Sunday, March 09, 2014

Zen Qi: Eye-Brain Form - Faster Than Thought

"Even the most powerful human being has a limited sphere of strength. Draw him outside of that sphere and into your own, and his strength will dissipate."
Morihei Ueshiba - The Art of Peace

I am so excited about this post .. that I was not going to make because I thought people are not going to understand this! Sometimes my ideas are so "way out there" that it is difficult to bring them together in a way that makes sense to the linear cognitive mind. Then a series of related incidents took place that helped me to frame this in a cohesive way.

Apart from that I am on a "secret mission" to understand something that is both mysterious and yet is connected to physical life in ways that we humans totally miss as we live our out-of-balance lives. I found modern forms of this mystery that my own body interprets in its ancient form .. sound confused?

The Zen Qi Eye-Brain Form is a first step to understanding this mystery. I hope you are still with me !! For those of you who do not like or understand these App Games played on Tablets .. like Subway Surfer .. and why we humans are drawn to these games .. it is very simple! These games are one way for humans to understand themselves.

If you are not a Tech*Geek ... then don't watch the video *- )

I made the Subway Surfers video using my Panasonic HC-V500 because I wanted to show [as an artist] .. not only how the human physically and mentally interacts with the machine [technology] .. but also how 2014 era human technology is inferior to the physical human form and the human psyche. If you switch down the audio on the video then you see more details faster without distractions.

Faster Than Thought
The reason I decided to do this post is because of a small orange cat!
I tried to show in the Subway Surfer video a physical perspective of the human eye-brain being faster than thought. By that I mean .. the total human co-ordination has to be faster than thought to successfully play the game.

Physical science measures neurons .. nerve pathways .. electrical pathways .. brain reaction .. stimulus. And there are scientific paradigm theories as to how it all works .. and the THEORIES are simply subjective explanations designed to form scientific consensus.

If you watch the video you can see a number of interesting interrelated phenomenon. For example .. the capacity of the video camera [human created technology] is limited in its scope to keep up with the action on screen. Often the visuals are moving so fast that the camera has difficulty focusing.

Human eye-brain / body reflexes have no problem keeping up with the fast pace of changing colours .. movement and actions of the game !! In fact .. I watch myself playing the game and my responses are both complex and enlightening.

The physical sciences measure human responses in time = it takes xx seconds for an impulse to reach the brain and elicit a response. Like that you get an impulse to the brain and you assess that impulse .. you assess the response and your brain sends a signal of that response.

Just as the scientific community do not like to consider faster than the speed of light .. they also do not like to consider faster than the speed of thought! Which brings me to the orange cat *-) who ran in front of my car...

The last two days I thought .. I cannot explain these videos .. no one is going to understand. At the same time I had in my mind a unified concept of what I had observed. Today I experienced the same phenomenon when the orange cat suddenly ran out in front of my car as I was returning home. I observed my brain reacting in the same way I do when playing Subway Surfers game.

The small narrow side-road was 30 limit and I was doing 20 .. but to a cat a car driving at 20 is just as heavy and just as deadly as it is at 30 .. but my reaction [instant perception] is the key principle that I want to convey in this post.

The cat came from nowhere .. as cats often do .. and ahead of me is brilliant sunlight with the Sun blinding me directly ahead = an orange cat masked by brilliant sunlight. Most amazing of all is that my eye-brain [faster than thought] instantly send a multi-layered image of a cat out of all the light / colour variables and movement plus speed .. including nano-second surprise.

Space and time seemed to stop in that moment and faster than thought .. beyond thought .. I slammed on the brakes in an emergency stop *-) [no-one was behind me] .. but best of all was the little orange cat. He did not look right or left nor react in any way. The cat did not react. He just kept moving according to his instinct. Most amazing of all is that I SAW all of this.

What I am trying to say is: We humans are a spiritual technology .. we are spirit incarnate in physical form .. navigating physical material existence using the psyche to move / navigate through time and space. Internally our inner journey is like the cat! We don't look right nor left .. we move .. beyond thought .. faster than thought = instinct.

In the Subway Surfer video I try to show that the entire human body moves as ONE. The first thing is to suspend thought with totally relaxed mind and psyche. Then the eyes use what I call middle-distance seeing. The brain also has to use middle-distance seeing. Well! Guess what? The hands .. bones .. nerves .. arms .. muscles .. tendons .. have to use middle-distance seeing.

Zen Qi: Eye-Brain Form
I am trying to share with you that the skin "sees" .. touch "sees" .. sensation "sees" .. the feeling in the bones "sees" .. that is part of my secret mission that I don't tell you about. Because I know it but I do not totally understand it!

The entire human body communicates with itself in less than a nano-second. Probably faster than the speed of light! I am saying that we [our consciousness] is way AHEAD of our "external" communications... By the time THOUGHT says: What the f#ck??? The inner moment is faster than the speed-of-thought.

Let's say that human sciences are based on the speed of thought *-)

I am trying to convey the impossible question .. that science based on the speed-of-thought will not be able to detect or understand anything outside the speed-of-thought. That means not only faster than the speed of thought but also slower than the speed of thought.

You may say: SLOWER than the SPEED-of-THOUGHT ?? Duh ?? !!

Let's return to the orange cat blinded out by the Sun...

The beyond nano-instant impression of the cat running in front of the car took two forms. One form was speed as the cat came out of nowhere [as cats like to do] and the overlay on that ultra speed impression was a slower [beyond time] impression of nano seconds much faster than thought .. all laid on on top of the other freezing time and slower.

Some people would call this paranormal...

This is very difficult to convey in words! I saw an overlay of physical .. visual .. mental .. psychic and elemental events [through the cat] that was beyond physical time. Maybe it was beyond the physical MEASUREMENT of time. Something inside me .. almost paranormal .. effected space-time.

We humans today living on Planet Earth are making the greatest mistake to imagine that anything that takes place is "normal" or "rational". We are also delusional to imagine that we can MEASURE events in terms of time [rational thought] and time-periods of space = movement.

But .. I am going now in a different direction! People may not like to hear this ?? But we humans inhabit paranormal space and the MATRIX = the ILLUSION is that we inhabit PHYSICAL SPACE. If the cat dies and we say the cat no longer exists .. this is total nonsense! The cat exists .. because we are spirit inhabiting physical reality. Spirit is the NAVIGATOR.

My secret mission to understand Zen Qi forms is as ancient as the beginning of mankind and beyond. The mistake we make is to not draw the Qi Forces into our space from the past and the future.

Perhaps the most important clue Jiddu Krishnamurti shared with the world is: Past present and future are ONE. The only way I can explain this is .. when you draw a simple drawing the first line (form) and the last line are one.

Draw a circle .. draw a square or a triangle .. the first line and the last are one.

If you pay attention to your body .. to your eye-brain / mind co-ordination and the movement of the body-mind. When you listen and observe .. then you are no different than the orange cat. You do not look left or right .. you move [effortlessly] thought space-time in a paranormal way.