Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unknown Particles Precede Grimsvötn Ash Clouds

I knew that the Grimsvötn eruption had sent out a blast of particle force, probably magnetic in nature, ahead of the 17 kilometer towering ash cloud. We do not yet appreciate the invisible side of nature I call the 'background field'.

That is how I know that an as yet unknown 'particle force field' was ejected in the blast, and because these particles are much lighter they travel faster. So, imagine you look at the sky and there are two reality fields superimposed on each other like two interconnected and interrelated layers.

The more dense layer is the physical world you see in terms of the sky, clouds, colour, light, volcanic dust, a haze = 3D reality. The other layer is perfectly set into the 3D layer we all recognise as Nature. The other layer is colourless, invisible, subtle and undetected by 3D measuring instruments [there you have the detection problem].

Only the human brain/mind is capable of perceiving and detecting the other layer.

The clue to this lies in observing the field, what could be called the Unified Field. Although it is invisible to the human eye, the field can be observed by the mind. Something in the older part of the brain - maybe the Third-Eye - is tuned to perceiving the field.

The 3D world only exists because of the Unified Field .. The invisible holds together and maintains the visible. I saw the faster particles released from the Grimsvötn eruption; because I saw the wave reflected in the field.

I thought to myself, let me watch and see if I can see this reflect in the weather, in the atmosphere - which also means colour, texture, light. By the evening of May 23 I felt that the first edge of these particles from the Grimsvötn eruption were reflecting in 3D reality. I don't think they travel at the speed of light; but more likely they travel around the speed of sound.

Those particles were filling the air by mid morning of May 24, 2011 - and their effect was showing in the clouds, change of colour intensity and changes in light intensity. In our present state, we may not be able to observe those particles directly; but we can observe their presence through their effects on what we can see = NATURE.

These unknown particles intensify in the atmosphere and seem to merge, as the following fine layer of volcanic ash arrives (undetected) and interacts with the first wave of this unknown force. I could see the ultra fine aerosol particles forming in the clouds.

The heavier dense ash cloud spreading across the Atlantic from Grimsvötn is still 12 hours away. Yet, I could see a fine grey ash in the cloud formations similar to the colour and density changes caused by the April, 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption. It is unmistakable, the light, the sky and the clouds reflect this.

Looking with the eyes of an Artist, you look at depth of colour, intensity of colour, intensity of light and intensity of shadow. The artist notices shade and depth of field and also notice the quality of colour and the quality of light.

By May 24, 2011 with the more dense ash cloud 12 hours away the sunset set alight the fiery deep red reflected on clouds after volcanic eruptions.

May 25 2011
Not only have the ash particles arrived; but the effect is identical to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption of April, 2010. Beautiful blue skies, not a cloud in the sky, clean intense colour, a clean intense light. Do volcanic eruptions clean the atmosphere?

On the far horizon a slight brownish haze can be seen; but the skies overhead are the cleanest shades of blue. I suspect the sunlight is interacting with these particles in a different way. It is a kind of living alchemy. I imagine there must be chemical reactions taking place up there that are a part of maintaining life on this planet.

The sunlight is so intense that it is bringing out the depth of colour in the leaves of the trees. Even more interesting is that whatever is released from the volcano is being breathed by us surface dwellers. We are breathing volcanoes!

Just as happened a few days after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, breathing the air outside for an hour or longer causes a slight dryness and irritation in the throat and a dryness in the nose (if you breathe through the nose).

I know for a fact that whatever came out of that volcano does not stay way up there in the upper atmosphere; but that the particles, chemicals and fine dust also cruise at ground level. In fact, maybe the lower strata eruption never was way up there in the atmosphere! Maybe the effect travelled all the way from Iceland at ground level and above .. Viking protons ..

Grimsvötn spewed more ash and rock in the first 24 hours than the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption emitted over 40 days. Grimsvötn was a much bigger eruption in a much shorter time.

Grimsvötn is a civilisation changing volcano. It has cataclysmic potential. But, Like Eyjafjallajökull the volcano also has the potential to create beautiful skies.