Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thangka Buddha - Secrets of The Sun

Physical matter absorbs light. Is designed to absorb light & darkness.

Buddha Thangka Secrets
After the Thangka experience this drawing was designed in my mind. I will explain this in detail as part of the experience.

In my March 27 post: When Shadows Touch The Sky I began to explain how scientific theories about light are wrong. In terms of understanding light and how light interacts with matter we are living on a flat Earth.

March Solstice Solar Eclipse changed how I observe and understand light. Hidden in the darkness are the secrets of light! Straight away I wanted to go further into this .. but something said to me: You do not yet understand the next stage. I thought: That is cool! I do not understand the next stage! I get 'impatient' .. like .. just give it to me #_# guys !!

They just gave it to me!

For this hands-on experiment you will need a... Traditional Tibetan Thangka. The reason is The ART. In the drawing you see the Sun rising in the East onto an East facing window with a Tibetan Thangka hanging on the South facing wall. It may not matter where the Thangka is hanging .. you are probably going to experience it no matter what.

The next part of my drawing you see reality [light] merging through the wall as though the wall does not exist. Essentially you are seeing through the wall. That is because it is all ONE. Key aspect is light and darkness absorb into matter. You can observe darkness interacting with matter.

The next thing you need for this experiment [experience] is a sunrise!

The experience came to me on a bright cloudless day. I have not tested how that is on a cloudy day or rain? The experience is always interactive no matter what the conditions of Earth-light.

I have different Tibetan art on the wall beside my bed. Since the March Spring Equinox Eclipse I SEE differently. Not only with the eyes .. but with the mind. Even at night in darkness I will stare at the Tibetan art on the wall beside me [middle-distance seeing].

When you stare you do not focus on detail. You use non-focused middle-distance awareness. The experience answered a question I have had for years staring at these Tibetan art forms. WHAT does it all MEAN?

You have to look with the eyes of an artist .. at colour and form .. detail .. but not only detail because there is form in colour hidden in the detail. As the Sun rises the art can have almost a holographic effect [which it was designed to do]. I think you do need a sunrise or sunset to truly experience this phenomenon.

I cannot explain this .. you have to see it for yourselves. What I can explain is that the Tibetans totally understood light and darkness. The two are one and the same phenomenon. When you see bright light during the daytime there is also hidden darkness containing the light and giving it form. The darkness is right in front of you hidden in plain sight .. or hidden in plain light!

I see best of all when I am lying down. There are ancient statues of Buddha lying on his side. There is a reason for those statues... It is all designed to teach and to show you the codes [the inner codes]. The Buddha at the center of the Thangka comes alive last of all. To see this you have to watch [gaze] the whole sunrise.

Rather than write the teachings in words .. the Tibetan paintings [also on cave walls] were designed to SHOW rather than EXPLAIN. Every part of the Buddhist [Tibetan] designs are a highly complex language that interacts with consciousness and the brain. You have to see it to understand it!

I have never experienced anything like this [in this life] .. the deep sense of emotion as the sunrise [light] interacted with all aspects of this pictorial coded language. It is all in the colours and it does not make any sense to the rational brain. It is a brilliantly designed teaching form where you switch off the rational mind and listen [observe] with only non-rational mind to receive 'the teachings'.

The whole point is there is no linear logical rational meaning encoded into the art [design] and colours. The art is designed to trigger the meaning inside YOU. Each student understands themselves at their own levels at any point in space-time. This is where time travel comes into the picture.

A future or a past you may absorb the inner meaning more rapidly than you in this life. The whole picture across space-time is you ... and so in terms of time-travel you are always experiencing yourself using the Universal codes that is part of the whole picture = the whole picture of yourself.

Perhaps most important of all is that light enters matter and matter absorbs light. Darkness enters matter and matter absorbs darkness. The mathematical theories we use today are simply a limited self-created analysis of one tiny part of the whole picture. It works because it is based on an analysis of one part of the structure of reality.

Using mathematics you could prove the Earth is flat and in a sense the Earth is flat. You can also prove mathematically that the Earth is round. You can also prove mathematically that the Earth structure is a dodecahedron. You can also prove mathematically that time portals exist.

You can prove mathematically that light bounces off matter. You can also prove mathematically that matter absorbs light. Physical matter is designed like a sponge full of space and holes. The physical human body is not as dense as you may think it is. Neither is the mind as dense as you may think it is.

Ancient Tibetan and Buddhist art is a conscious spiritual interactive technology.

The art does not awaken the mind. The mind awakens itself. This is what it was designed to do. The inner understanding is left to the experiencer. It was so well designed that it seamlessly interacts with the mind no matter what the time-zone incarnation level is. A humanoid species from Mars could arrive here and see these paintings and totally understand what they are seeing or experiencing.

The only reason humans cannot [today] communicate on those levels is because the limited rational mind REFUSES to do so. The linear rational logical mind refuses to allow any kind of inter-species communication outside of thought. Communicate with life? No! Communicate with the Planet? No! Communicate with light? No!

The speed of light is relative !!