Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"

The pool was deep and I was sinking deeper into those depths...
Cold .. dark .. lost .. there seemed no end to the dark depths.
Suddenly .. beyond that crushing force was my own mind.
I found myself on the surface again .. reborn.

I was going to call this post something different! How human beings of all denominations get excited about disaster and mayhem .. but I decided that it is best not to use the "O" word .. and so I shifted my focus to: Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome".

I have noticed over the last three to four years how the World Wide Web is becoming more and more negative .. and is becoming more obsessed with world economic collapse and it is like the problems are so big and we humans are so small .. that our minds are overshadowed by the intellectual "masturbation" over the negative state of the world and world economies.

The worst part is that individuals and groups who see themselves as "outside the corrupted system" .. and who see their own interests as being to "warn others" of the impending collapse and social turmoil .. present their predictions in very excited and colorful almost "Lutherian" ways.

Without a balanced mind .. it is all PROPAGANDA .. conditioning the human mind.

Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"
Even as a kid I knew a lot of the stuff that was going to unfold over 50 years .. the next 100 years and beyond. The most important energy [challenge / initiation] for a "seer" is one's own state of mind. If a human is born as a seer and they see things ahead = they do not get excited .. they stay calm.

You can call that the AIKIDO mind .. the ZEN mind .. it is a form of Inner Martial Arts .. an inner psychic discipline.

YOUR ENEMY is not another human being .. or country .. or state .. or institution! Your enemy is yourself. How you view the world sets up an inner resonance .. an inner frequency. The more excited that frequency .. the more inner turmoil. Then the state of mind of the inner turmoil sets up waves. Those waves affect how you see the world around you and how you react.

Very few people understand or are even aware that how they see the world is how they play with themselves. We are all "playing with ourselves". The best allegory of this is Socrates: The Cave Dwellers

In the ancient world [all around the world] the responsibility of the SEER was to remain calm and to remain centered and to have the inner capacity to move beyond playing with himself .. playing with herself! The amazing truth is that anyone can apply this discipline! There is no law in the Universe that prevents you waking up and shifting your awareness to a new level.

I do not want to dwell on the negativity .. I want to discover energy of New Mind!

Jiddu Krishnamurti would point out to people: You have the OLD BRAIN and all the people caught in the old brain and opposing each other. It is sort of like the human cells of the old brain fighting the cells of the old brain .. around and around .. no one realising that we are ONE! One humanity!

The next issue is the illusion over the past 100 years of psychics predicting one event = X is going to happen in this time frame. But the ancient SEER was aware that single events do not exist. There are waves of events all connected and all part of each other. To better explain this .. try to lift water out of the ocean with your hand. Events are like waves [water] in the ocean.

Go to the sea or go watch a river and observe the waves [ripples] cross.

Humans become obsessed with individual events and they miss the whole spectrum of the waves... What then is full spectrum awareness? One observes the middle-distance and does not focus on each individual event. One does not get excited over every single little wave. One does not analyse the crossing patterns of every criss-cross wave.

The most important factor is not the ability to see the wave patterns!

The most important factor is one's own state of mind!

I rarely get "bad feelings" .. those feelings where without reason you feel that you are sinking into some kind of mysterious dark pool. The fact is we humans all share the same psyche .. and those of us incarnate on Earth are here to heal the human psyche. We are not down here to play with ourselves!

When the physical body dies .. the spirit goes to the "spirit world" and discovers that all the "enemies" and the people and beliefs they fought against are some of their closest friends and family. In the world of spirit this base reality division [conflicts] do not exist.

What I am trying to say is that "Disaster Syndrome" is in and of itself a TRAP.

The people who are corrupt / corrupted .. are still part of the human family.

The most important thing is your own INNER state of MIND. Those ocean waves will criss-cross and criss-cross .. this is the nature of life. BUT what is the state of mind watching those waves? Is the mind excited .. over-active .. is the mind playing with itself?

Or .. is the mind calm?

One clue: It is not THE WAVE .. but HOW you OBSERVE the wave that is important!

I was having this unpleasant dark deep pool awareness experience .. it just happened out of the blue .. and I discovered [became aware] of everything I have written in this post. I saw myself .. I saw the energy of the pool .. and I simply OBSERVED WHAT IS.

I took no action .. I simply OBSERVED .. and the pool disappeared!

Socrates .. The Cave Dwellers .. is about RESISTANCE.

When the mind RESISTS what is .. the mind sets up a counteractive wave.

I wonder if this is clear?

When our state of mind is in RESISTANCE we inwardly [psychologically] become part of the problem. In fact .. we ADD to the problem! the inner reaction of the mind sets up counter waves upon counter waves. Our minds become the problem we think we seek to dissolve or negate!

If you go to the sea and you stare at the waves .. upon waves .. upon waves. There comes a point where time passes and you suddenly realise that as you watched the crossing wave patterns you became the wave patterns. That realisation is The ZEN Mind!

At that point of seeing the nature of waves and the nature of the mind .. you are no longer playing with yourself. One has to free the mind from the old pattern of playing with itself. That is the fundamental core of ZEN MIND!