Thursday, March 12, 2015

Human Mars Venus Connection

In the space around Earth is a Mars Venus Interface

What is generally called The UFO Phenomenon is not a single phenomenon. From our perspective it may appear that genuine night sky mysteries can be cataloged and researched as though they all represent the same phenomenon. What very few people understand is us [the human being] and our mysterious Planet [paranormal psychic interface].

We do not live on an exclusively black and white solid physical material world. Matter is designed to seamlessly interact with life force [energy] .. electrical fields and the psyche. In other words the electric field psyche of all creatures interact with and understand the hidden information contained within and surrounding physical matter.

All this means is that animals insects birds and plants can navigate. One example of plant and animal navigation is migration also used for location change when the climate becomes too warm or too cold for them. Plants migrate all the time .. but we rarely pay attention to the plants and so we miss the detailed migrations.

Observing my own local environment over years I have become aware of year by year exchanges in plant dominant species [called weeds] .. wild plants that we humans do not plant but they plant themselves. You may say: The plant seeds just blow around and land somewhere. Not exactly! There are advanced intelligence cycles at work too complex for this post.

Physical matter is surrounded by intelligent fields and these intelligent fields seamlessly interact. The human Earth being is designed to interact with these intelligent [electrical] fields in highly sophisticated ways. Humans are not designed JUST TO SURVIVE .. but somehow we are behaving as though this is all we are designed to do.

Apart from physical matter interactive electrical field intelligence there is also Earth atmosphere interactive electrical field intelligence and there is space orbital interactive electrical field intelligence. I forgot the human interactive electrical field intelligence. Probably most of the genuine UFO experiences observations and encounters are something much deeper than we can currently understand.

Mars Venus Connection
I call this the Mars Venus Interface because when migrations take place essential skills are retained even when buried deep out of sight. There are inherited skills that may not be needed and may never be used. Those inherited skills are part of the building blocks that create the next wave of adaptation to new environments.

It would make sense to create a highly advanced intelligent interface to monitor and guide spacial development. What I am saying is that an encounter with the unknown is an encounter with ourselves. Any experience you have is an encounter with yourself. How you react to that experience is the subjective individual part of the interaction and learning process.

Ultimately .. you are always learning about yourself.

The Asian Martial Arts .. REALLY CLEVER! They designed self-awareness teachings that also include Daoism and Buddism. You do not learn the Martial Arts in order to hit someone. You learn the Martial Arts to learn about yourself. More important for you to learn to handle yourself.

When you learn Martial Arts .. you are not really handling the other person [opponent] but you are always handling yourself. One example is balance. When you learn to kick you really have to handle all aspects of your own balance as well as your own sense of balance.

Sense of balance is: You may want to kill someone who just attacked you. Learning about your own sense of balance is how do you deal with that emotion in a nano-second and probably redirect it? Usually when someone attacks their electrical field comes to you and comes through you. Probably you may be picking up what THEY feel .. how do you deal with that?

This is why I say we are always faced with and learning about ourselves!

It is the same with genuine UFO phenomenon although that experience can be even more intense due to the nature of the interactive electrical fields involved. People think mechanical electrical fields emanating from a craft .. but this is not what I mean. For example .. an experience can be observing something that looks like a star and you are nowhere near it. The entire experience is so intense it can have a very powerful effect on many levels.

The human Mars Venus connection has its own intelligent interface.

There are the physical Martial Arts and there are the mental [inner] Martial Arts. Like yin yang the two go together even though you can focus practicing one and not the other. The beauty is that as you learn how to move and you learn physical discipline you are also affecting the mind whether you know it or not.

The human Mars Venus Connection does not have 'an opponent' .. it is more like a teacher. Even when we interact with a teacher we are really interacting with ourselves. The strongest students are the ones who realise this and who do the inner work rather than focus on the outer phenomenon.

When I was younger I always wanted to know: WHAT IS THAT ??

The Mars Venus Connection is YOU >_<