Friday, May 22, 2015

Back From The Future!

Adventures can also be dangerous!
I just got back home from my ADVENTURE [nine days ago] .. and I have been editing videos since then. Worst of all [I thought] was the pollen. I was located in an old geologically previous lake bed region .. and that means humidity. All around the house was a forest of trees.

I think by the third day filming outside and lots of other stuff that I was experiencing severe pollen allergy. I now know that this was not the case!

I wanted to say something about the Nepal earthquakes and the future of mankind .. but first I want to say that because I take probiotic bacteria supplements every day I no longer have pollen allergy reactions. This year all the trees are creating pollen concentrated in such a small time period. Still I had no allergy reactions!

In May Acacia tree - Horse Chestnut - Pine tree and Elder tree pollen are the most heavy and dense of all tree pollen. On top of the glass balcony table surface a thick dense layer of yellow-white sticky pollen would appear each morning. I imagined that thick sticky pollen coating my throat and lungs [bronchial tubes]. I was wrong.

I had been coughing for 9 days! Not really an 'allergy reaction'. I was observing that the cats do not have pollen allergy reactions. The two cats were wandering outside 10 to 14 hours a day! I am back to the HYBRID human question.

After nine days coughing [worse at night] .. I was done!

I returned home internally analysing the symptoms .. in reality I had an acute bacterial [viral] infection of the throat and bronchial tubes. I pretty much got this from the vegetarian [contaminated] salads. Everything around the Mediterranean is meat and fish and sea food where only the salad is vegetarian.

I know from Hulda Clark the basic rule that salads are contaminated with bacteria from the hands through anything they touch BEFORE preparing the salad. I know this rule not to eat uncooked food at restaurants .. but what could I do? Most of the time I did not eat.

The worst is yet to come.

Eleven days coughing all night .. my mind was telling me this was a bacterial infection of the throat .. gut and bronchial tubes and was not a pollen allergy. I am sharing this with you to show you how retarded and backward we humans really are after so many thousands years of 'advancements'.

Taking probiotics I have not had pollen allergies in years. Even if I had allergy reaction to pollen it is red eyes, tears and running nose. I never get sore throat and bronchitis. In fact .. I NEVER get bronchitis PERIOD .. even in Winter. My mind was telling me to treat the bronchitis and not think it was pollen reaction.

When you are coughing all night through until the early hours of the morning you usually go to the doctor! My doctor saw me for the first time in over two years. All I wanted was a second opinion: Pollen allergy or bronchial infection. My mind was telling me bronchial infection and the doctor said: POLLEN ALLERGY ...


On the second day I began to take action on the bronchial [bacterial] infection .. essentially a form of food contamination .. and I got myself 50ml Umckaloabo plant extract known to be effective against acute bronchitis. I put 30 drops into a small amount of water and within 5 minutes all severe coughing symptoms were reversed.

Together with other anti-bronchitis plant extracts [concentrates] things only got better from there. Eventually the tendon virus pains surfaced and I knew it was not the pollen. When we do not treat the issue we do not solve the problem. Physically .. socially .. financially .. psychologically!

My body IMMEDIATELY reacted to the correct solution [like homeopathy] with no effort. I experienced it .. I know what happened. What I am going to say many people may not want to hear. In general doctors are no better than snake oil salesmen. I guess people are going to figure that out one day!

In this respect I do not include acupuncture and pulse diagnosis. For example, this highly trained 'elite' highly paid doctor said to me: "It is almost impossible to tell the difference between allergies and virus infection." There is a certain Cat Servant person who will be imagining my eyes wide open when a friend said to me: There is no Amazon in Sweden.

I sat there staring into space with my mind silently swirling with those words... There is no Amazon in Sweden or .. it is almost impossible to tell the difference between allergies and virus infections. Are you laughing Cat Servant? I just stared blankly into space as my inner mind said: What the f#ck!!

I knew in that moment I was sitting beside a 'snake oil salesperson'.

Some of you may understand what I am saying and some of you may not want to understand. Let me put it this way: As a computer geek and technician #_# .. if I attempted to work with Operating Systems .. Web HTML .. video cameras .. computer repairs on the basis of my life long 'doctors' experiences? NOTHING I do would work.

Let me explain this is simple terms. As a kid I was lactose intolerant but my parents forced me to drink milk. I HATED the taste of milk .. but was forced to drink it. As a result I suffered recurring throat infections [tonsillitis] and so the doctor decided to have my tonsils cut out.

That is like cutting a component out of your computer because there are issues with the drive. Is it any different with the human body? Can you simply cut a part out of your computer and expect it to work? Try it and see what happens. In other words our computer technology awareness is more advanced than how we treat the human body.

The doctors cut out my tonsils but my throat infections only stopped when I refused to drink milk .. SURPRISE! Having cleaned up what became chronic bronchitis [using my own intelligence] I have no 'pollen allergy' symptoms the last few days although the pollen continues to increase and increase.

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between allergies and virus infections .. moment is still with me. What the f#ck are they talking about? That is like saying I cannot tell the difference between a Hard Drive and a Solid State Drive. To make it simple to non-tech people: I cannot tell the difference between the computer Motherboard and the Graphics Card!

Do you know two snakes are the sign for 'medicine' .. it is snake science: Fool me once .. fool me again! The part no one understands as they deal the cards from the bottom of the deck is that the body changes. Science tries to claim that looking into the microbiological world will help create an EXACT medical science.

No one tells you that the microbiological world is ALWAYS changing .. and that we humans do not understand what all of this means because the leading minds in that deeper area were either killed or all their life's work was destroyed: Royal Rife .. Wilhelm Reich .. energy discoveries by Nikola Tesla on health ..


In many ways I am living in the past .. with what I see around me and the general state of the human mind and psyche. With regard to coming back from the future! I saw future planes that took off using apparently altered conventional engines but when they got to cruising height they switched to a different system.

I have to explain this in more detail in another post .. the past is the future is the present. That technology is more complex. One also has to explain how it connects to our world and why. I think if the people who maintain planes were operating on the same basis as doctors then nothing would get off the ground #_+

The news is that my probiotics work and I no longer have food allergies and not pollen allergies. Today [to prove a point] I went walking in the most dense are where every bush and tree is 100 percent full of blossoms. We have had no rain and so the blossoms are endless.

I walked slowly and breathed deeply to make sure I got the most pollen experience I could .. and I had no red irritated eyes! No tears .. no sneezing .. no runny nose = nothing! No difficulty breathing. I was worried the probiotics had not worked this year. That thought had annoyed me most of all.