Sunday, November 24, 2013

Buddha's Dark Field Technology

First .. the little bird was shivering and shaking ...
... And then .. I was shivering and shaking ...

Dark Fields
A Spiritual Technology

Buddha's Dark Field Enlightenment
I took this photograph on the 22nd of November, 2013 .. just because of the morning light hitting the Buddha at the right angle. This one image visually reveals what I am trying to convey about The Dark Field .. Dark Energy and Dark Field Technology.

This information is the result of years of work .. and then months of intense work to understand .. as well as the result of a lifetime's work. As a small kid I was just the way I am now .. always trying to figure things out [outside of the box].

I am trying to share a "Whole Concept" that enters into mind .. psyche .. spirituality .. physical technology / energy .. health and healing .. inner well-being. I am trying to show that it is all ONE. Dark Field Enlightenment enters into the physical world as well as the psychic world .. the mind .. spiritual life and is part of how we deal with our own lives .. how we effect the world.

Dark Field Enlightenment - as I see it - is not YOUR or MY ENLIGHTENMENT.

I use energy .. my computer uses energy .. my Internet connection uses energy. This energy does not belong to me. BUT! The use of the energy transforms my life .. changes my life and changes your life too. That is what I mean about this concept I have of Dark Field Enlightenment! The energy we use is always flowing .. flowing and we do not stop the energy flow and say: THIS IS MINE!

We have to have a sense of humor! If ego-self is born of impulses of light then Dark Field Enlightenment .. The Dark Field is the end of the ego-self. Within the darkness we discover "The Light" of the spirit .. of the mind .. of compassion .. and love!

Jing Qi & The Injured Bird...
Please forgive me .. I make up this concept of Jing Qi .. not really knowing what I am talking about. I know hands-on .. but how do I put this into words? If you had to describe to someone each detail of swimming in the sea .. it would sound pretty stupid! Right? If I can share with you a colorful visual impression .. then maybe you think: Hey! I can do that! Seeing is doing!

I took the photo of the Buddha on November 22, 2013 and I go to my car in the afternoon of November 24, 2013. I see this small little bird huddled beside one of the back wheel tyres of my car. I think .. oh no .. not another injured bird... Why do injured birds always end up seeking safety somewhere close to physical objects I own? Like my car ??

I throw things into the car and lock the door .. and I return to the small adult bird .. which appears to be injured (but not by a cat). The bird looked in a state of shock .. like that it got hit or knocked by a car on its way flying across the road.

I knew this was not looking good as I easily picked up the small bird .. which did not attempt to move or resist or escape. The small bird did not move its wings at all. With one little eye closed and a totally shivering body .. the small fragile bird allowed me to take it into my hands. Birds are so light! My physical hands seemed so heavy "physical" and the feathers of the bird seemed so light-energy "spiritual".

I don't know if this bird was a barn swallow or a finch? The darker bluish wing feathers and tail were like a swallow .. but the under-body was yellowish like a finch. The head of the bird was a beautiful varied sheen of reddish gold. When you see bird feathers up close they are more colorful and much much finer and more beautiful than you see in any photograph. Of course! I was focusing more on the bird's health than its colors!

We have two local cats who like to catch birds! So, I could not leave the bird at ground level. I tried to climb higher up onto a built-up level of grass and weeds .. but I could not get up there with one hand .. and so I decided to take the bird into my apartment and put it onto an Indoor Ginger Plant container .. until I return home.

The really strange thing is that once I get into my apartment and let the bird loose .. to allow it to sit on the earth of the growing plants .. the bird's claws hold tight onto my fingers and it wont move. The bird won't let me go .. and so .. the small bird sits on my open hand grasping my fingers and the one bad eye opens and the bird starts "talking to me" .. moving its beak.

The teachings of the Dark Field included healing. I was told that people can heal using dark-field energy. I accept this .. but how does one even go there as we cannot detect dark field energy using light impulse technologies !!

I have various hanging Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas .. and I decide to transfer healing life-force to the small bird. I focus and ask the Buddha to help me to heal this injured bird. I pray to Buddha to heal the bird. I do not know what I am doing .. but I gather inner Jing Qi (chi force) to transfer to the bird through my hands. I surround the bird with this Dark Field Energy and a little golden-yellow Buddha appears in my hands around the bird.

Then I take the bird outside again .. and then back to the apartment .. because I do not know what to do. The bird just holds onto my fingers with its tiny feet. I know this is a good sign .. because at first the bird's feet were scrunched up in a ball frozen .. the bird just could not move. The wings and tail could not move .. one eye remained closed and looking like in pain.

On the second visit back to my apartment .. the Buddhist Thangkas and the ginger plants .. I opened my hand again and the bird sat there for a long long time .. but with open eyes and then it tried to fly up to the window. I quickly took the bird back down to the trees and grass .. but still it would not let go of my fingers. I could feel that the bird had full use of its claws and feet.

I held my hand down onto the rich soil under some young fir trees and I waited for the bird to decide to go out under the trees on its own. But .. the bird held tight to my hand and we just looked at each other. The bird did not move .. it only tipped its head and spoke with its beak and looked alert / but calm .. watching me with its eyes. There was a lot of compassion and deep understanding and friendship.

More than anything on this world I wanted that bird to fly...

Then .. in less than a nano-second the small bird shot off toward the same higher ground that I had tried to climb to place the bird into safety. It was flying! The funny part is the bird showed me: THIS is how you DO IT !! The bird flew so fast I could not follow it with my eyes. This bird was master of the air .. master of the skies! They move like inter-dimensional time travelers .. they are so fast.

I share this with you to show real world application of a mysterious science .. a mysterious dark field spiritual technology. All I had was what lay inside of myself. I had to connect with the inner dark field spiritual technology of the life-giving sexual life force that is the basis for all life. We have this powerful healing-force inside us!

All I wanted to share was life!

There is a lot more that I cannot put into words... Like .. where bird and human become friends. There is powerful inter-species communication. Animals understand us .. plants and trees understand us .. life understands us! This little bird knew exactly what I was doing and it looked at me in a way of existence of no TIME / BEYOND TIME. Birds are more ancient than us Earth humans...

Did the human heal the bird or did the bird heal the human?

I can tell you .. birds are so ultra-intelligent. We humans cannot compare to this level of intelligence. Birds are their own "technology" .. they can fly because that is who they are. We humans have to extract resources .. design and build technology to be able to fly or move faster than our legs can carry us!

Birds can migrate over thousands of kilometers in record times from the power of their own inner being. They are their own complete natural biological advanced technology. Also, with astonishing INTELLIGENCE. I was a long long time waiting with open hand before the wild bird took off into natural flight. The bird stayed with me for a reason... And! YOU are that reason!

Buddha's Dark Field Technology
You have to look inside yourself to find what I just described to you. Because, we humans are part bird .. part animal .. part tree .. part fish .. part plant .. and much much more. We have to find the Dark Field Technology inside ourselves! Which is COMPASSION!

I try to convey this in simpler terms...

I love my indoor ginger plants! I do not grow them for the ginger root .. although I do get ginger corms from my plants! I grow the ginger because of a deep inner relationship to the plants. They are better than house plants to me. I grow indoor ginger for their presence and soul. They nourish me 24/24 growing close to me in my environment .. and I do not want to harvest them. This creates a "spiritual love field".

The "Dark Field Technology" is to use that love and compassion to heal ourselves and other life forms. To create balance. To create harmony. To create connections lifetime after lifetime. I also planted Turmeric roots and Galangal from the local Asian store ;-)

I still have strong green indoor Galangal plants growing in pots [in Europe].

The key words are love and compassion .. because as soon as I held the small bird close to the ginger and turmeric plants that I so love .. the bird's bad eye opened and looked at me. Then the bird's claws grabbed tight hold of my fingers. So, my assessment is that we humans have to create a physical Earth Paradise that benefits animals .. birds .. insects and micro-biological flora for all that is life on this Planet.

That is my view of Buddha's Dark Field Technology! Bringer of LIFE!