Sunday, February 09, 2014

Radioactive Nuclides - Mass Electric Field

Radioactive elements are often called radioactive isotopes or radionuclides or just nuclides. There are over 1,500 different radioactive nuclides. Often, radionuclides are symbolized based on the element and on the atomic weight...

Subatomic Particles: Atoms are the smallest pieces of matter... [Really! Are they small pieces of matter ??] Particles that are smaller than the atom are called subatomic particles. [PARTICLES !!] The discovery of RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS... Elements: Matter in its most basic form.

Humans cannot control it because they don't understand it: Radioactive Isotopes.

Natural "radiation" has been part of the Earth since the beginning of time. Natural radiation does not harm humans .. animals .. plants! Otherwise .. life could not exist on the Plate other than black mold. It is possible that - in my view - man made radiation is an altered form .. in an altered state .. altered in ways that no one really cares to research or understand.

That which you do not understand .. you fear!

The next issue I have is called: Radioactive Isotopes "rates of decay".

These concentrated mangled energy fields are shooting off intense variations of mass electrical density and male scientists call this DECAY. Some of these radioactive fields take thousands of years to stop spitting out their electrical energies and we call this thousand year game rate of DECAY !!

If this wasn't so serious it would be funny...

Radioactive Charge
The first problem I have is related to the ATOM and the concept of individual particles. You know! Like individual people / humans. There was once a situation in my life where something strange happened and I saw and experienced a large number of individual humans do the same thing in those moments as though all humans were part of ONE FIELD.

The people did not know each other .. everyone was behaving like individual humans behave shopping in a store. No one appeared to be aware that a glitch in time had taken place and after a few moments life started to move normally again. You may think: But you were not effected .. you observed the event as though watching from outside. Yes! But I was still part of the one field.

There is an area of alternative science that questions the INDIVIDUAL ATOMS theory. The reason for this is that affecting the behavior of one atom in one part of the world .. the same behavior can be instantly observed in another atom on the other side of the world. [Something like that].

The reason I am talking about this is because I have been trying to understand how humans can clean up radioactive contamination in the whole world. Sounds like a BIG PROJECT .. Huh .. the whole world !! It has been on my mind = could it be done? Can man clean up radioactive contamination in the oceans .. the rivers .. the atmosphere and in the soil?

I am going to skip the cr#p .. and tell you how it can be done. Then I maybe explain why!

I have to go back to the old (incorrect) language: Are radioactive particles PARTICLES .. or are they FIELDS. If my theory is wrong then we humans have a SERIOUS PROBLEM and maybe need a new Planet soon .. because cleaning up every little contaminated particle sucks .. and is pretty much impossible.

My theory is that radioactive particles are not particles and they are not part of individual atoms. When we see (or can detect) the rapid spread of radioactive contamination .. are we seeing individual particles floating around .. or are we detecting a UNIFIED FIELD?

Maybe some of you reading this instantly know what I am going to say next! If radioactive contamination is a radioactive field and is not individual little particles [as science tells us] .. then all you have to do is affect one part of the field and you alter the whole field.

Let's say some brilliant mind creates a energizer that can touch one part of a radioactive field. This energizer electrically alters the charge of the radioactive elements changing their state from [unstable] emitting energy .. to stable. The effect would instantly transfer to the whole field altering the radioactive state of all contaminating particles.

Just think that all the radioactive contamination is like individual grains of sand spread all around you in every field .. garden .. river .. ocean and in the air. How are you going to clean all that up? Are you going to wander around picking up [decontaminating] every individual grain of sand? Good luck to you...

The issue I have with this is the intellectual assumption that radioactive contamination is in its particle form .. like that they are individual physical elements of [sub atomic] matter .. and this matter eventually wears down [decays].

No one seems to consider that radioactive contamination is so dangerous because it is not even related to matter. If anything this energy is more like a background electro-magnetic mycelium field. But humans have made the fields into unstable state that later interacts with physical matter in unstable ways.

In a way we are messing with the field .. or with the background field.

It is possible that radioactive fields are high mass or high density electrical fields. We use Geiger counters to pick up bursts of energy within the surrounding field .. leading to the next issue. The next issue I have is radioactive contamination moves around the Planet in slow measurable units of time. I don't think it moves physically .. I think it simply builds up density.

What I am trying to say is that radioactive contamination is a FIELD .. and there is the probability to clean up the field by altering the charge of the contaminated particles within that field. Because they are all part of each other and are "misbehaving" TOGETHER. If humans have the capacity to play with and create this aberration in the field then we also have the intelligence to reverse the damage and electrically neutralize the unstable nuclides.

Whatever this contamination is the dangerous part is that we cannot see it and we cannot touch it .. but it can see us and it can touch us. So .. it has to be electric in nature [electro-magnetic]. Everyone is afraid of the BIG MONSTER when really it is not such a big monster .. it is just that we humans do not understand its simple nature.

We do not understand its nature and so we cannot deal with it!

I imagine there are various electrical [energy] levels .. density and mass. If you create an electrical field with high mass or you create an electrical field with high density? I don't know how hot it can get?

Just as man-made radioactive field starts to spark off within the Earth's magnetic field .. we humans can design alternating generators [frequency resonators] capable of re-balancing the unstable density [mass] of electrical sparking within the planetary field. Because it is not individual particles .. it is ONE MASS.

Instead of playing with every individual highly radioactive plutonium rod .. you simply find a way to alter the charge of the electrical field and you send the charged field back to its neutral state. You alter the density and mass of the energy in the rods and you neutralize them .. altering their highly unstable state.

Everything in life is connected in its balanced and unbalanced states!
One energy field for all living things!