Sunday, June 24, 2012

Karmic Red Thai Ginger

The beginning of 2012 took us through Mercury Retro - Mars Retro and Venus Retro .. where it was next to impossible for us to move forward into progressive action. But, in that time .. I discovered a profound connection with Nature.

The "key point" of my experiences became Grow Greens .. out of which I began to build on a life long experience of growing plants, planting trees, loving Nature and learning from the green creatures of the Earth.

In this image you see what I call "Red Thai Ginger" corms attached to the fibrous root of the parent Ginger root...

This is why I say: Listen to Nature .. be aware of Nature and learn from the parent Planet you live on.

If you don't have roots extending from the fresh new Ginger-corms then it is best to plant the new growth together with the fiber-parent-plant.

However, if you have fresh roots extending from the fresh Ginger corm base then you can plant the Ginger corm fruiting body into the soil - on its own - without the parent plant.

Here in this image you can see the rooting Ginger corm on its own ready to plant.

If the Ginger corms do not have these roots I would not remove the fresh growing corm from the fibrous root .. to plant them. I planted - what I call - Red Thai Ginger after three days of extended root growth.

My first Ginger-root container was simply the parent Ginger root with new Ginger corms attached to the roots, planted into compost soil. My second plant container was the self rooting Ginger corms separated from the fibrous parent root. My third container is the Red Thai Ginger root, which I also carefully removed from the parent root.

Karmic Red Thai Ginger
Karmic .. is my term for generations of human relationship with Nature .. lifetime after lifetime. Where, we humans are in direct relationship and are being taught by the Planet we live on, are being taught by the animals and plants, trees and resources we need and use everyday for our survival.

For example, the Ginger plants form a relationship with me. This is a "karmic relationship" that may have evolved over thousands of years [spirit years] .. where I understand the plants and the plants understands me = we have a good, natural symbiotic relationship.

In Computer Geek terms, one could say that the Ginger plant is a living software program on the natural operating system of Planet Earth. Let's say Ginger is Anti-Virus .. with hidden folders and ever expanding Quantum/Cosmic communications pathways.

The key Initiation programming is "love" or compassion .. empathy and psychic interconnection to the Planet we live on. This is the basic quantum interface through which plants, grasses, trees, fungi, animals, birds ... etc interact and communicate with the living system they all / we all inhabit.

Let's re-define "karmic"!!

Is Karma a living Interactive Cosmic Software .. where the incarnated spirit-being participants are taught by Cosmos lifetime after lifetime? So, what is the Interactive Software? It is Nature!

You can go onto your Computer and open folders, open Browsers, open programs and communicate Online .. but what about the living Operating Planetary System around you?

What about the trees and the birds .. the fungi and the insects .. the weather and the atmosphere .. the animals and the forests .. the seas, rivers and fish? Why did the Celtic Ancestors love and respect Nature?