Monday, May 02, 2005

For The Swallows

It is now the 2nd of May 2005, and I can suggest that you observe carefully how the weather "feels" in your body and not simply how you feel about the weather. Because, the same thing is happening in 2005 as of today. The sky was clear in Southern Germany, the sun was incredibly hot. As the sun was setting the same "heat trap" effect began as in 2003. The heat increases and the body begins to sweat. As the sun moves below the horizon the heat density increases. It is bizzare!

Once more the number of Swallows seems to have decreased. By May there was always a good flock of Swallows in the sky. This year I have two Swallows who have appeared. These small signs signal big changes in our climate. Today the Swallows, tomorrow mankind!

A First-Hand Glimpse of Hell in Europe -- 13-Aug-2003

Let me share with you my observations of what is happening here in Europe, at least in middle Germany. The media reports lower temperatures than we have here every day, so you can add 5 degrees to anything you read. I think they have their official weather stations underground or inside caves. There is a very dry hot wind blowing, similar to what one would experience in the Sahara. Late at night and in the early hours of the morning the air remains incredibly warm. The walls of our houses are like ovens at night, and in the morning, the sun is burning hot. There is hardly any temperature change over a 24 hour period. It is simply hot all the time.

The leaves on trees and plants are dark brown. The wheat was half its usual height. The parks are empty. There are swallows that I watch each year, and when they arrived this spring, their numbers were half of what they were in previous years. Every year I've watched them flying in circles until late evening, but for many days there hasn't been a single swallow in the sky. I hope they haven't died. It just occurred to me that in England there was a large "swallow" crop circle recently. These are all small changes that seem like nothing to most people, but I know they are bad signs.

It's almost as though something is talking to us—the Sun? the Planet? Nature? I'm not sure. But people are very quiet. We are all behaving in the same way, as if whatever we need to survive this has been denied us. We're sitting right in the middle of the battlefield without protection.
In the past, we enjoyed a long period of stable weather that allowed excessive abundance and growth. In the background, there is a strange feeling that we haven't used this abundance well. In mid-June, when I already thought it was hot here, I went for a walk in the evening. For the first time in my life I became aware that all the trees were radiating sound. In fact everything in nature was creating this sound, which felt like a harmonic. I felt utterly ashamed of who we are as a species. Behind this harmonic I could feel an intense love, and also a sadness, because somehow we have failed.

If we don't get rain soon, how will animals make it through the coming winter? All types of grass are completely dried out, even in the surrounding woodlands. It must be incredibly hard for the deer. I read yesterday that the French Government deny this is a serious crisis, and yet they are allowing the nuclear power stations to pour water into rivers at higher temperatures than is usually allowed, which will kill all the fish. The Swiss have decided it's better to cut the output of the power plants than put hotter water into their rivers.

Where I live, they spray a lot of what look like chemtrails across the sky. In past years, it did seem to get cooler when the sky was filled with these spreading thin white clouds, but this is no longer the case. The sun seems to sit up there as the rightful ruler of the skies and those trails are not spreading the way they used to, as if there’s a total lack of moisture or water vapor. From here, it looks like the long trails are drying up as soon as they are sprayed.

Today the unrelenting, burning sun still beats down, almost as if there is a hole in the sky and some vital protection has vanished. The strangest thing of all happens late at night, when the sun goes down and the night becomes dark. The air almost begins to cool, but then the intense heat reappears. This heat is just as intense as the hottest part of the day, but it's in the middle of the night. This has become worse since the beginning of August.

I think if humans want to play a game of tennis against nature they are about to lose.