Friday, March 14, 2014

Variations In Space and Time

I will talk about this in a later post ...
But I have seen time speed up and I have seen time slow down.
I have also seen time frozen .. space and time frozen [stopped] and then started again without a glitch.

Space & Time are Not Constant
Continuing with secrets and the phenomenon of secret mysteries .. I want to take this to an interrelated level we humans call "time". In science the speed of light is constant and equally time [movement] is constant. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I will try to keep this in its simplest form *-)

Not only is the speed of light RELATIVE .. but also the speed of "time" is RELATIVE... By this I mean that time [movement] can speed up and time [movement] can slow down. The relativity is related to each living entity inhabiting space-time. That is YOU .. the entity who inhabits space-time.

When light speeds up and when light slows down we do not notice it! Why do we not notice it? Because our physical forms exist within a synchronised matrix. When light speeds up .. we speed up! When light slows down .. we slow down. Science has currently no way to measure this because our physical instruments of measurement are aligned to the state of relativity.

Speed and velocity are all relative.

The same laws apply to time [movement]. When time speeds up and when time slows down .. we do not notice it because time is RELATIVE. In other words the physical human organism [light-matrix] is designed to speed up and slow down relative to variations in time.

I have experienced anomalies where time speeds up and where time slows down. I have also experienced phenomenon where time stops [is frozen] and then releases its timeless state [glitch] to appear to continue in its seamless form(s) .. plural. Why? Because time is relative!

If time is relative then no one is going to notice the changes in speed and internal velocity .. because the whole Universe experiences these shifts in the speed of light and in the speed [passage] of time [physical movement].

Everyone imagines that time is relative to YOU as an INDIVIDUAL ...

Well! No! The relativity of time applies to the whole Universe .. where the human being is an integral undivided part of the whole Universe. I am saying that when the speed of light shifts .. we shift. When the speed of time slows or speeds up .. we slow and speed up relative to the speed of time.

The reasons are OBVIOUS within the design! If the speed of light increases and we do not shift then chaos [confusion] is created within physical matter. If time speeds up or slows down and we do not shift .. the passage of physical time is then out-of-synch with our inner psyche .. perceptions and physical cognitive movements.

Variations In Space and Time
It is not that space and time do not vary .. but that our perceptions of space and time perfectly and seamlessly match the variation in the speed of light and the variations in space-time. You would be stupid to imagine that there are no variations in space and time.

Look at the oceans .. you have variable currents .. cross currents .. variations in gravity .. wave height .. variations in velocity .. temperatures .. there are so many variables. It is these fluctuating variables that sustain life.

What I am trying to say is that the so-called speed of light can speed up and light can slow down .. but we do not notice it because the Universe is constant. We all shift and change like the combined waves in the ocean and no one noticed these changes.

Humans cannot measure variation in time and space because all measurements are relative.

Relativity Theory has nothing to do with the way the Universe works .. it has to do with the fixed way humans measure movement and time relative to their subjective position within the natural flow of space and time. We are not measuring space and time .. we are measuring OUR POSITION!

Everything in science today is simply measuring its own center-point = its position.

Those same scientists claim that Time Travel cannot exist because the speed of light cannot speed up and the speed of light cannot slow down. Meaning that time [movement] cannot speed up and cannot slow down. The Galaxy .. the Sun .. the Planets orbiting the Sun do not speed up and do not slow down. There are no variations in their speeds and orbits.

That is like saying there are no variations in speed and velocity of ocean waves .. or there are no variations in speed and velocity of air currents. Going onto a higher level there are no variations in psyche .. psychic changes in velocity within the human mind.

Of course there are changes in velocity within the human psyche / mind...

The human mind can experience deep trance states .. slower peaceful states of mind .. faster than thought states of mind [action]. The human mind can experience increased anxiety. The human mind can experience beyond time insights that we call: Mysterious phenomenon.

Variations in space and time are normal. Our understanding of these variations are abnormal. Humans do not understand or even attempt to pay attention to variations in space and time = experience. Because the glitches are seamless we do not notice when changes in variation take place.

If you want to discover higher levels of awareness? You have to pay attention!