Sunday, May 01, 2011

Reincarnation FoR DuMMiES

If you think you are here on Earth on a one-off basis then apparently you can totally trash the Planet and you don't ever have to face the consequences. But, if you are 'wrong' then you will not only be-the-consequences; but you ARE the consequences of your actions now. The pollution and radiation you accept today will potentially damage your 'future' DNA .. if your spirit returns to a post Fukushima x 10 radioactive world.

You Are Your Grandchildren's Children
Well, if you are not your grandchildren's children then you can afford to totally trash the Planet and never have to face the 'consequences'. But, what kind of a human being would leave future generations to inherit mutated and degraded, polluted and radioactive DNA? Maybe a stupid one?

Celtic Tibetan Ancestors
Over tens of thousands of years our human ancestors were concerned and aware as to what kind of world their grandchildren inherited, because they knew they were coming back as their grandchildren's children...

Orgone Radiant Indigo-Blue Children
What better way to try and destroy high-level incarnations into this 3D world than to contaminate the human DNA and the Genes with man-made radioactive death-particles.

So, what if your spirit wakens up into a transformative state and has to re-incarnate back into a 'compromised' physical form? Let's hope you have the ability to transmute matter and overcome the severe limitations being created on Earth today.

Heaven Is Waiting
Who would want a bunch of destroyers-of-the-earth in 'heaven'? How do you graduate from destroying the Earth to being a well-behaved occupant of 'heaven' ?? Maybe you don't '-)

What If You Have To Come Back & Fix Your Own Mess?
Let's say you burn down your own house! Then you have to re-build it ..

Or maybe, someone builds the new house for you? But who pays for it? The state? The same state building Nuclear Power Stations? Hahaha .. Perhaps you split off into an alternative reality appropriate to your contribution or non-contribution to this present day world!

Return of The Spirit
Spirit enters matter, connected to energy, connected to the Earth, connected to the Universe, connected to the Soul. Born from the materials of Earth - your spirit is the 'child of the Earth'.

Destroy The Earth & You Destroy Yourself
Who told you that you can come down to this wonderful Planet and destroy it? Who told you that you can live on the Earth and destroy it? I would like to know, because when I was born I was not told these things.

When I was born I was show all kinds of consequences and disasters resulting from 'destroy the Earth' behaviour. When I was born, I was shown all kinds of consequences of selfish, self-centered, do-what-I-want behavour.

Didn't any of you get the same advice?

I thought this was a basic 'rule' when you arrive on this dimension as a Spirit Being entering these dimensions ...