Thursday, May 07, 2015

A New Adventure ...

I'm going on a new adventure!
Like Bilbo Baggins .. going on an adventure is to leave your home [with all associated dangers involved]. To be honest LIFE is a NEW ADVENTURE. Each day since I was a small child I look at the sky .. I look at Nature .. and everything is new [alive / vital] each day. I will say more about this phenomenon later.

We humans are designed to interact with surrounding environment no matter what is happening to us at any point in space-time. It is difficult to explain deeper experiences of who we are and why we are here.

I think the sharing is difficult because of the levels of understanding we all experience. Our Planet has lost its psychic connection strata. I am sure in the future this seamless we-are-one spiritual interconnection will re-establish itself.

All our human problems come from the disconnect of the entire planetary family of humanity [mankind]. The force that filters out all strata of 'behavior' has no name. It is simply THE FORCE. Planet Earth has a reason for being the way it is. The reason is beyond EARTH [we currently do not understand].

A new adventure [for me] can have multiple meanings!

There is the known and the unknown... We often assume that we live 100 percent in THE KNOWN .. because that is what we know! We humans rarely consider that maybe we live 80 percent in the unknown. The unknown is so subtle that you cannot write it as UNKNOWN.

This is the yin yang balance most of us are totally unaware of [in life].

Recently I had a dream where we lost the time-travel co-ordinates for various travel connections. We were sending different whole organic units into associated zones and some of them got lost #_# .. I hope you are still with me! Time-travel is also karmic and is not 3D physical material phenomenon related.

When we travel from one point on the Earth to another .. we generally assume that we are entering the same physical time-space. In terms of more advance awareness this is not accurate. Geometrically each part of the physical Earth inhabits different characteristics.

One of the reasons Bilbo Baggins does not want to leave his home and go on an unknown adventure .. it is because the adventure takes him into new worlds .. new experiences and new phenomenon outside of 'The Known'.

The unknown plays a central role in our lives.

In the future The Unknown is an essential part of our shared experience and contributes to how we deal with problems planetary and personal. The yin and yang is known and unknown. The known and the unknown makes our lives to be what it is. These are the dynamics of our lives.

On a deeper level we are always travelling from one location to another.

I am aware of so many past life experiences. I use the words 'past lives' to communicate meaning .. but recently I see the past present and future as one. Basically .. past present and future lives are ONE.

I may say more about this?

Past and future are much more complex than our understanding today. The most amazing aspect is that past present and future is so fluid that it allows multiple understanding and explanations. In essence the past .. present .. future can each understand reality at their own levels.