Monday, March 25, 2013

Cultivate A Calm Mind

We are spirit navigating through physical Universe

Across the entire world, the least understood and the least valued asset that you have is a calm mind. One of the most powerful assets you have, is the ability to cultivate a calm mind. One of the most transformative assets you have is the ability to manifest a calm mind.

A calm mind is inner living technology.

The metal man, the mind of the metal man that has built this world as we see it today, is very dense .. like lead. The mind that has built everything we are in this world today, is a mind that heavily depends on metal, structures, what you can touch, feel, make use of, build with. Fire! You take wood or coal and you light a fire! Nuclear energy .. metal and fire (heat), water (steam).

One could say that the unseen spirit inside man has fallen into a very heavy state .. very dense .. like metal. The human being begins only to think of themselves as physical-material and the mind is also very dense, heavy, seeking security in matter, resources, structures, what we can put our hands on.

Over the last two thousands years, we humans have not really invested much energy into, what is behind matter? Who are we, really? What force moves the physical body? Where is the mind? Is thinking merely a physical process? On a global scale, the mind is rarely calm. We judge each other: I am right and you are wrong. I am good and you are bad.

A Racing Heart
In a crisis .. personal or in society as a whole .. what is the first thing that happens? The mind panics, the heart races. We have a bad stomach. The nervous system goes into meltdown. Thinking enters its meltdown stage. Turmoil within the mind increases...

With our heart racing, few of us think:
Hey! This is a good time to practice calm mind!

A World In Chaos
I was seventeen years old by the time I was out in the world working. Until then I had lived a very protected life in terms of spiritual awareness. I preferred being in Nature, spending most of my time in the garden with the trees. I taught myself to grow food at an early age. I planted cabbage, spinach, strawberries, potatoes, carrots. Later I went out into the world.

I found the world a crazy place.

The most astounding thing to me, at the time, was the mental state of the people I was dealing with on a day to day basis. All they talked about was the past. Each day people re-lived their troubles, as though these problems were alive. The energy of the mind became the problem as they re-lived their turmoil over and over again.

Very quickly, this began to wear me out.

I could not understand why people lived in such negative states of mind, and why they would indulge in these unhealthy states. This is what people do, for various reasons. People do not realise that they can easily come out of these negative states, by changing how they use energy. You see, energy, and mind, and thought are all interrelated and interlinked. When you see the energy - your life energy - pouring into negative states of mind. When you see it! The energy transforms.

You could call that awareness or intelligence .. a higher state.

A Calm Mind Changes the World
You may wonder... Well, how is a calm mind going to change anything? If the world is in chaos and I am calm .. it still does not change the state of the world around me.

When you plant a seed, you do not sit right there at that spot and tell the seed to grow. You do not sit on top of the seed and say: Are you growing yet? Hurry up and grow. Dig up the seed to see if it is growing. It is the same with life!

There was one day that I was walking home with a cloud of other people's negativity hanging around me. All this stuff people were carrying and passing along was just sticking to me. All I remember was that I was no longer aware. I did not even see what state my mind was in. I was carrying this heavy dense state of mind, looking at the ground.

I did not see the tall man who was walking towards me. The town was closed, I was late leaving work and the streets were empty. All I recall is that I walked through the old part of town, that I liked to do. Old buildings, rich architecture, with a strong atmosphere of the past, cobblestone passages and archways between the buildings. My mind was inwardly clouded.

I only realised the man was walking past me when he woke me up out of my sleep. This was a tall humanoid, over six feet tall, a young man with partly bald head and long hair on the back of his head. In the moment he clicked some sound, I saw/felt him in his entirety. The powerful, totally undisturbed state of his calm mind affected me in that moment. There was no movement in his mind, only awareness, and this field of awareness was gigantic .. it surrounded him like the aura of a Planet.

As he walked past, his state of mind effected my consciousness in an instant. As he walked past me, it was like a Solar flare removing all the clouds that were sticking to me in that moment. I stopped walking and froze .. what was that?? And I turned to see who ar what this man was. He was a real physical presence, he was not a ghost or a spirit being. I have to admit that he disappeared, like a time traveller goes back through a portal.

Sharing this calm state of mind transformed my own mind. It has never left me. This inner state is the natural state of the human mind. The negativity and sorrow is the unnatural state of the human mind. But, today human beings have got it the wrong way round. Humans believe that negative state is our inheritance and higher state is something we have to struggle towards. It's not true!

What I am trying to say is: You are the seed.

You are the seed you plant yourself. Your life, your outcome, your states of mind, the way you live, your energy, how you use this energy, who you are, why you are here... All that is contained within the seed you plant yourself when you are born on this Earth. You are the seed, you are the gardener, you are the earth, the nutrients and the outcome.

The seed is TRANSFORMATION .. alchemy .. it is not fixed.

The seed of your life is there for you to do whatever you do with it. This is where the process of the calm mind comes into our lives as an alchemical tool to work with and transform. Inner calm state of mind, awareness, intelligence, compassion, dreams, energy. This is all within the seed.

You may say, I wish I could meet such a man and complete a transformative process inside myself. The moment I tell you about it, you have already met such a man. That which transformed my life has now transformed yours. Once that happens, it is only a matter of what you do with it. The energy never dies.

Everlasting life, is not physical.

It is physical in terms of Nature, renewal, transformation and the growth cycles: Birth, transformation and death. It is not physical in individual terms. Spirit that gives life to matter knows no death; but physical material processes are bound by the three forces of: Birth, transformation and death.

Once you know that, it is possible to cultivate a calm mind. The forces are inside the seed the moment you are created. The calm mind is already there. Calm mind accompanies you throughout your life. When you become aware that your mind is in turmoil the energy of the mind changes without you having to actively change it. Awareness, is the key to cultivating a calm mind. A mind free of fear.

People have near-death-experience and they say: It was so peaceful, there was such beauty, they felt so calm. You return to that natural calm state when the physical body dies. The next thing I want to say is, we all have support from higher realms. We are not alone down here. We humans have a spiritual back-up team (spirit family) who work with us no matter what. The mind has to be quiet to understand the implications of this.