Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kinetic Force Jing Qi

Kinetic = motion; from Greek - to set in motion / to move.

To Move Through Tall Doors
In man's ancient past .. there was a time when physical kinetic movement and inner force were one. They still are one - but our understanding of movement has moved down to physical base perspective.

In the East there are various practices of cultivating superior energy (jin / jing). A formless energy or force that appears to operate outside the laws of physical space-time. That appears superior to physical force.

Humans describe two forms of force or movement .. when there is only one force manifesting in all forms / kinetic force. That unseen undetectable force moves physical and spirit world (energy).

They describe types of movement in Martial Arts .. physical force = movement and a superior inner non-physical force: Jing ... But jing moves both mind (inner force) and it is also force behind physical movement of the body. It is just that the physical human body is limited in its frequency to adapt jing (hidden kinetic force). The mind is capable of moving with / adapting to manifest superior force.

In the ancient world the women were brilliant in using their minds and the men were brilliant in using their physical force. Again .. yin and yang balance .. in man and woman the physical meets with the deeper psyche / mind / energy flow.

When the foetus is forming inside the womb there is no physical form - but jing is moving division of the cells. Equally, jing moved / moves the sperm. In my mind jing is The Journey and movement is The Path (totality of our lives). But! Yin and yang .. are one!!

The journey and the path are one.

Kinetic / Movement
In earlier post I said there was a time when women were masters of "kinetic energy" or "kinetic force" and could overpower the superior physical strength of males / men.

I should add that women could use this inner force with ease and subtlety .. doing the least possible harm. However, perhaps the word "kinetic" is not so accurate in the way we understand motion today...

As long as it was balanced .. that worked for mankind.
Everyone assumes that physically strong men built and designed all the ancient structures of mankinds ancient past. You know! The women were at home cooking .. :-) Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

The Force / Jing or what I call Jing Qi .. has no superior and inferior form(s). Different forms or manifestations occur according to the frequency of the receiver. For example, mountains are awesome "receivers" .. the ocean is an awesome receiver (of Jingqi).

The reason I call this kinetic force Jingqi .. is because our Earth physical reality is based on duality .. and our spirits are inside physical reality. We are not floating around out in space !!

In order for Jing to interact with spirit and physical life there has to be Qi... And qi is energy! So you have spirit using energy to move physical body.

Jing Qi Is Love / Compassion
So .. there is a lot of love pouring into human beings! But energy of compassion does not have a big ego .. and so people do not notice it! When you feel the love it is not because you are suddenly overwhelmed by big expansive force...

When you feel the love it is because you become part of that force .. you become one with that force. Something inside you effortlessly becomes one with your journey .. the path. Jingqi - journey with the path!

That is to manifest Jing in physical world ...