Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tao of Severe Storms

Torrential rains and severe flash floods crossed South Russia, Japan and China throughout July, 2012. People were killed in sudden flash floods along the Black Sea Coast as a months rain fell within a few hours causing massive landslides.

Japan was next to be hit by this deluge of water from the skies and recently the Chinese Capital, Beijing was brought to a standstill by a reported deluge of six months rain falling within a few hours. Water just loves to run over concrete and use the roads we build as river pathways.
"In just one day, it rained as much as it normally rains in six months in Beijing," said Zhang Junfeng, a senior engineer from the Ministry of Transport who runs weekend tours of Beijing reservoirs and gives lectures on water conservancy. "No drainage system can withstand rains this big."
The real problem facing us is that people do not understand how the Planet we live on functions, with long cycles, to maintain all life forms living on this Earth. In my mind "be happy" that you have storms .. because all life needs water!

Plant chlorophyll is a form of water .. blood is a form of water. If you live on Mars, you are still going to need water. If you colonize the Moon, you are still going to need water. The Planet Earth is one of the most water rich living Cosmic bodies in this Solar System.

The Tao of Severe Storms
I have been in some serious torrential storms .. out in the middle of nowhere .. out in the mountains where there is no one to help if things go wrong. I have had my beloved tent torn apart by hurricane winds and downpour of rains that would set fear in the heart of comfortable city dwellers.

During serious torrential downpours in the mountains the whole area is turned into a symphony of fast moving rivers and vertical waterfalls within a few hours. If you have your tent (or house) in the wrong place .. you will have a serious problem.

I have experienced fast flowing rivers rise to within inches of my tent .. and I have slept in a wet sleeping bag on a wet floor on a wet moorland with days of rain ahead and no option but to find the inner strength to see it through. I don't advise anyone to do this!! Nature is dangerous even when we have the knowledge to deal with what Nature can throw at us.

How did I react in facing the awesome destructive power of Nature?

I was in awe of what I saw and experienced... I was in love with Nature and I deeply respected her powers. I understood the secret of the cycles of this Planet. I understood - just by watching and observing and feeling the love [both ways].

One hurricane in the primordial mountains blew down my tent... It is not so comfortable to get out there in driving torrential rain and try to re-peg the fly lines of a tent that is being taken down by a massive natural power so great, our minds can barely comprehend it.

What is the Tao?

As you are looking at the storm, the storm is looking at you.

Inside my tent, I was sleeping happily though the hurricane and driving rain .. out in the middle of nowhere .. on my own .. when a Taoist gust of wind wrecks my tent. I have to get out of my sleeping bag, put on my rainproof mountain jacket and go out into that dark chaotic primordial force.

The only thing I remember is looking up. It was the middle of the night. It was pitch black. Floods of water were drenching me from head to foot .. and yet I paused to look up.

Above me was eternity.

As dark as it was - and I could barely see the tent to re-peg the lines - but I could see the power of the storm above me. I could see into eternity. I could see the immense depth of falling rain. I could see the power. It was like the power of the love of the Earth. The ancient "Tao of Storms".

I stopped everything I was doing and stood totally transfixed by an unseen power so great that we humans can only respect that power and show that respect in love and gratitude .. because this is the primordial power that keeps all of us alive.

1. I showed respect to the land and to the ancient Ancestors of the land.
2. I asked the Spirit Ancestors where to place my tent.
3. I received Guidance where to place my tent.

The Earth has 50/60 year cycles of flooding, as well as 100 and 1,000/2,000 year cycles that are natural regeneration weather cycles. It is like wheels within wheels of interconnected cycles. Totally natural .. from the Earth .. related to the Sun and is all part of the natural life process of this Planet.

Our Ancestors knew this and they carefully observed the movement of water and drought over many cycles .. they documented and shared this knowledge and they applied it to their lives on a day to day basis - as well as over many generation time spans.

The Tao of Severe Storms is to look up .. be aware .. know your place in the scheme of things .. pay attention and love Nature. Show respect for Nature and feel gratitude for the primordial force that has maintained life on this planet over millions of years.

The primordial force (The Tao) is timeless. It is the same force now that it was in the beginning. The Tao knows no death .. it is never born. Nature is showing us this, because Nature is born from The Tao. To say, thank you .. through gratitude, we feel a deeper change within mind that is one with the Earth.