Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Simple Message From The Future

Interacting with the past and the future now!
In the last post: Interacting With The Future .. I tried to share with you how the mind of a Seer adapts to changing environments. The mind of a Seer effortlessly interacts with surrounding dimensional fields and can identify their signatures [past present and future].

In densely populated areas where base human minds are concentrated in a small space [towns and cities] .. the signature resonance of surrounding interacting fields are disrupted. That is like writing on a page that has writing and writing overlaid one on top of the other. In such cases only a Master can read individual signatures out of all that mess.

Airports tend to have their own signature space with no overwriting because there is not the local concentration of permanent human daily activity rooted one on top of the other in terms of established living space. The human travelers [minds] pass through that space and do not impact the associated floating dimensional fields.

A Simple Message From The Future
As the plane was taking off and beginning to level and circle my mind entered [became aware of] an interacting dimensional field. Imagine activity at that airport merging with the future. Activity can also merge with an associated dimension similar and close to our own.

Basically .. we are all using the same space even though we are separated by space and time. If we were not separated by space and time we would all crash together. The Lords of Time created space as time to distinguish various dimensions and allow the past present and future to exist simultaneously.

I hope you are still with me >_<

This is not difficult .. you just have to think differently! As the plane is taking off I am seeing and experiencing an associated dimension similar to ours that may be 'the future'. It is only the future if we move in that direction. They are more advanced that we are .. and they are capable of sending messages to help their brothers and sisters evolve.

The first thing is that you are not going to go from flying in planes to flying in UFO type craft. At the same time the way we fly [the technology] has reached the end of its use. We have simply reached the end of how this technology can be used and developed. We have reached the limit.

What was different about the flight technology I saw in the associated dimension that may potentially be associated with our future? Now it gets kind of complex #_# .. It has to do with the way we design aircraft engines. The engine has to take off and fly the plane. For that reason the engines have to be bulky and heavy.

The other dimension planes were designed very similar to the ones we use today. Their planes can be bigger and even look like big whales where people can walk around and look down at the Earth from large glass panels. It is a very relaxed environment. So .. how do they do it?

It appears they use some kind of engine to take off .. but at low altitude the pilots switch to another system. There is a large slender pod under the body of the aircraft. This pod takes over after the plane reaches low altitude circling. Heavy engines are not need to maintain flight and speed. I think the engines are lighter.

It is possible that the pod aligns with the magnetic lines of the Earth. Something happens where the plane effortlessly stays in the air. This is not anti-gravity. It is much simpler than anti-gravity. The planes do not need fuel .. they have some kind of energy field inside the pod and this is the fuel. May be electrical in nature.

The lighter engines take off and land the planes and the pod deals with the flight. It is possible that I experienced a future self experience or another dimension experience. Because .. we seamlessly connect ourselves across time and space. That is why I also said that 'selfish' does not exist.

The Self connects across time and space as well as other dimensions. The Self is a cohesive unit. What we humans call 'selfish' are simply various manifestations of awareness within the Self. The key to this is FEAR. When people react in extremely low level self mind-set the active field is FEAR.

When groups try to hold back mankind the active force is FEAR!

Maybe one day a new plane called Zen Su will take off .. and maybe I will be on that plane? We have to recognize ourselves and our work across the landscape of time and space. That actually is the fun part! It is like a puzzle. An awareness puzzle.

Humans today are thinking in the wrong way. We do not need to try and create various kinds of one thousand years in advance energy systems. The solutions are far more simple than we currently realize. The technology is simpler and closer than we think. We are the solution!