instant consequences that requires high levels of intelligence to navigate those energy fields and to understand on instinctive levels.

Since childhood I have been aware of a gentle supernatural force or field that is present all around us. I see it in Nature and in the trees and flowers .. in birds and animals. Sometimes walking in the forest little mice will come out of the forest and walk straight towards me with no fear.

I always stop and wait to see what the mice will do next .. and they surprise me by walking in circles around my feet .. climbing onto my shoes and even putting their front hands on my trousers and looking up at me. In those moments I feel a very old bonding between animals and mankind. Within that mysterious psychic field we understand each other.

In the moments where those encounters take place it is like entering an enchanted forest.

The enchantment of the forest is not only surrounding you .. it is happening inside you and it changes you forever. For some reason humans choose to live outside of that enchanted world. I think fear is not fear of the unknown .. but is fear of the ego. The ego-self .. rational thought .. is afraid. The fear is fear of oneself.

I can show it to you as it was shown to me.

Any time you become aware of inner feeling of fear [which is irrational and surfaces from nowhere] .. observe the fear. Don't let the fear overwhelm you .. but take a good deep look at it. Face the fear. Watch the feeling of fear and observe it at its source. The moment you take time to observe fear the fear disappears.

The next level is to observe yourself observing the fear. Sounds tricky but it is easier than it may seem. The fear may then hide .. but it comes back .. and you keep observing it every time it comes back .. and suddenly you see YOURSELF. The moment you see yourself your life changes forever.