Friday, April 24, 2015

Power of Darkness: Configuring Dark Light

There is no way to avoid using the word darkness. Those people who religiously do not like this should not be reading my Blog. Darkness was split from the light over 2,000 years of ignorance and stupidity. There is light in darkness just as there is darkness in light. Whatever force began making humans afraid of the darkness basically castrated society in terms of power [energy] and development.

Everyone gets really excited seeing or filming lights in the sky [mainly paranormal] called 'UFOs'. I have seen more dark UFOs crossing the night skies than I have seen light ones. It is a really good way to hide because no one is going to see you!

Nikola Tesla brought electrical light into the world [electrical current] and in his lifetime came the hydrogen / atomic bomb. Even today everyone gets really excited about nuclear energy. No one realizes that this is the most primitive power source a human can build or use.

The heavily male excessive yang society gets totally excited about the power of light .. atomic light .. lasers .. turning night into day. They do not realize [obviously] that they can extract power [energy] from darkness. That is also because no one really understands darkness. If you cannot see it you are not going to understand it!

In the future they extract [absorb] energy from darkness more efficiently than extracting energy from light [Sun]. In the future people understand that the leaves of trees extract [absorb] energy from darkness .. and they do this very efficiently.

Dark-energy is dark-light. No one understands that dark-light exists. There is a lot of fear associated with the darkness. If you study human history those of 'the light' have created more death and destruction on this Planet than any other culture.

The human eye can be damaged or irritated by excessive light [snow blindness] but is not damaged by excessive darkness. When doctors want damaged eyes to heal they put a patch over the eyes to keep out the light.

In similar ways excessive light [heat] can burn out motors .. power generators .. conductors .. solar panels and electrical circuits. No one is taught that our excessive use of and obsession with the power of light leaves us very vulnerable to THAT LIGHT. The same light source energy that we use is also a danger to us!

The reason light becomes a danger [Solar Flares] is because we do not configure the cooling and balancing power of 'darkness' into our research / understanding and applications. We currently [pun] have no space for darkness in the way we configure the technical electrical world we rely on.

Essentially .. we rely on an OUT OF BALANCE system!

If I was a real bitch I would say that Einstein's equation(s) leave out darkness and are painfully incomplete. The statement: NOTHING is faster than light? Apart from the fact that light is relative .. darkness is faster than light. He was calling dark-light 'nothing' and telling you it is faster than light.

At the end of the day the physical Universe including ENERGY is configured to yin yang principles. In that respect darkness and light interact and orbit each other. Only stupid humans would even attempt to measure that. When societies in the future can travel instantly .. this has nothing to do with the speed of light!

What I really want to talk about is configuring dark-light.

First you have to understand that dark-light exists. Then you have to understand the rotational relationships [interaction] between solar light and darkness. It is possible to observe dark fields by observing the behaviour of light. The only thing holding us back technologically is that we do not know what to look for and we do not yet understand HOW to observe.

In a similar way to physical 3D material reality darkness casts its shadow onto or through light. If one is really smart it is possible to detect and to some extent observe dark-light [dark-energy] through the effects this force has on LIGHT!

To configure dark-light?

The configuration could possibly be done through light and observing [understanding] light. That would ultimately lead to humans discovering the ability to detect dark-light at its source. It can be seen .. but not with the technology we have today. The primitive electrical current we use today does show abnormalities one could attribute to the shadow [action] of dark-light [darkness] .. dark-energy.

Understanding this abnormality field brings you into the area we are most afraid of: The paranormal. In a way the paranormal does not exist. It is simply another converging electrical field interaction [science]. Really we humans are most afraid of ourselves. That other invisible dynamic field is sort of like a mirror. One has to face whatever appears in the mirror at any point in space-time.

The space-time distortions are inside us. People keep repeating the same problems or attachments in each incarnation over and over again. We become stuck in our own attachments. Life becomes a secondary issue to our self-obsession and attachments to ourselves. Dark-light is the obsidian mirror to the soul.