Friday, May 27, 2011

Iclandic Ash Brings Rain Cycle

After the beautiful blue skies on May 24 the fine particles of volcanic ash seemed to cool everything down. As blue as the skies appeared there was a noted lessening of heat radiation reaching us ground dwellers.

By May 25, the first heavy cloud formed (maybe with a little help from weather engineering) and there was significant rainfall. By May 27 the high strata clouds are dense enough and volcanic grey enough to block the sunlight and cool temperatures to 13°C from 24°C .. although I am sure a subtle change of weather patterns are taking place.

I imagine that a horizontal wave eruption as well as the vertical column of gas and fine ash trigger changes in climate. Powerful wind streams push around the Planet; but in reality the winds are being sucked almost like a vortex. Volcanic magnetic particles play their part in regulating these air currents.

The drop in temperature goes all the way from Norway to Spain, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 13°C and coastal areas 10°C, while not affecting Southern Spain, Italy and Greece. Even on a cloudless May 24, the intense radiation from the Sun was reduced by the ash. With temperatures of 24°C the Sun's effect became pleasant rather than burning/exhausting.

Months before the Grimsvötn [May, 2011] eruption clouds did not form and if they formed the rising Sun would quickly evaporate them, resulting in long periods without rain (over many months). For the first time the rising Sun does not evaporate the cloud cover. Temperatures remain cooler and the clouds hold their own.

I feel that volcanoes regulate the climate in powerful ways over extended periods, in the sense that their effects can last years - perhaps centuries. In this petroleum age people put petrol in a car, use it up and go get more petrol. But, imagine a system where the energy unit lasts 100 years without a refill. That is the volcano effect.

Volcanoes alter the climate and bring essential elements into the atmosphere that charge up the Earth for extended periods until new eruptions are needed and a recharging of the atmosphere takes place.

June 1 2011
There was one grueling cloudless day with 30°C - which signals a very real danger to precipitation and atmospheric water levels. I was not sure that Iceland's Grimsvötn was the key to cooling Europe's weather (as things stand) .. but so far so good!

The intense drought seems to have been broken. For the first time in many months cloud cover established itself as the rain continued to fall throughout the night. I realised that 'night-rain' is an essential and vital part of atmospheric/earth precipitation.

I imagine night rain [let's call it Moon rain] has a totally different harmonic vibration and is a vital part of plant growth and soil sustainability. If I was a Universal Gardener I would want a good portion of my rainfall to be night rain...

I cannot ignore the June 1st Northern Europe partial Eclipse of the sun .. as I recall the 1999 Full Eclipse across Europe brought with it a heavy grey mass of cloud in which observers did not really see the actual Eclipse .. well this buildup to the June 2011 partial Eclipse is similar.

I find this extremely interesting .. we have the 2011 'Grimsvötn eruption' and the timing of the Eclipse. I do not think anything in nature happens by accident. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the inner understanding of the 'human soul' .. if only you could understand events from your soul!

The rainfall has certainly increased - as well as the cloud cover - and I think in the future human beings have to learn to work with nature and learn from nature. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. There is a right way and a wrong way to affect the weather [if you know what I mean]...

Temperatures in mainland Europe have dropped from 30°C to 11/14°C .. and considering the extreme heat and the extreme dryness - I feel that Iceland's Grimsvötn saved us from a deadly and prolonged drought .. but the details of that I will leave for a future post ...

Thank you Grimsvötn .. our hearts beat together as one!