Friday, May 01, 2015

Flat Space

Incarnations use Flat Space Technologies across lifetimes.

Flat Space Technology
This is an example of Flat Space Technology. The lines drawn on a flat space create form and dimension. The Flat Space acts like interactive windows .. more powerful than Tablets or Smartphone technology.

The only similarity between Flat Space and Tablet technologies are: Electro-magnetic frequencies. Both use electrical-fields [energy] to interact and communicate.

Comparison of Flat Space technologies ends there. Because of related incarnations I find Buddha Spiritual Technology to be most advanced.

Cave paintings are also highly advanced use of Flat Space Technology. At the same time this is a Spiritual Technology. Crossing dimensions or time-travel is a Spiritual Technology!

I will give you an example of advanced utilization of Flat Space. As a small child I did not like to sit in school and listen to all the crap. This is so funny! So .. I would practice my own mind techniques that no one taught me. I was born aware of different incarnations and dimensions!

I used Flat Space to project myself into the mountains .. but [technically] I was creating distortions in our current space-time. As a result inter-dimensional teachers using Flat Space Technology appeared in the classroom and began a long dialogue with me about why this was a 'bad idea'.

We 3D humans believe we are superior to Flat Space because we have 3D forms. The humans using their various 'superior' technologies are not aware that all dimensions use electrical-current and electrical-fields. It is a universal norm!

Flat Space Dimensions
I have to show this the way it is .. and some of you will understand this. Here you see my drawing of Flat Space Interactions. Also related to Flat Space Buddha interactions.

Lines drawn on Flat Space are similar to electrical circuits. Energy links dimensions .. meaning that electrical fields connect Flat Space Dimensions.

Empty Flat Space is not an interactive circuit. This is why we Earth humans know [were taught] to draw lines and create form. One example of this technology is Buddha Art from ancient until today. ART is Flat Space Interactive Technology!

I try to share with you one example of the effects on the human form. Probiotic gut bacteria saved my life. I was suddenly very sick and I re-introduced beneficial gut bacteria into the colon and the gut bacteria revitalized life-force in the glands .. the blood .. the tendons and bones.

I am going to share with you a new view of the human body. The bones are the structure. Ligaments and tendons connect the bones and hold the structure together. Muscles move the body and allow physical movement in space-time. Organs and glands purify the body.

Tissues create outer appearance and structure to the body. From bones to blood to glands to tissues .. they all need [rely on] beneficial probiotic bacteria. Flat Space within the 3D body are probiotics = energy transformers.

I am saying: Even as we inhabit 3D physical material reality the physical body utilizes Flat Space [Technology]. We are a composite of different materials and different dimensions to exist within and create this 3D inhabited dimension.

I shared one of the painted Buddha [Flat Space] interface that I work with and that works with me. Life is relationship. Life is interaction. When you interact with Flat Space Forms .. they also interact with you!

When you have a Main Board / Mother Board technology inside your computer .. this is essentially Flat Space conducting energy [electrical fields] to create on the screen of your Tablet or Smartphone device a FLAT IMAGE !!

Even though we inhabit 3D physical material space .. we are a composite of one dimensional space .. two dimensional space and the third layer creating three dimensional space! This means that we [third-dimension] inhabit and utilize the first and second dimensions within the 3D space dimension.

In my drawing Flat Space Interactions are connected by energy [electrical currents]. A practical example of this process is: If I incarnate into 3D physical material reality and The Master [teaching me] is in another reality and does not incarnate. How do we communicate? Communication is easy! We use the pervasive electrical fields that connect all dimensions!

I hope that makes sense #_#