Sunday, May 03, 2015

Karma & Nepal Earthquake Tax

Taxes in this life come back to haunt you in the next life ...
When I write my posts you have to understand that I see past present and future as ONE. I was born with ability to see beyond time .. to see THE WHOLE and I use this skill to try to benefit the planetary human family. Right now the Earth human family are transitioning from Nationalism to Planetary 'Federation'. At the same time this will take 100 to 300 years just to get started!

The worst thing about the 2015 Nepal earthquake and the situation of people who survived the disaster and need some kind of outside help .. is the United Nations plea for the Government of Nepal to allow the free flow of International Aid to directly reach people in need.

The worst thing I read is that Nepal Customs are slowing down emergency aid to people because of 'Import Taxes'. Even worse is the Government of Nepal made a statement that 'Emergency Aid' customs import tax is essential and they are not going to change their [archaic] methods of operation.

Someone has seriously got to be kidding? Right?

It is clear the Nepal Government and their Agencies do not need AID! Otherwise .. they would seriously fast-track the arrival of emergency supplies and everything else that goes with it in such a CATASTROPHIC EMERGENCY !! Do I sound UPSET ?? This is worse than the Middle Ages ...

International Aid sent direct to Nepal by plane is blocked and hanging around the Kathmandu Airport waiting for Nepalese Customs to eventually [slowly] check and tax the Emergency Aid IMPORTS #_# .. can it get much worse than this?

People in Kathmandu and across Nepal survived 100 year catastrophic earthquake and day-by-day .. minute-by-minute survival is threatened by the behavior and actions of the [elected] Nepal Government through Disaster Import Taxes? Sort of hard to understand!

Karma & Nepal Earthquake Disaster Tax
Taxes in this life come back to haunt you in the next life... What does this mean? It sort of means that you can extract taxes in this life that you yourself also have to pay in the next life. One example is: If you were in Nepal working for the Government in Nepal .. you could do this to people .. but you pay the price in terms of karma.

Apparently some Nepalese can do this to people +_#

The point I am trying to make is that our actions have long term consequences. Not only do we affect the linear process of physical time .. but we affect our own progression [incarnations]. One example is that as a result of inhuman actions our brothers and sisters suffer [also die]. Our actions affect 'The Future'.

Guess what? We all have to answer for our actions across space and time!

It is important to be aware there are also long term 3D physical material consequences of our behavior and actions. It may physically take 20 to 30 years to manifest .. or 50 years .. but the people of Nepal collectively will not forget this betrayal. In the future there may be positive effects of this experience.

I want to move beyond regional effects.

It is clear Earth humans on this Planet have reached a 'crisis point'. I know there are forces who think they can find Earth like Planets to inhabit. This is more complex in terms of incarnation(s) and existence across space-time pathways.

Finding Earth like Planets is not the point. I think the point is working together to create and infuse a human / humanity response [cohesion] experience .. and it is this cohesion [oneness] that lifts mankind and carries humankind to higher levels. Higher levels where we co-operate and support each other.

We all share physical material 3 Dimensional existence on Earth .. even if we do not all share the same awareness. There has to be shared values no matter what .. otherwise mankind dives into a chaotic mix of opposing and diverging 'self-interests' and conflicts. That is not good for the Planet!

I do see a future Planetary Society.

At the same time I am here in this world observing reactions and behavior of people now. Although I see the long term consequences of fixed-system human behavior [that some people follow] .. I also see the price we pay as a result of selfish [inhuman] behavior of mans inhumanity to man.

If the United Nations are shocked by the behavior of the Nepalese Government in the face of this disaster .. then you know it has to be bad! Just imagine you are going out from the central area of Kathmandu to the more devastated [impoverished] rural areas of Nepal .. and the Customs people [humans] at the airport are more focused on taxing the incoming RELIEF AID #_# ..

That totally sucks !!