Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Levels of Being

Currently, there is a lot of crisis in our world .. turmoil .. and excitement energies created inside this vortex of upheaval. Our world is changing and a lot of people are frightened by these out-of-control changes.

One of the primary problems facing us are not the energies of "a world in chaos"; but we are the biggest problem facing ourselves. To understand this you have to look at Nature and try to understand the natural world that is all around you everywhere, every moment.

Our egos do not respect Nature. Human beings are slaves to the wants of their own ego self. We do not love the animals and trees and plants .. because we do not love ourselves. The ego is like a parasite feeding off the life energy, taking everything it can for the satisfaction of its own demands.

As the life energy drains away to feed all the selfish thoughts, fears, sorrows and desires .. the ordinary human is left EXHAUSTED.

47 K'un / Oppression (Exhaustion)

There is no water in the lake: The image of EXHAUSTION. Thus the superior man stakes his life On following his will.

When the water has flowed out below, the lake must dry up and become exhausted. That is fate. This symbolizes an adverse fate in human life. In such times there is nothing a man can do but acquiece in his fate and remain true to himself. This concerns the deepest stratum of his being, for this alone is superior to all external fate.

The Commentaries
The image derives from the relative positions of the two primary trigrams: water is under the lake, therefore drained off. The trigrams individually yield advice for conduct in the time of EXHAUSTION: K'an, abyss, danger, indicates stalking one's own life; Tui, joyousness, indicates following one's own will.

The I Ching or Book of Changes
Translation from Chinese into German by Richard Wilhelm

Two Levels of Being
Nothing was easy for me as a child. I had to face a lot of hardship and not survive the hardship - but TRANSFORM IT. In order to transform difficult and opposing energies, one has to move beyond the petty demands the ego makes on the mind.

The most important factor in my life, facing any hardship, is that I knew that any difficulty was like an unseen energy of Initiation that was teaching me and showing me The Way.

My teachers were invisible beings who appeared inside the canopy of Nature .. their Cosmic Internet. They were like tall beings of light, wearing flowing energy robes like wise beings from Ancient Greece.

They never made things easy for me...

For two thousands years the ego has been destroying Nature, cutting down the forests and ancient trees .. destroying natural habitat .. all out of FEAR. If people connect to the higher mind the ego dies = comes to an end.

The way the ego exhausts the energy of human beings is to create never-ending sorrows, suffering, enslavement to the self with all the external toys, wealth, status and gratification.

The most important factor of the ego-self is SURVIVAL.

Rather than co-create the future .. we lose ourselves in "surviving" .. struggling .. fighting .. looking for an advantage .. like we are playing some kind of chess game with our lives.

Our energies are so caught up in selfish behaviour that we do not have the energy to listen to or connect with the Invisible Worlds .. because it is very hard and there are no easy options .. when face with truth. That is the Second Level of being .. the world of higher energies.

The Commentary above: 47 K'un / Oppression (Exhaustion) .. gives a clue to how one discovers a way through a time of EXHAUSTION. When the lake drains away all that one is left with is oneself.

All material actions are finite .. they are limited .. they have an end point. Exhaustion of the ego was inevitable. The movement that created the ego has an end, which is part of the law of Nature.

We have relied too much on our greed for the material.

Ego self feeds from the destruction of the material world. It is totally insane. At the same time the law of Nature does not allow the ego to live beyond its own end-point. The energy is limited and does not renew itself.

The Biggest crisis
The biggest crisis facing mankind is coming to the end of a limited self-serving energy based on destruction and exploitation of the natural world. The draining away of a lower sub-psychic energy. Another way of putting this is: To lose one's mind.

It is the wrong question to ask: How do I go beyond thought? One has to be aware where the life energy goes and understand the various paths of one's own nature. It is not a question of thought; but it is a question of the flow of energy and silent observation.

Jiddu Krishnamurti once asked, talking about fear: "Why do you never fear THOUGHT?" Thought / ego is the most dangerous thing known to man.