Saturday, May 02, 2015

Flat Space Interactive Dynamics

I draw and paint using flat space...
Like everyone else on the Earth I had no conscious awareness of the existence [power] of Flat Space. We do not realise how Flat Space is as essential to us as knives or fire. It is the sharp [flat] edge of the knife that is essential for its use. Writing utilises Flat Space and is as essential as the edge of a knife.

Drawing pictures or diagrams on flat paper .. cave art on flat space [stone or rock]. Then add the deeper interactive dynamics of this highly advanced Spiritual Psychic Technology. If you understand what I am saying .. this is a natural connection of higher dimensions.

Flat Space Dynamics
In this painting you see my utilisation of Flat Space using colour and flat lines [symbols].

The mountain on the left is not a volcano .. as most people would assume. Already you have a 'secret' hidden within the Flat Space where only those who have experienced this would know what it is #_#

Everything in this painting is coded in terms of my own understanding of the structure of reality [based on my experiences]. The design is acrylic on acrylic paper .. from February 2007 .. I called it 'Calculating Phi'.

I dug this one out of a pile of old drawings to use the image to visually show Flat Space at work in our world. I chose this one because the colours are so dynamic creating depth of field and form. I am using Flat Space.

I have experienced this mountain of colours in two dreams that I wont go into here. In both dreams the presence of the 'mountain' was eternal but it was utilising Flat Space. This one painting merged the two distinct dream experiences.

In the second dream our individual spirit life forces were endlessly moving through this dynamically colourful living 'mountain' but we were FLAT !! I am beginning to suspect that when I dream I enter Flat Space.

I am not sure how symbolically accurate this is ?? But .. I want to show the theory of the interrelated development and inter-connectedness of different dimensions that are all part of life on 3D Planet Earth.

Theoretically >0< is space and >I< is the first dimension to space. In my diagram when >0< and >I< combine they create the second dimension. That is my theory and I am sticking to it #_+

The sperm >I< enters zero-space [egg] >0< creating the first division of life process. Given that little trick I think my diagram is pretty accurate. Although I have the pyramid and the square .. I am missing the essential 3 [Symbol of Third Dimension]. I am missing the Tetrahedron!

That is a side issue .. as the dynamics are about inter-dimensional interactions and communications. My theory is that using Flat Space all dimensions can interact and communicate. Technically you could create CERN using a tiny area of Flat Space and achieve superior technical capacity.

To those of you who do not have this technical mind .. it is all in the LINES !!

If you look at my work .. basically ART is the highest science! One example is .. if you have high technology video cameras but you have no ARTISTS *_* .. what are you going to do with the technology? LIFE is communication [interaction] and ART is communication [interaction]. So .. technology on its own is a blank page...

Of course .. I am encouraging all of you to be your own artist!

We are solid 3-Dimensional life forms using multiple dimensions to exist and to communicate. We use Flat Space .. one dimensional form and two dimensional form. I guess our physical material solid world is essentially Tetrahedral: Three dimensions. We use the geometry of the four sided square.

Using the square implies fluid-dimensions.

The point I am trying to make is: FLAT SPACE connects all dimensions. The connecting force is/are electrical fields. This is where the so-called PARANORMAL comes in. The fields cross and interact as electrical force. For this [electrical] reason different dimensions can be aware of each other [interact]. Let us call this: Interactive Fields.

Keep your interactive fields 'clean'.

This post is like a sign on the motorway. You are driving [moving] on a journey. Life is movement. You may see motorway signs that show you different directions and exits. The motorway sign showing you the directions is NOT the experience you have when you go to a destination.

A motorway sign may say: Traffic jam ahead! When you reach the traffic jam the experience is different than the warning. A motorway sign may say: Historic nature reserve [exit 3]. Your experience within the nature reserve is different experience once you arrive there. This is what I mean by Flat Space.