Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Great Storm

Inqua?: What if a giant storm suddenly appeared in the area and most of them got cut off?

Observer: They have the best technology watching for sudden weather changes.

Inqua?: But it may appear out of Hyperspace, right above their heads and give no warning.

Observer: And then what?

Inqua?: A bigger force drops on their heads and does to them what they are doing to the baby seals.

Observer: And what would this achieve?

Inqua?: They would learn.

Observer: By dying?

Inqua?: Aren't the seals dying?

Observer: Are they not supposed to learn in the here and now?

Inqua?: Clubbing baby seals to death? Perhaps death would teach them, a life for a life.

Observer: You mean the great dying?

Inqua?: I mean right now.

Observer: They are learning right now. The seals are teaching them.

Inqua?: What do you mean?

Observer: Have you not seen how the seals look up at the men as they get ready to strike?

Inqua?: Yes, it's complete innocence. Complete vulnerability. They radiate a powerful aura of love. I have seen that.

Observer: And the men kill them regardless, without mercy.

Inqua?: Yes! That's what I mean. They still don't stop.

Observer: So, you are saying something should stop them?

Inqua?: If I had the power I would certainly stop them.

Observer: But, you do have the power!

Inqua?: What do you mean?

Observer: What will you do about all the people who pay for the furs? Will you teach them a lesson too?

Inqua?: They are are as guilty as the killers! Yes, it all goes together.

Observer: Will you drop a great storm on their heads too?

Inqua?: I don't have to. It's coming. But I still don't understand.

Observer: Who do you think they are clubbing to death?

Inqua?: Themselves! each spike driven into the seals is the pain and hurt of an individual who is killing themselves.

Observer: So, They are at war with themselves.

Inqua?: I still don't get what you are saying?

Observer: Why are they doing it?

Inqua?: For money, for greed. They are the slaves of materialism.

Observer: And that is all they see and know.

Inqua?: Yes!

Observer: And what will they do when the skies clear?

Inqua?: Oh! Now I understand. It is not a big storm that presents the answer, it is the clearing of the situation. Yes, I understand.

Observer: Use your mind to clear the skies, and leave the other to take care of the surroundings.

Inqua?: Thank you!

- EarthStar -

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