Sunday, May 08, 2011

Don't Be Afraid Be 'Brave'

Out in the darkest corner, blocked and stagnant, hidden by shadows, is 'fear'. That is the dark little tunnel you go down when you run away from something you don't want to face. The energetic symbol is a complex aroma of crossing emotions that appear like powerful cross-currents on the ocean's surface. You hit those currents trying to navigate the little boat of your life and they can drag you under. That is when you experience fear.

In an attempt to be stronger some human boats form groups, hoping that the combined sum of their boats all tied together will support them; but that is just another kind of fear. That just means they all go down together en-mass when they hit a big one.

I had a very strange dream where I was way high up in space looking at all of Europe, where something big had happened. This is why I say: Don't be afraid be brave.

The something big was maybe like Japan? Strangely, it brought everyone together. As big as it was it was filled with LIGHT. When I say 'light', I mean mankind waking up to who they really are.

When little groups form extended boat communities tied together with the cords of self-interest and they then seek advantage over other travellers of the oceans, this is fear rising up from the depths of those cross currents and taking form within each of the boats.

You see, fear is natural .. it is an ocean current one learns to navigate. On a higher level fear is a passage of initiation. It is a doorway one passes through when courage enters the heart and those currents of fear no longer cause paralysis.

Don't Be Afraid Be 'Brave'
The English word 'brave' existed in many languages prior to the forming of the English language: Catalan brau, French brave, German brav, Scots braw, Italian bravo, Norwegian brav, Spanish bravo .. and this word described a state of fearlessness, inner courage and confidence to remain calm in the face of danger.

Courage, whose origin means: The Heart

You can imagine that all those little groups who tie their boats together so that they don't have to face the natural current of life are probably living without courage, they are a flotilla of fear, they are already afraid before anything happens - that is why they tie their boats together.

They are so afraid, that when change happens all they can think of is their own survival. Being all tied up in their little flotillas, they cannot take any kind of individual direct action. In a way those flotillas of fear are a bigger problem to mankind that fear itself.

Fear is natural. It comes and goes. It is a challenge. It can be overcome. One can discover hidden skills and find the courage to go through fear and become stronger. But, those flotillas do not come and go - they are fixed - where everyone agrees there is no need to learn to navigate the natural currents of fear because the flotilla is the answer.

Higher Energies
In this dream, for each person on the planet there was a representative of themselves on a higher dimension. Just imagine intelligent, light-filled representatives of all the people in conflict down on Earth. Those higher energy beings were sort of 'up there' looking down. Then imagine what 'heaven on Earth' means in this context...

It may be that our 'higher selves' are the collective architects of our awakening. The 3rd dimension is not a problem for them - they can transcend the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions and therefore manipulate matter. We are the 'matter' they manipulate. Those of us down here are the alchemical elements being transformed or transmuted from lead to gold.

Division = Fear
One place you do not want to be putting your energies is into the highly corrupt area of 'division', which is a total distraction from your true self. Division is a fragmentation of elements caused by the shadow of fear entering the heart.

Rather than pass through the passageway of fear on discovering the free energy of courage (powered by the Solar Heart), those caught in division are being defeated by fear because they do not have the courage to go through into the light.

A lot of people talk about 'the darkness' and how division and conflict come out of darkness, when in reality the division comes out of the fear to pass through into the light. So, people sit around the fire of fear at the entrance to the cave rather than go through and this is where division comes from.

The Blind Shall See
A lot of people on Earth are not aware of their own higher dimension self - in existence now. I saw a few of them and they are pretty amazing; but their earthly counterparts are .. ?? Yes! Well! .. somewhat compromised ..

Most of the world religions existing today took their texts from a much older body of information and guidance in existence long before there were 'religions'. That includes healing those who are blind. It was not a physical 3D blindness that was being healed - it was another kind of blindness.

The ancient texts were designed to convey the reality of the higher dimensions of the self and the true nature of the Alchemist .. which is yourself. It never was an 'outside force'.

Japan & Europe
This is really hard, no one likes to be shaken up - but the fact is we have no choice. Watching Japan has not been easy. Perhaps because of Japan's true relationship with the rest of the world and in relation to what took place there tens of thousands of years ago.

In truth, we have nothing to be afraid of .. other than fear itself.

The changes and transformations about to happen on Earth are not coming from the 3rd dimension, they are not haphazard co-incidental changes. This world we are in has not made the best of decisions about which direction to take; but we have not taken the worst possible road - although sitting in the middle-of-the-road has its own dangers.

Feeling gratitude in facing a profoundly changing environment is perhaps the spark of light which signals to the heart that you are ready to move beyond fear and into the light of a new dimension here on this plane of existence.

When you live in the 3rd dimension as though you are on the 4th dimension .. that is 'Alchemy'.