Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thangka Buddha - Pyramids of The Sun

Tibetan Thangka Art is a Spiritual Technology

Higher Spiritual Technology
I am showing you this Tibetan Thangka because it is difficult to explain how each series of traditional Buddhist imagery has layers of effects on the mind [also touching the heart]. Humans currently use a low resonance technology [frequency]. This has to do with the state of our minds.

You see the colours .. designs in the braids! All those designs are important. They are just as important as the Buddha at the center. People tend to focus on the Buddha when they should be looking at everything.

The whole art work is teaching: We are part of everything. We are surrounded by a force that gives us form. In the Thangkas the colours and depths of design seem to make no sense. These surrounding designs are endlessly varied on every individual Thangka. That is the whole point!

The variety of braids .. the designs [which have non-linear meanings] and the colours interact with the rising Sun. The whole spiritual technology is acting like a window to reality. These spiritual art forms are reflecting the light and the dark-light that the brain silently understands.

You are seeing a intelligently designed mirror that opens processes inside the human brain .. and that effects the whole nervous system .. also effects the heart. There is no set levels of interaction in terms of what you start to see. There is no set level that effects all people in the same way. This also acts as a mirror to ourselves.

Thangka Buddha - Pyramids of The Sun
These are two drawings showing what happened since April 21st experience: Thangka Buddha - Secrets of The Sun

I can only draw pictures of what I see .. and these pictures make visual sense to me in non-rational ways. Earth humans are not using the whole brain! The human brain has incredible capacity beyond thought.

Pyramids are physical representations of the rising and setting Sun.

Over the last 7 days I attempted to observe the language hidden in plain sight within the design of the Thangkas. A lot of the time my eyes would close [on their own]. I would keep opening my eyes and the brain [mind] would dramatically close my eyes. Most of the time I would fall asleep.

Once the brain [mind] is effected it then needs space for itself. A natural internal organic process begins. Sometimes you can see it and sometimes the brain will shut down because the energy is being used inside you for deeper things.

Today I saw the pyramid of the Sun. This is how my mind understood visually the process of light [dark-light] revealed in watching the Sun rise reflected in the braids surrounding the Buddha.

At some point you begin to see the Buddha more clearly and you begin to understand more clearly.

Step pyramids are structured physical [matter] geomantic energy signatures representing the rising Sun. When you represent the Moon [pyramid of the Moon] you are still representing the Sun .. because the Moon is reflecting the Sun [light].

You may ask: Where is dark-light or dark matter when the Sun is rising? Dark energy [darkness] is all around you. It is physical space. When you look at a mountain or a tree the space between you and the object is dark-energy [darkness]. Dark-energy gives light its form. If the darkness did not contain the light there would be so much light it would blind you.

It is obvious when you apply the yin yang principle that darkness and light directly interact to create balance of force. Take the speed of light. Everyone talks and theorizes about the speed of light. If light travels at speeds we can measure then something has to be containing light particles .. and that something is dark-light.

In the physical material Universe light has a generally defined speed because of the unseen medium that light is interacting with. It is a similar concept to water. In the Ocean water contains and defines speed of travel within that medium. Light is travelling WITHIN SOMETHING that defines and contains its nature and speed [distribution].

This is also why light measurements can deviate from the accepted human measurements of the speed of light. The deviations [fluctuations] are related to dark-energy containment / relationship. Deviations show there are holes in the theory of the speed of light. There are probably holes in space-time.

In the same way material objects cast shadows .. observing light can reveal to some extent the hidden or unseen medium [dark-light] that is influencing the light. To discover there is a much stronger force affecting light is like discovering the Earth is a sphere [not flat].

Next comes the existence of flat space...
THAT is going to be fun .. flat space dimensions!