Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When The Weak Influence The Strong

The I Ching or Book of Changes
Translation from Chinese into German by Richard Wilhelm

31. Hsien / Influence (Wooing)
Nine in the third place:
Every mood of the heart influences us to movement. What the heart desires, the thighs run after without a moment's hesitation; they hold to the heart, which they follow. In the life of a man, however, acting on the spur of every caprice is wrong and if continued leads to humiliation.

Three considerations suggest themselves here. First, a man should not run precipitately after all the persons whom he would like to influence, but must be able to hold back under certain circumstances. As little should he yield immediately to every whim of those in whose service he stands.

Finally, where the moods of his own heart are concerned, he should never ignore the possibility of inhibition, for this is the basis of human freedom.

The Commentaries: Nine in the third place
"The influence shows itself in the thighs." For he cannot keep still.
When the will is directed to things that one's followers hold to, this is very base.

Since the two lower lines are weak by nature, it is not surprising that they let themselves be influenced by others. But this strong line could easily master itself and not yield to every stimulus from below. It makes itself contemptible by conforming to the aims of the two lower lines, its followers.

The Hexagram, in this reading indicates a man in a strong position who is weak and whose 'supporters' are weak, leading to danger of moral weakness and degeneration.

Lack of self-composure is not only related to single personal acts of uncontrolled behaviour. The situation is far reaching and is related to all courts of INFLUENCE and does not rest solely on one 'event'.

31. Hsien: Influence is related to all aspects of relationship between male and female, husband and wife, father and son, prince and servitor, superior and inferior. The I Ching is not talking about judgement; but of the difference in force, energy and balance.

In the universe and in all things there is a constant and living flux between force, magnetism, curves in space, growth and decay. The gravity of a black hole is different than the gravity of the Sun or the gravity of the Earth; but they all interact. In terms of the I Ching 'superior' and 'inferior' forces have a totally different meaning than people understand them today.

For example, if China studies and applies the principles of the I Ching: The Book of Changes, that would be viewed as taking a 'superior' position. Yet, this is not an intellectual judgement!

The man who is carelessly thrown this way and that by every influence he encounters is viewed as 'weak' or 'inferior'. His relationship to outer forces is a sign of his inner state - of his inner Chi/Qi .. meaning the one who is thrown around by outer influences has (inwardly) weakened Qi (loss of gravity).

Consider again the position of a weak man in a position of influence whose followers (supporters) are weak. Nothing on this Earth or in this Universe exists in isolation without influence of inner and outer forces. Everything is in a state of relationship. Everything is in a state of flux.

Inside this reading of the I Ching 31. Hsien / Influence, all aspects of relationship of these particular forces (in or out of balance) have contributed and are contributing to current events. Learn, not to look at the event; but look at the energy contained in the event and understand its nature.