Friday, November 22, 2013

Dark Sky World(s)

Human societies developed from horse and cart to the motor engine... Dark sky intelligence developed from landmass to the living in the skies!
- Never Stop DREAMING!

True Basis of Market Forces on Earth
I could write a 200/300 page book on "market forces" and economic growth and decline .. or I can draw one picture that sums up my whole view of developing economy .. developed economy and economies in decline!

This pictographic model applies to the past as well as to modern societies...

Take the expansion and decline of the early Roman Empire! The Romans built and built .. conquered landmasses / resources .. trade routes .. colonised materials (commodities) and expanded. The growth period of the Roman Empire was taking control of resources and building roads .. towns .. houses .. bridges .. armies. Most of this was done using cheap labor / slaves.

Once the Empire was built out they then went into decline .. simply because they reached the end .. the limit of their "technology" for expansion. Once the Romans had built out their Empire (based on the limited tools / technology they had at their disposal) the growth went into decline.

In the pictograph .. Economic Growth for DumMiEs I try to show a basic overview of how any market based society grows .. reaches the apex of development and declines. If you are going to expand you need land! You need control of resources. Using the land you have you need to build .. and build .. and build .. and keep building!

So! What happens next ?? You run out of land and you run out of resources. The way we mine resources today is different to the way the early Romans mined / had access to key resources .. and this is why the Roman Empire met its demise earlier and faster than today's DEVELOPED WORLD!

Developing nations grow economically by building roads .. by building infrastructures .. by building towns and cities .. transport .. energy .. agriculture .. supply of water .. further expansion of towns and cities .. more roads .. and more and more and more - until humans run out of practical space.

I could say a lot more .. but I decide to take the "way of Zen" ... Right! PEACE ;-)

I try to convey simplest dynamics in the simplest way .. the way of NATURE. The issue facing Earth humans is that we have expanded beyond the WAY of NATURE. Not only are humans DOMINANT on the PLANET .. but they are highly destructive. Do you know why ?? Humans learn to physically expand beyond the natural laws of Nature. This is not good for humans and it is not good for the PLANET...

Expand .. expand .. expand .. expand = destruction !!

Don't get me wrong! But there is a massive depopulation of humans coming to this Planet Earth .. and I am not talking about anything outside of NATURE and the natural laws of NATURE. This is something totally outside of human control. At the same time human beings have set this in motion. What I mean by this is that the human mind .. the human psyche .. the human spirit is part of the natural laws of the Universe.

On a basic human level the unseen dark-energy mysterious reality lifetime after lifetime is that: Sperm .. conception and the growth of the physical organic human body is directly related to soul-spirit .. psyche .. energy and who we are! Who we really are! You cannot define that subtle work of art through any form of the PHYSICAL SCIENCES. The forces of creation have protected the source of intelligence from the base physical manipulation(s) of logic and thought / the rational mind.

Earth humans are a work of ART in motion !!

Intelligent Dark Sky
I showed you the pictograph of the last few thousand years of basic human existence on Earth... I do not want to spell it out .. but we are CLEARLY running out of physical SPACE !! Earth humans cannot continue to destroy in order to build... That basic principle is obvious.

Earth humans are facing a lot of problems .. but in the next 1,000 to 3,000 years we can work together to create not only a Planetary Community .. but we can work to create an Interplanetary Community! This requires co-operation. The next level! To live in the skies!

You may say why do I show you the future to live in the skies when today we do not have the technological nor spiritual intelligence to do this now? Like .. in this moment! Simply because .. we are the past .. the present and the future .. NOW !!

I still have to digest and understand the recent information that the soul-spirit is not divided from the sperm .. birth .. the psyche .. the physical organisim and energy. Then add to that .. where did humans come from? Did humans come from the Stars? What is Atlantis REALLY? Who are we REALLY? Why are we here on Earth?

The only solution I can see is Intelligent Dark Sky (technology) where physical Earth humans migrate to star cities in the sky [within the Earth's atmosphere] and then gradually migrate beyond the Stars into other dimensions over time.

The basic dynamics behind these migrations is NATURE at all levels of being.

I see NATURE (the guidance) within micro-organisms .. within Nature .. within biological cells .. within Stars .. Galaxies .. water .. all natural life forms as well as manifestation of intelligence and spirit migrations across the depths of time and space [where time = movement].

If Earth humans continue to expand .. expand physical presence on Earth over and over again .. as we are doing now .. we cannot continue as a species. Because, each expansion reaches contraction. The physical space and physical resources are limited. This is a fact.

In the future / maybe an alternative future .. I see the next revolution [creating its own natural restrictions] .. floating cities in the skies .. allowing the physical Earth below to heal... You cannot kill a Planet! The past is the present is the future... Spirits who destroy Planets have that energetic signature encoded.
Destroy the Planet and you destroy .. yourselves!

I am optimistic about future of Earth...

I see cities in the sky!