Saturday, April 26, 2014

Human's Internal Supernatural Connection

One small woman .. one big camera *-)
UFO Paranormal Infrared Ghost Hunter ..
Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30

Human beings are internally configured to interact with the supernatural .. and by "super-natural" I do not mean anything scary or paranormal .. or out of this world. In fact .. I am beginning to discover .. using my Panasonic AG-DVC30 as a tool [and guide] that energies caught on infrared cameras are near-world objects / phenomenon and not out-of-this-world objects / phenomenon.

By NEAR WORLD invisible phenomenon I mean they inhabit [share] our mental .. energy and physical space vibration(s) .. frequencies.

The Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30 is an older 2004 [collectors] video camera that can only be found second-hand. The DVC30 has its pros and cons .. but I love this video camera. If I was born 200 / 300 years from now in the future .. I would find and buy an "antique" Panasonic AG-DVC30 Pro and I would use it...

If you want to sell a DVC30 300 years from now you know you have a buyer *- ) Hey! In my future reincarnation(s) I may even find and acquire this very camera I am using now...

Love between friends knows no time-space distortions when reconnecting with our tools across the mystery of space-time. For example .. I found a partially knapped [unfinished] white flint spearhead or arrowhead lying on the stony sandy ground outside my tent when I was camping / travelling.

The whole camping ground was featureless hard sand and stones .. I looked across a dry sea of featureless stones sand and rocks to bend down and pick up one ancient tool. Did my ancient hands knapp this rough white flint into an arrowhead? You don't know until you connect. Inwardly connect with the world around you across time and space ...

Why would the future connect with technologies 300 / 500 years in the past?

Why not ?? Our tools are psychic connectors across time and space.

Human's Internal Supernatural Connection
I spent most of my childhood in Nature and in the garden. If I was not in the garden I was up in the loft [roof] of the house watching the stars and looking for UFOs. We had two cats .. one orange tabby and one Russian blue. Both cats would climb the ladder up into the loft to join me on the roof of the house.

The cats would sit between me and the roof exit window as I fixed my feet and legs on the short ladder below and I lay back on the roof of a two story house. I would spend hours watching the night skies and the cats would accompany me.

One night the orange tabby woke me up as he jumped to the open window beside my bed. He looked straight up into the sky and above the house was a bright pyramid shaped UFO .. strange stationary light. When I sat up and saw the pyramid the cat jumped down and left the room. Next moment the large bright floating sky pyramid switched off instantly .. disappearing.

My friends gave me the Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30 to take home after we finished a series of videos. I began to gather a number of lens filters and zoom / macro lens additions. The DVC30 can be switched to infrared .. and I discovered that one can use a ND 1000 dark lens filter with infrared during daylight with beautiful effects.

What about the infrared sensor inside the human being ??

As a tech geek I can tell you .. how can you build and develop something that is not part of you? How can you build infrared cameras and use the technology to see infrared frequencies if it is not part of you ?? I leave you to figure that one out for yourself.

Humans build / create cameras that can visualise infrared frequencies and our human eyes can synchronize with this technology and we can see through the eyes of the cameras .. allowing us to see the infrared frequencies / spectrum.

Who knows! Perhaps cats and owls can see using infrared spectrum!

What I a saying is that we cannot build-create what we do not know and we humans cannot relate to frequencies we are not designed to relate to on this level of existence. The human internal structure is designed to interact on many levels with supernatural frequencies.

Today was A Normal day
I received my ND 1000 lens filter today and I took the Panasonic DVC30 out for a daylight test using the ND 1000 dark lens filter. The camcorder battery lasted around 60 minutes and I tested the non-record view for 30 minutes with 30 minutes MiniDV cassette recording time in daylight infrared.

On the first day using these tools I was able to realise that infrared spectrum video cameras are able to record not out-of-this-world phenomenon .. but .. the visible spectrum energies are "near world" phenomenon.

These anomalies are close to us and are part of our world. The visual spectrum of the human eye may not be able to detect them .. but the mind and the human supernatural senses can detect their presence.

For example .. I tested an area I know to hold powerful cross energies where the past present and future meet. In these cross energy zones one can perceive now [present] in connection to the past and connected to the future.

In this area my inner mind .. physical and psychic senses could see and pick up visual and supernatural energies .. but as I panned around using the infrared camera with ND 1000 filter for daylight .. I could see nothing in the camera viewfinder. That started me to THINK !!

Human beings have internal energy chi connection that is gentle and powerful. I mean powerful in an enlightening way .. not in any other way! I was able to sense .. see and internally perceive multiple presences in that key area the infrared camera did not pick up. Such is the mysterious nature of enlightenment.

The Panasonic Pro AV-DVC30 could see but not feel .. and I [the human] could feel but not see those camera technology infrared spectrum(s) .. in my eyes and in my mind. I could see and feel [sense] something the camera technology could not show / reveal. It was crystal clear and my insights led to this post.

The human form and the human psyche were designed to interact and benefit from the supernatural. This is like a free-energy of the mind and the psyche. It is also a free energy of the body and of supporting physical existence.

Using the DVC30 Pro video tool I discovered that the infrared is not outer world spectrum .. but it is near world spectrum. That spectrum is close to us and not far away. However .. the human being / human mind .. is designed to be aware of and perceive [also interact with] other world spectrum(s).

If humans did not have natural world INTERNAL supernatural connection .. then humans would not be able to see .. be aware of .. perceive anything outside their own narrow band of awareness. I have an infrared squirrel video that I still have to export to PC .. and working with that visual manifestation shows a mysterious and beautiful world connected to and part of humanity.

I was looking for non-appearing UFOs and Ghosts .. and I found a squirrel *- )