Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Third Principle In Man: Experiencers

The third principle in man is: The Experiencer

Human society is currently based on the stick [duality]. The human paradigm is a horizontal line connecting two opposed ends of the line or stick: Left and Right .. the left-wing and the right-wing .. science and religion .. research and witnessing. There is the right-brain and the left-brain. It is a very simplistic view especially as there is more to the brain than a left-side and a right-side. This is the Duality Paradigm where a stick [a wand] rules.

What you have just read is the THIRD PRINCIPLE: The view of Experiencers

In a way human experiencers are the missing link. You take the Celtic principle of the three sided pyramid that was replaced by the Roman Empire stick [primitive linear duality]. Social interactions decree that people are either witnesses or they are researchers [some can be a mixture of the two]. The third element of social interaction exists .. but the third element has to be hidden in the closet. It is more acceptable to say one is 'gay' than to have ones place in society as 'an experiencer'. Simply because one can be a gay researcher or a gay witness and still profit from the linear duality paradigm.

Everything I have just written comes out of the fact that I am who I am and I am beginning to understand the Third Principle within man. Experiencers exist .. but unfortunately they sometimes pretend to be researchers and more often they pretend to be witnesses. That is why the paranormal UFO phenomenon is also a SOCIAL phenomenon [although this fact is not factored into the research].

How can one research AN EXPERIENCE ?? Especially collective social experiences. Although I discovered this for myself looking into the mirror of the paranormal UFO experience .. the role of experiencers applies to all human social activity.

The Experiencer Returns
A lot of people may wonder: What is she talking about? What is an experiencer? It sounds like something out of Star Trek!

Experiencing is not about linear thought and explanations or theories .. but it is about showing.

As an experiencer you have to find a way to SHOW people. The most important aspect is to understand something for yourself and make it your own. There is no standard light-switch mechanism. The Third Principle of man is more closely aligned with the paranormal and the elusive unknown.

One example of this is the drawing I made where 3 elements replace the polarity of two opposing forces and where 5 elements are the combinations interacting within the balance of yin yang. I see these symbols and I directly experience them.

I can use this drawing to show you what it means to be an experiencer. I can look at symbols and I EXPERIENCE them. You could also argue this is close to the mind of an ARTIST. I guess artists would be experiencers = they are the Third Element within mankind.

I EXPERIENCE symbols and information comes to me out of the unknown where the related experience is like a personal bridge. The key is = PERSONAL BRIDGE. Researchers do not like this and they say: Personal is subjective and we do not like SUBJECTIVE. In the stick duality paradigm researchers like witnesses and witnesses like researchers. Neither of the two particularly like experiencers.

The experience is like a bridge between oneself and the unknown. The next skill experiencers have is they make sense of and understand things without any previous knowledge. I show you how this works by explaining my experience of the symbols I have drawn. This is what my own mind came up with [like a state of inner knowing / inner meditation].

The three principles of man are related to the three sided pyramid forming combinations of elements within the human as well as affecting society. Although different people may have dominant skills with respect to research witnessing and experiencing we all embody different levels and combinations of the three. In this way we are all able to understand each other and work together.

Unlike the linear philosophy paradigm who like to build a light-switch unit that anyone can switch on without effort .. the experiencers role is to not create a standard light-switch unit [method / system] that anyone and everyone can switch on and use. The experiencers role is PERSONAL where each person taught will be able to carry out a task at their own level.

Personal understanding is essential to the work of experiencers. In a stick duality paradigm personal understanding is unwelcome intrusion into the systematic functioning of the fixed social order. Researches and witnesses are to function within the system for the system and what we do is we create mini-systems within the larger systems that all exclude personal understanding and experience.

Within UFOLOGY are numerous systems functioning within their own fixed paradigm and arguing with each other. Each system does not necessarily agree with the other systems. They all create and follow systematic explanation structures regardless of how outlandish their research may be or whether they agree or not.

Witnesses are happy to go along with the system and the structure because they do not want to be EXPERIENCERS. To witness and to research an event is one thing and to experience the event is totally another level that is not part of the witness researcher observation.

I always knew that researching UFOs did not interest me. I don't want to be a researcher. I knew that witnessing UFOs held no interest for me .. it is boring! I am not one and I am not the other .. and so what am I? Who am I? I pretty much had to figure that out for myself. As I show in the drawing civilizations were not always based on a linear stick duality paradigm of singular opposing opposites.

Later civilizations ruled with the wand or the stick .. but earlier civilizations 'ruled' with the understanding of the cycles and balance of ELEMENTS. You see the symbols for ASIA where I experienced the square .. the four directions .. the four sided pyramid and the combination of the five elements.

People assume the first pyramids were built in Egypt .. but I do not think that is true. There were earlier pyramids in China and other locations around the world and some are hidden under water [in Lochs] and under the sea. Everything I am writing I experienced directly by drawing and looking at the symbols. I can also experience symbols in my mind without drawing them.

The Chinese five elements are: Fire Earth Metal Water and Wood. These five elements rotate in cycles as well as relate to each other directly and indirectly. A researcher of the five elements will research the relationships. A witness to the five elements will observe and witness the relationships. An experiencer will experience the elements and their relationships.

The researcher and the witness can get along fine and understand each other .. but they generally do not like the so-called SUBJECTIVE experiencer. In my own experience >_< I have found that researcher and witness are also operating within their own subjective fields. The issue is they just do not like the PARANORMAL.

Let me put this another way: Researchers and witnesses generally do not like the experiencer approach to UFOs and the paranormal or supernatural events and encounters. That is the great tragedy of a whole generation of people whose lives were destroyed experiencing something they could not understand.

It was not the phenomenon itself these people could not understand .. but it was that the people were unable to understand themselves. Partly because of the linear duality system where subjective experiences are treated like a disease. Don't tell me what you THOUGHT or PERSONALLY FELT. Just tell me about the shape and the colour .. height and direction.

That approach in itself is SUBJECTIVE = what I WANT to hear!

I am saying that what people feel and experience when witnessing paranormal UFO activity is just as VALID as witnessing the phenomenon .. because the whole EVENT is an experience. To understand that you can go back to the three sided pyramid and the four sided pyramid together with the interactions of the five elements.

The mind of an experiencer sees reality in a totally different way than the skilled researcher or the skilled witness. The experiencer cannot separate themselves from the event. Events act like a mirror in which we see ourselves and understand other realities. The subjective experience in which one sees oneself is the bridge that connects this world with the unknown.

Experiencers act like an intelligent bridge. They have the skill to become the event. To become one with the mirror. They have the skill to understand and connect both worlds.