Friday, May 06, 2005

Intelligent Earthquakes

The frequency and the spread of earthquakes on the West coast of America are increasing rapidly. Back and forward the signals go, as though the earth has all the time in the universe. Slowly, with each passing - from one side of the earth to the other - stronger patterns emerge. For example, how the South American quakes mirror (at an angle) the Indonesian quakes on the other side of the planet.

I have watched this phenomenon for many months, and the build-up is agonisingly slow in human terms. Patterns are dotted across Alaska and California, then they seem to recede. The next time they come back the magnitudes are slightly larger. Now and then a much larger quake bounces off inland, or in the above case, South of Panama. Then the build-up of small beaded patterns resumes, and the whole cycle repeates itself.

The Indonesian waters seem to be the trigger point for the whole planet, but they are not the only areas to be effected by larger than usual earthquakes. Northern Sumatera, may be the lever, but the whole earth is being effected. Larger quakes will not confine themselves to Indonesia alone.

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