Friday, March 27, 2015

When Shadows Touch The Sky

Dark Eclipse Light Phenomenon
I woke up early this morning with the Eclipse video presentation you see in this post visually in my mind. I also had another post playing out in my mind about reincarnation and our responsible behaviour .. because the Earth is to teach: The Mind.

I had this realisation today about the physical nature of light. I tested it out. Whenever I have a realisation .. I also challenge and test out that realisation. When filming the 2015 Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse I saw a lot of things.

Scientific theory and explanations of how the human eye sees is flat-earth theory that has little to do with the true nature of light and the nature of reality. You know! Light from the Sun bouncing around .. enters your eye and projects images and colour onto the screen at the back of the eyeball.

Filming the Equinox Eclipse I was working with two video cameras: Panasonic Pro DVC30 and Panasonic HC-W858 .. with one telephoto lens and both video cameras had 1000x ND filters. In a way the video cameras are also 'alive'.

I became aware the two video cameras were electro-sensitive 'life forms' that allowed me to zoom and record the Moon crossing the Sun [becoming my electronic eyes]. Humans created the video camera technologies .. extending human life into these tools that we use every day.

I began to question this strange notion that light from the Sun bounces around and reflects colour spectrum called 'light' directly into the retina of the human eye. I began to consider: What if light is not bouncing around? What if light is ambient? What if matter absorbs light and we see the light within matter?

All you have to do is walk around outside as you normally do .. but BE AWARE!

Do not just SEE .. but be aware of HOW you SEE. Pay attention to matter. Observe how you see light .. colour .. texture on the ground. Trees and grass. The side of the road. The clouds. The blue sky. Observe the light within matter! It is everywhere and all around you.

Physical matter [including human body] is absorbing the light from the Sun as is the Earth and the atmosphere of Earth. Everyhting is absorbing light and is 'becoming' the light. The human eye is not seeing the bouncing shadows of light reflections. The human eye is designed to see light within matter.

If your eye was being hit by reflected light bouncing around the sky above you .. it would totally blind you! Walk around and use middle-distance seeing where you do not focus on details .. but you use whole-eye awareness. Ask yourself what exactly are you seeing?

Apply the same principle at night... In darkness the material energy absorbing process is still at work. In darkness matter is absorbing a higher percentage of dark matter. The human eye sees darkness [more difficult to explain]. I hoped to catch this phenomena on the Eclipse videos .. but it is not easy to explain.

If light was reflecting and bouncing around in the way flat-earth science claim .. we would see nothing but light. There is so much light out there that it would blind us completely. Look at the sky and try to imagine that this vastness you see is all apparently focused onto a tiny point at the back of the eye.

How is all that light from that expanse of vastness hitting the back of your eyes?

In a strange way the video cameras help us to realise or understand the true nature of reality because of the way they function. The human mind is building tools that help us to understand ourselves. Humans are building a mirror to better see and understand themselves more clearly.

Light and matter are simply compatible and interchangeable frequencies.

I am saying that matter absorbs light and that sunlight ENTERS matter. The eye is designed to see the light within physical matter. Seeing has nothing to do with light from the Sun bouncing around reflecting off the surface of things. Light is absorbed into physical matter. Light comes alive inside physical matter. Matter comes alive within light. It is the same process for darkness [dark matter].