Sunday, July 08, 2012

Golden Eagle Baby "Phoenix" Survives Wildfire

Here is a story where a 70 day old golden eagle chick survives a raging wildfire in Eagle Mountain, Utah - that destroyed the eagle's nest. The baby golden eagle was rescued by Kent Keller, a volunteer who puts bands on nest eagles to track their longevity and migration patterns.

Kent had put a tracking band onto the young eagle born inside a nest high on a mountainside in Utah County, on the 1st of June, 2012. Unfortunately, target practice (gunfire) sparked a blaze that spread over 5,000 acres of natural forest. A wildefire blaze that destroyed the baby eagle's nest.

Target shooting started at least 21 wildfires in Utah by June, 2012...

Let's get back to Nature and the golden eagles! Six days after the fire Kent returns to the nesting area to locate the baby eagles body, retrieve the legband and close the file. The nest was completely burned .. but among the ashes, at the base of a Juniper tree - (June 28th) - he saw the legs of the golden eagle chick.

The baby eagle was alive! The eagle chick was badly burned by the fire that destroyed his nest, but he was still alive... Near him were rabbit and squirrel carcasses, evidence his parents had tried to feed him after disaster struck.

Phoenix had suffered burns on his beak, head, wings and talons. His flight feathers were melted to within an inch or two of his wing and tail. He was very underweight at just over five pounds.
It took Keller six days to obtain permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Division of Wildlife Resources to take the eagle out of the area so it could receive help.

During that time one of the eagle's parents continued to drop food to the youngster. But because of his injuries, the eaglet was unable to eat any of it, Erickson said.
Not allowed to save eagle's lives without permission??? Duh !!!

Anyway, Keller was eventually able to get the badly burned and dehydrated eagle chick to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah - where you can donate to help them feed and rehabilitate "Phoenix" and many other baby animals in need... I just sent my donation!

Eagle Mountain's miracle survivor, baby eagle "Phoenix", has been re-hydrated at the rescue center and has begun eating beef heart and venison.
Phoenix also suffered burns on his feet and mouth, but his eyes were left unharmed. He is extremely underweight at just over 5 pounds, but has had a good appetite, according to Erickson.

"He is a prickly, 'stabby' pin cushion with all of those melted feathers, and if he survives his first few weeks he will still have to go through an entire body molt which will not happen until this time next year," Erickson said. "It is nothing short of a miracle he survived."

With crossed fingers and a bit of luck, Erickson is hopeful that Phoenix will "rise up from the ashes to take his first flight and from there, go on to be a wild bird again.

"He is the perfect poster child for this mostly man-caused fire season." DesertNews
Human interactions with the golden eagle will be limited - during his recovery - so that he can be successfully released into the wild again as volunteers at the rehabilitation center will work to keep him as wild as possible.

The recovery of the golden eagle depends on how much follicle damage there is to his wings .. if they are not too burned, he should be able to molt into new feathers next year and hopefully be able to fly by June 2013.

Wings Tattered by Flames Talons Scorched
No one really knows how the eagle chick survive the flames that engulfed his nest. Either he jumped - a 25 foot fall - to the ground below .. rolled another 100 feet .. and then got himself back to the base of the cliff. Or one of the parent eagles took the chance to lift him from the nest!

Seriously pay attention to the astonishing events of this eagle chicks survival. A 70 day old golden eagle chick - just born into this world - has instinct and the knowledge of fire, danger and how to survive.

How can that be?

If golden eagle phoenix jumped from the nest to save his own life? Where did he get this deep instinct and knowing? Human's don't have it! Human beings have lost this inner connection with Nature's instinct.

In my mind, the spirit of Nature sends us warnings and sends us communications for us all to get back into balance. Not only to learn respect for Nature; but for us to learn respect for ourselves as living beings on this amazing Planet.

If you love Nature, you love yourself. If you love yourself, you love Nature.

Sometimes, unique situations create totally unique beings on Planet Earth...
The Wildlife Rehabilitation nonprofit center of Northern Utah, which treats about 1,800 animals a year, is accepting financial and food donations to offset the cost of caring for the golden eagle.
Today, the trees are singing!

If you cannot donate - don't worry! Just meditate the love and the compassion from your heart that golden-eagle-phoenix wings renew between now and June 2013, when he will potentially be released back into the wild to create a new family of eagles, with a new nest and a new generation of co-operation between Nature and Mankind.