Saturday, May 23, 2015

Interacting With 'The Future'

Trust YOURSELF! Past present and future are ONE.
We are not really here on Earth having relationships with EACH OTHER. We are here on Earth having relationships with ourselves. I will try to explain this in more detail .. but for now I will briefly outline the basics and either you figure it out or you don't figure it out.

Selfish actually does not exist! The reason is because we are always having a relationship with ourselves no matter which way we like to paint it. I am a Tech Geek and I like to get inside the technology behind tablets video cameras computers. In exactly the same way I like to get inside and figure out what is going on inside myself?

Future Plane Experience
We connect past present and future now. The reason airports are good for seeing past and future connections is because airports generally do not change. They process the same activity over and over again in a space where people pass through for up to the last 60 years.

As a SEER that last tiny little fact is the most important of all >_<

Airports are large empty spaces where people do not live in terms of permanent fixed dense populations. The human mind effects and can distort the low level Earth magnetic field [carrying all frequencies]. In densely populated areas it is more difficult to distinguish past present and future fields because of the high levels of distortion.

Past present and future energy fields cross always in the NOW. As a result a Seer has to have extraordinary abilities and a deeply quiet mind. This is something you are born with and not something one can learn. People who see trapped spirits usually do not want to see this. It happens to them whether they want to see it or not. What one can learn is how to deal with it!

As the plane was taking off from the runway [uninvited] I suddenly had that familiar overview of surrounding time and the dimensions. As the plane was climbing leveling off and circling North I was suddenly in two worlds at once.

I saw and understood technically [as though I was living in that world] a different type of plane and principles of flight. I may write more about this in my new book! It is simple and kind of complex...

I can tell you that so-called 'disclosure' and immediate transition from flying in planes to flying in so-called anti-gravity craft is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Anti-gravity does not exist and this is why innovators cannot adapt this technology. It is not anti-gravity .. it is something else!

My mind and space-time experience allowed me to understand that world [which potentially may be our future]. There are dynamic technical reasons why humans cannot use a more advanced flight technology that is related to the human biological field and how it interacts with the mind. When we do not know what we are doing in those areas that complex field gets disrupted.

Myself From The Future
Since I was a kid I could always connect with myself across the dimensional fields of space time. Other dimension could connect with me and I could connect with other dimensions. In a way time is really various interacting dimensional fields.

The future I was creating appeared and thanked me! That is a very powerful experience as seeing future incarnations is like seeing a map or navigation directions when you are navigating the right road. More accurate it is like the compass .. navigational compass telling you where you are.

This is why I say you do not have to 'save the world' .. all you have to do is work with yourself and everything else takes care of itself. We are not all swimming in the same river. We are not all swimming into the same future. Not everyone on this Planet will inherit the same future.

There are connecting dimensional field branches and nodes. The nodes are transition points connecting the branching fields. Spirits [souls] can end up anywhere in association with their level of work when incarnated on worlds. Each one of us reap what we sow and we all end up in ASSOCIATED fields.

Incarnating into planetary worlds you get variations in fields that are shared by everyone. Once you leave those worlds and return to the Spirit worlds you enter areas of associated fields .. like attracts like. Just think about how you live your life and multiply that many times over as your new future companions are mirroring yourself and your state of mind.

On the higher fields such energy reflection is to be desired. On the lower fields? That is why I work so hard at what I do... At the end of the day we are really only working on ourselves. We have to learn to trust ourselves and to have a relationship with ourselves.

Only then does change happen .. unexpected and uninvited!